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 1 Dorethy Parker said "Scratch an actor and you will find" what?
2 What animal could be Siberian or Caspian?
3 Collective nouns - an Array of what?
4 The Plains of Abraham overlook which city?
5 The Mariners Compass or Pyxis is what?
6 The Sam Maguire Trophy is played for in which sport?
7 The Somers Islands has what more familiar name?
8 The Three Stars is the national ice hockey team which country?
9 How did camerawoman Lee Lyon die while working?
10 What type of animal is a markhor?
11 Who received the first ever Gold Disc?
12 What is the National Bird of India?
13 Who directed Sharky's Machine?
14 The Weir of Hermiston - last unfinished novel of who?
15 What is the last book of the Bible?
16 What historical event was referred to as Black 47?
17 What game was patented under the name Sphairistrike?
18 What organisation did C T Russell found?
19 Paris and where had the worlds first telephone link?
20 Tempera uses water and what to paint with?
21 What colour is the cross on the Greek Flag?
22 What was used before the baton was invented to conduct?
23 Leslie Lynch King became famous as who?
24 Who was Andromedas mother?
25 Lack of vitamin B1 causes what condition?
26 What song was The Pittsburgh Pirates anthem?
27 What countries parliament is called The Storting?
28 Who directed Four Weddings and a Funeral?
29 Which company developed the Laser Printer?
30 Parsley is a member of which family?
31 What does lager literally mean in German?
32 Franz Kafka wrote in German what nationality was he?
33 Which car company produced the first front wheel drive 1934?
34 Who produced the Tom and Jerry cartoons until 1956?
35 The name of which countries capital means good air?
36 The sackbut developed into which modern instrument?
37 The GRA govern which sport?
38 Which record label signed the Rolling Stones in 1991?
39 In heraldry gules are what colour?
40 Reginald Truscott-Jones became famous as who?
41 What is the food of the secretary bird?
42 What bridge links a Palace with a State Prison?
43 The African and French marigolds are native to what country?
44 Who is the Patron Saint of Grave diggers?
45 What is Muckle Flugga?
46 Mary Read and Anne Boney had what job in common?
47 Short actors stand on what wooden object - to appear bigger?
48 What is the commonest name for a pub in Britain?
49 What does the word economy mean in original Greek?
50 Pok ta Pok started in Mexico - what modern game/sport is it?
51 George Simenon created Maigret - what nationality was he?
52 Country singer Hank Wangford had what profession?
53 Pit Straight - Lesmo Bend - Roggia Bend - which Grand Prix?
54 What is a Chuckwalla?
55 Edward Whymper was the first to do what?
56 What is Pancetta?
57 In what film did Bruce Willis play a time travelling criminal?
58 Who was the first gymnast to score a perfect 10 in Olympics?
59 What bird is sacred in Peru?
60 What was Colombo's dog called?
61 What industry would use a mordant?
62 Catherine the Great of Russia was born in which country?
63 What tanker caused a severe oil spill in 1989?
64 Which soul singer was Sittin on the Dock of the Bay?
65 In which city would you find The Blue Mosque?
66 What country makes Sukhindol wine?
67 The minnow is the smallest member of what fish family?
68 Lucille Le Sueur became famous as who?
69 In which city is The Abbey theatre?
70 Which islands capital is Flying Fish Cove?
71 Where in the world is Radwick racecourse situated?
72 What has a palimped got?
73 Treifa foods are forbidden to which religious group?
74 Which metal is the best conductor of electricity?
75 What ship was sunk in Auckland harbour in 1987?
76 A Myologist studies what?
77 Orpheus went into the underworld to rescue who?
78 Where on the human body is the skin the thinnest?
79 Colleen McCullough wrote which best selling book?
80 What would you put on your escutcheon - if you had one?
81 The Germans call them Stumphhose - what are they?
82 Who might wear a wimple?
83 What is the largest country in Africa?
84 What tree can be English, American or Eurasian?
85 Which dictator preferred 50 ,000 rifles to 50 ,000?
86 What was Alka-Seltzer first marketed as?
87 What would be happening if you suffered from canitis?
88 According to the proverb which fruit tastes sweetest?
89 What animals name literally translates as earth pig?
90 What dance is usually performed to Orpheus in the Underworld?
91 What country was once named New France?
92 Name ship sunk by the submarine Conqueror Falklands War?
93 In which country were modern banknotes first used?
94 What was invented in the Humpty Dumpty store Oklahoma?
95 Which country produces wine in the Casablanca valley?
96 The Air Canada Silver Broom is won in which sport?
97 Iain Stewart - dropped - looked too normal - what pop group?
98 What is the main flavour of aioli?
99 What was the worlds first passenger jet aircraft?
100 What does the syrinx help a bird to do?

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