Sorry if the quiz is too challenging for you. You can point the finger elsewhere. Quiz 56

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Sorry if the quiz is too challenging for you. You can point the finger elsewhere. Quiz 56

Sorry if the quiz is too challenging for you. You can point the finger elsewhere. Quiz 56

Here is another  Quiz to tingle your brain.

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1 Elkhart Indiana it's illegal for barber to threaten to do what?
2 George Bush removed what from the White House menus?
3 In 1907  who was first English writer win Nobel prize literature?
4 Name the science fiction writer who lives in Sri Lanka?
5 What pop group were dedicated followers of fashion?
6 CaCo3  is the chemical formula of what common item?
7 Name Elvis Presley's father?
8 In what novel does Dr Hannibal Lecter first appear?
9 The Ionian islands are nearest what country?
10 In Portsmouth Ohio who does the law rank with vagrants thieves?
11 In WWW terms what does i.e. mean on a domain name?
12 Seawood's Folly is better known as what today?
13 What is a Roastchaffer?
14 What Pope started the Inquisition?
15 Ecuador was named after who / what?
16 Liza Minelli played what character in Cabaret?
17 Who wrote the scripts for Hill street Blues?
18 What European language is unrelated to any other language?
19 In the 70 s The Bahamas gained independence from who?
20 Kentucky people wearing what on streets get police protection?
21 In what country did bongo drums originate?
22 Stewart Goddard changed his name to become what pop hit?
23 What's the main feature of a Chong Sang skirt?
24 The Davis Strait lies between Canada and where?
25 Henri Charrier is better known by what nickname?
26 What fashion designer is credited with the Bob hairstyle?
27 Melba sauce is made from what fruit?
28 Who was with Macbeth when he met the witches?
29 Children take SATs what does SAT stand for?
30 Winston-Salem N Carolina its illegal under 7  year olds do what?
31 A lion and a sword appear on what countries flag?
32 A carbonade is a dish that must contain what?
33 What company owns Rolls Royce motors?
34 What was Oscar Wilde's only novel?
35 What writer lived at hilltop near Hawkshead now museum to her?
36 French artist Edward Degas noted for what particular subject?
37 Who is the Greek God of the sky and the universe?
38 Collective nouns - a Dule of what?
39 The pharaoh hound is the only dog that does what?
40 Blue Earth Minnesota illegal under 12 s do what without parent?
41 Fallstaff first appears in what Shakespeare play?
42 What is a roker?
43 A vestiphobe is afraid of what?
44 In what film would you find The Orgasmitron?
45 Racing driver James Hunts nickname was Hunt the what?
46 In 1906  the John Gable Entertainer was the first what?
47 In the food industry what is TVP - i.e. what's it stand for?
48 Who wrote the book Coma?
49 What country designed and developed the bayonet?
50 In Massachusetts its illegal to put what in clam chowder?
51 Collective nouns - A Descent of what creatures?
52 What's the words most popular brand of malt whisky?
53 Prospective Italian grave diggers have to take what test?
54 Who was the lead singer in Herman's Hermits?
55 According to Elvis Presley who / what was Little Elvis?
56 In US Emergency rooms what toy is often found in rectums?
57 What is Calvados?
58 Who first appeared on TV December 17 th 1989?
59 Turf Stone and Hedge are all types of what?
60 Seattle ordinance says goldfish in bowls must do what in buses?
61 What animals are likely to die first from global warming?
62 In the film Tommy who played The Acid Queen?
63 What is a goat sucker?
64 Where would you find the Spanish steps?
65 Five named Beatles on Abbey Road cover J P G R and who?
66 Bennie Hills Ernie fastest milkman in the west - name his horse?
67 How did Van Gogh dispose of his ear?
68 According to survey what European country has the vainest men?
69 Who would spin a Gob on their nose end?
70 In Albany New York what's it illegal to do in the streets?
71 Collective nouns - What are a group of greyhounds called?
72 Who first played Flash Gordon on film?
73 What basic skill is lacking in most Royal Navy entrants?
74 What common word comes from Knights after the Crusades?
75 What was the most valuable thing ever stolen?
76 The Intelligent whale was the nickname of an early what?
77 What Welsh singer used to work as a condom tester?
78 What speed record has remained unbroken since 1938?
79 The annual Hackademy awards are given for what?
80 Idaho Falls Idaho its illegal for over 88  year olds to do what?
81 Old times mid eastern women swallowed what as contraceptive?
82 Who narrated Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds?
83 What was invented 1963  150  billion made since?
84 What used to be caught in a fanny trap?
85 What toy was first launched as The Magic Screen?
86 Originally a Toss Pot did a lot of what?
87 Amanda by the Sea was a US version of what UK comedy show?
88 A is Alpha is the international alphabet but A used to be what?
89 According to psychologists the happiest people watch what TV?
90 In Tampa Bay Florida its illegal who who/what to leave ships?
91 Men women compete 3  Olympic sports Equestrian Shooting?
92 If you were Cock Throppling what you be doing?
93 What animal has the best hearing?
94 In what film did Mary Poppins - Julie Andrews bare her nipples?
95 A Scatologist studies what?
96 How was Tristram Shandy (fictional character) circumcised?
97 Men must toss what at least 3  times during Olneys Great Race?
98 What have men played with for longer than anything else?
99 Collective nouns - A Down or Husk of what animals?
100 In Urbana Illinois its illegal for who/what to enter the city limits?

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