Sorry if you find the quiz 'difficult'. Answer this. What is 2+2? Quiz 54

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Sorry if you find the quiz 'difficult'. Answer this. What is 2+2? Quiz 54

Sorry if you find the quiz 'difficult'. Answer this. What is 2+2? Quiz 54

Here is another  Quiz to tingle your brain.

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Answer 54

Quiz 55

 1 In SF California by law what is guaranteed to the masses?
2 In Star Trek what is the name of Spock's father?
3 What company produces Olympia beer?
4 What vegetable is found in the dish chicken divan?
5 In what country is the car model the Treka produced?
6 Whose slogan was plop plop fizz fizz?
7 What actor is the spokesman for the National Rifle Association?
8 What would you find on Pink Sheets?
9 Name the first web browser publicly available?
10 In Kansas the law prohibits shooting rabbits from where?
11 In MASH who planted the vegetable garden?
12 Dragon Stout is brewed in what city / country?
13 What company introduced the first commercial minicomputer 65?
14 What was Mae West sent to the workhouse for in 1926?
15 Aurore Dupin born 1804  changed her name what 19 th cent author?
16 What was the name of Juliet's cousin killed by Benvolio in R+J?
17 Jockey / Author Dick Francis what injury on his wedding day?
18 Mary Kelly was the last known who?
19 Name the person who caused Chicago kids to get school milk?
20 In New York by law the death penalty is required for what act?
21 In the Superman comics name the shrunken city in a bottle?
22 What beer is represented by a goat?
23 What fish is known as poor mans lobster?
24 What movie actor was (among other jobs) a bridge painter?
25 What was the most commonly occurring name on the internet?
26 What astrological star sign covers July 24  - August 23?
27 What song is about a sheep stealing suicide?
28 Who wrote The Screwtape Letters?
29 Name first car model with transverse engine front wheel drive?
30 In Texas its illegal to shoot a buffalo from where?
31 In the Flintstones Dino was Fred's pet who was Barnie's?
32 Ouagodougou is the capitol of what country?
33 Roy Rogers girlfriend Dale Evans rode what named horse?
34 Goyanthlay (one who yawns) famed under what Mexican name?
35 What does the initials NMT on a prescription mean?
36 What is the world tallest horse?
37 In WW2  the Germans launched operation Bernhard - what?
38 What is the ruling planet of the astrological sign Taurus?
39 What bird lays the largest clutch of eggs?
40 In Texas by law criminals must give their victims what?
41 On ER what is the character name of Mark Greens daughter?
42 What Zimbabwe beer is named after a river?
43 In what part of New York did the Great Gatsby live?
44 Name Merlin's owl in Disney's Sword in the Stone?
45 Jerry Yang and David Filo created what?
46 Who was the leader of the notorious Gambino Mafia family?
47 Name William Shakespeare son?
48 What is Barbara Streisands middle name?
49 What is Carambola?
50 In Thailand its illegal to step on what?
51 In Lynch Heights Delaware its illegal to do what in an airplane?
52 Victor Buono played what Batman villain in the original series?
53 What Ferrari model was named after the makers son?
54 Actor was known as Singing Sandy (dubbed) early in career?
55 A Stag with 12  point antlers is known as a what?
56 In what state was the largest cavalry battle in the civil war?
57 In the Bible Jesus walked on water who else did this?
58 What was Motowns biggest hit in 1968?
59 The Kung San people live in what area of Africa?
60 What is the most popular Mexican beer in the USA?
61 In Kansas its illegal to eat what on Sunday?
62 Beverly Hillbillies what did Jethro get Jed for his birthday?
63 Whose cusine would offer you Leberkas?
64 Where did Hamlet send his girlfriend Ophelia?
65 What was the police chiefs name in the first two Jaws films?
66 What group sang about a Suicide Blonde?
67 What African country gained independence in 1980?
68 Where were the 1964  winter Olympics held?
69 In Sioux language the Paha-sapa is what place?
70 What Wimbledon finalist (loser 1879 ) murdered his wife?
71 In Topeka Kansas its illegal to install what in your house?
72 Simpson's what was Homers nickname as baseball team mascot?
73 What companies cars are nicknamed mopars?
74 Rhett Butler of Gone With the Wind was born where?
75 The King Cobra is the only snake that does what?
76 What does a hotwalker do?
77 In what county did the Aryan race originate?
78 What 80 s band had a hit with Tainted Love?
79 What is a Texas Ruby Red?
80 What is used to flavour Kriek Belgian beer?
81 In Halstead Kansas doing what is illegal at the airport?
82 In Life of Brian what name does Stan want to be known as now?
83 "Its all Greek to me" comes from what Shakespeare play?
84 What was the name of the high school in the movie Grease?
85 In what city was the first playboy club opened in 1960?
86 In the Bible in what city did Jesus perform his first miracle?
87 What was the Mark Twain in WW2?
88 Charcarodon Carcharias is the Latin name for what creature?
89 If a prescription said b.i.d. what would it mean?
90 What Indian tribe did the army most often use as scouts?
91 In Brockton Mass you must have a licence to enter where?
92 Happy Days was a spin off from what US TV show?
93 What river in Africa carries the most water?
94 HG Wells invisible man had what physical oddity?
95 Who was known as The King of Pop?
96 Measure for Measure deals with what contemporary theme?
97 Where is the base city for Porsche cars?
98 What is Gohan?
99 What does Mit Hefe on a German beer bottle mean?
100 In Detroit wilfully destroying your old what is illegal?

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