Are you as tough as these questions? Quiz 50

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Are you as tough as these questions? Quiz 50

Are you as tough as these questions? Quiz 50

Here is another  Quiz to tingle your brain.

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 1 What animal comes in types spotted striped and brown?
2 In UK tennis where is the Stella Artois tournament held?
3 What author wrote about Adrian Mole?
4 Who is the unit of sound named after?
5 What group of people meet at Kingdom Halls?
6 What international rugby team perform The Hakka before match?
7 Kolpeuryntomania is what sexual activity?
8 Punk Drummer Chris Miller what name when he Damned in 70 s?
9 Wayne Brazel shot and killed what Western figure in 20 th cent?
10 North Andover Massachusetts its illegal to have what weapon?
11 Mickey Mouse's Pluto had what name when he first appeared?
12 Hebrew and what are the official languages in Israel?
13 Rita Kuti Kis represented Hungary in what sport?
14 Jackson Whipps Showalter was a US champion at what?
15 Who wrote The Hunchback of Notre Dame?
16 Tsaritsyn in Russia used to be known as what?
17 Violetta Valery is better know as who in the world of opera?
18 Sarah Jane Fulks - Anne Francis Bobbins both married who?
19 What Australian town used to be called Stuart until 1925?
20 Lagnoperissia is a fancy name for what sexual condition?
21 In Little Rock Arkansas men/women can get 30  days jail what?
22 Alfred Bailey started what annual publication in 19 th century?
23 What pop star served a football apprenticeship with Brentford?
24 Iron statue of Vulcan looks down Red Mountain what US city?
25 Whose autobiography was entitled The Sport of Queens?
26 Who made his name with Jimmy James and the Blue Flames?
27 In The Arabian Nights what was Ali Babas job?
28 Coco Channel a fashion star had what real first name?
29 An Aficionado originally followed what sport?
30 Sir Henry Cole got John Callcot Horsley design what to save time?
31 Who was murdered in Bohemia in 929?
32 In Long Beach California where is specifically illegal to curse?
33 The Indestructible Iron man fights against the Electronic Gang?
34 Name the Editor in Chief New York Herald sent Stanley to Africa?
35 if you Manuxorate what are you doing?
36 The brutal treatment of Billy Hayes was inspiration what film?
37 In Greek mythology Atlas was a member of what group?
38 Fritz Von Werra was the only German pilot WW2  to do what?
39 What word - last arrow in archery contest or the final outcome?
40 Nicky Chinn Mike Chapman wrote Suzi Quatro No 1  UK song?
41 Oscar winner was rejected as Honey Rider Dr No too small tits?
42 What nationality was first person in space not US or Russian?
43 J K Rowling wrote the Harry Potter series what do the JK mean?
44 In Connecticut it is specifically illegal to dispose of what?
45 Mary Cathleen Collins changed her name to what?
46 Wesley Snipes and who starred in the film Money Train 1995?
47 In what Elvis film does he play a hillbilly garage hand?
48 Where did John Lenon marry Yoko Ono (place name)?
49 What US president was born in Corsica?
50 Mastigothymia is sexual arousal from what?
51 What pop group saw their first 5  singles in UK charts at No 1?
52 In 1949  the Thought Police first appeared in what novel?
53 Photographic inventor suicide 1932  saying my work is done why wait?
54 Who was born at Daisy Hill Puppy Farm?
55 In Portacello Idaho concealed weapons are illegal unless what?
56 Operation Market Garden WW2  involved the invasion of where?
57 1969  film last line Clint Eastwood I fall off em everywhere?
58 What game Johnny Archer Chang Feng-Pang been world champs?
59 Who was the first Englishman to die in an aircrash?
60 Moriaphillia is sexual arousal from what?
61 The Wadomo tribe in Zimbabwe have what physical oddity?
62 Long Legged Hannah and Marty's Express what pastime involved?
63 In WW2  what came between Sword and Gold?
64 Benjamin Briggs captained what mystery ship?
65 John Lowe Oct 1984  got £102000  first to do what on TV?
66 What was invented 1970  US Dr Buddy Lapidus marketed 1975?
67 Marilyn Louis born 1922  changed her name to what star of 40 s?
68 In Guernee Illinois women over 200 lb are banned from what?
69 A menial working class in Old Japan and Greek letter what word?
70 Phil Collins played what character on the London stage 1960 s?
71 On the Omen series Damien was the devil - what second name?
72 What was RJ Mitchell's contribution to WW2?
73 In what sport are bacon hamburgers chips prunes spuds terms?
74 What characters first appeared in Entertaining Young Gussie?
75 Omolagnia is sexual arousal from what?
76 Fabled creature Head Man Body Lion Tail Scorpion Pork quills?
77 Inspecting Galvaynes Groove tells you what?
78 French German Italian 3  official languages Switzerland what 4 th?
79 Graham McPherson changed his name to what?
80 1910  act illegal to transport woman state line immoral purposes?
81 Paris born Philippe Pages changed his name to what?
82 In Brainard Minnesota every man must do what by law?
83 Richard Attenbourough what character in The Great Escape?
84 What was superhero Green Lantern vulnerable to?
85 What was The Liberty Bell manufactured 1900 s Charles Fey?
86 Who played Dr McCoy in the original Star Trek series?
87 German film of the 1920 s starred Max Schreck as a vampire?
88 A Renifleur gets aroused from doing what?
89 What song gave a 9  year old US a UK No 1  lots weeks 1972?
90 Who was first American to receive the Nobel Literature prize?
91 Hercules had to clean the stables in one night - whose?
92 What US state named in 1664  in honour of Sir George Cateret?
93 Name of the "cow town" Joseph McCoy developed in the 1860 s?
94 In Ghandi who played the General caused massacre Amritsar? Edward Fox General?
95 Sting Vogue Moschino Adidas Police Wires Ice types of what?
96 Film The Dead Heat Merry go Round 60 s what stars first 1  line?
97 Edgar Cuthwellis was option but the author chose another what?
98 Operation Chastise during WW2  better known as what?
99 In Columbus Ohio its illegal for shops to sell what on Sundays?
100 A Sitophilliac gets sexually aroused from what?

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