How well do you remember and retain information? Quiz 24

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How well do you remember and retain information?

Quiz 24

 1 By Law in Tulsa you need a licensed engineer to open what?
2 Alphonso D'Abruzzo became famous as who?
3 Who had a job as a Grave Digger?
4 Who is Warner Brothers oldest cartoon character?
5 July 14 th is a national day of celebration in what country?
6 If you are born in March what is your Flower?
7 What should be given on the 9 th wedding anniversary?
8 49 % of Americans go out to dinner on what day?
9 CANAM is a major competition in what 'sport'?
10 By law Las Cruces New Mexico can't carry what in mainstreet?
11 Who would use a Pig'in String?
12 One eighth of the US population have done what?
13 Do This for 9 year 11?
14 Do this 11 yr 6?
15 Eight Arms To Hold You - working title - what movie?
16 Roger Bresnahan introduced what to baseball in 1907?
17 What is the only word in English that ends in mt?
18 What city was once called York?
19 What star once sold lingerie door to door?
20 What type of candy is banned in Washington state?
21 David Robert Hayward-Jones became famous as who?
22 What sport is legal in only 16 American States?
23 What is a Vitrine?
24 Grevys and Burchells are types of what animal?
25 What was Fonzies favourite magazine?
26 In what American state do most people walk to work?
27 What was Bugs Bunnies original name?
28 Who was Ben Casey's boss?
29 91 % of Americans do what regularly?
30 In Alabama it is illegal to be what while driving?
31 Top USA food consumption days - Xmas Thanksgiving and what?
32 What word spelled the same French, English, German, Swedish?
33 Hamburgers were invented in what country?
34 Lalo Schifrin composed which famous TV series theme?
35 Eureka - is the state motto of what state?
36 Clinophobia is the fear of what?
37 You dot your i - what is the dot called?
38 What star had a job as aircraft factory inspector?
39 Ernest Evans became famous under what name?
40 In Montana it is a felony for a wife to open her husbands what?
41 Where could you see or do an Ollie and a McTwist?
42 What country does French toast come from?
43 What boy scout merit badge is earned most often?
44 Who was the wise cat in TS Eliot's book of cats?
45 What company first guaranteed satisfaction or your money back?
46 What actor did time on a Georgia Chain Gang - Escaped 6 days?
47 One in four Americans has done what?
48 In 1974 Somalia created its first ever what?
49 What is the birth flower for January?
50 In Arkansas it is illegal to keep what in your bathtub?
51 In Georgia what can you not keep in your bathtub?
52 Leonard Sly became famous as who?
53 Perry Como the singer once worked as what?
54 What colour did Ida McKinley ban from the White House?
55 Who said "computers are useless they only give you answers"?
56 What country has a Bible on its flag?
57 What animal can smell a virgin same type from 1 .8?
58 67 % of the worlds population have never done what?
59 In Albany NY winter children were arrested for what illegal act?
60 What county first used pepper?
61 In Florida public singing is illegal if you are wearing what?
62 What was the first USA TV series screened in the USSR?
63 Every year 8800 people injure themselves with what?
64 98 % of Japanese citizens are what?
65 What's the only number in English letters in alphabetical order?
66 Silvester in Germany is what day in USA / England?
67 What is the worlds largest herb?
68 What's the only river flows both north and south of equator?
69 An average American consumes 600 what a year?
70 Clark Gable had what job before acting?
71 In Beaconsfield Quebec it is illegal to own what?
72 Who said "Too much of a good thing is wonderful"?
73 What games name literally means To Grope Frantically?
74 What is the most ordered seafood item in a restaurant?
75 Schmuck in German literally means what?
76 In Providence Rhode Island its illegal to buy what on a Sunday?
77 What is Bart Simpson's middle name?
78 What was created in Canada in 1923 for first time criminals?
79 There are 42 what in a standard deck of cards (exclude jokers)?
80 Mary Cathering Collins became famous as who?
81 In Minnesota it is illegal to wear what in bed?
82 Raquel Welch was once a what?
83 What happens to 12 % of Americans each year?
84 In 1983 a Japanese artist copied the Mona Lisa in what material?
85 In US on what Day are most collect calls reverse charges made?
86 What was Jimmy Hoffas middle name?
87 What country has the most doughnut shops per capita?
88 Poona was the original name of what sport/game?
89 Who sang the theme song for The Love Boat?
90 What links Pauldron Crisse Gorget and Tassle?
91 In Cheyenne Wyoming its illegal to do what on a Wednesday?
92 Who invented Scissors?
93 What is the name for 100 th of a second?
94 Who said "never kick a fresh turd on a hot day"?
95 Who was the first African American to play in a NBA game?
96 10 % (by weight) of the worlds land animals are what species?
97 Where is the Greyhound Racing Hall of Fame located?
98 Diane Belmont became famous as who?
99 What star was once a vacuum cleaner salesman?
100 In Texarkana it's illegal to ride a horse at night without what?

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