What is your preferred field of study? Quiz 26

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What is your preferred field of study? Quiz 26

 1 In California it is illegal to do what in a hotel room?
2 The numbers on what if added come to 666?
3 What do chimpanzees do when nervous?
4 The average person does what 16 times a day?
5 Every year 11000 Americans are injured doing what?
6 Pigs Eye was the original name of what Minnesota city?
7 What links Fantasy Devils Coral and Christmas?
8 Who was the founder of the Quakers (both names)?
9 What actor links Von Ryan's Express - Magnificent Seven?
10 In Michigan illegal woman do what without husband permission?
11 What was a Spiney Pear?
12 What happens every 30 seconds in America?
13 In China if you order white tea - what do you get?
14 What was the original scumbag?
15 The name of which animal means does not drink?
16 Who wrote the novel SHE (both names)?
17 Ennio Morricone wrote the music for what film series?
18 Who was poisoned - shot - and drowned river Neva 1916?
19 Franklin was a US state till 1796 what's it now called?
20 In Saskatchewan it is illegal to watch what if drinking booze?
21 Name only non electrical musical instrument invented 20 th cent?
22 Who are Mickey Mouse's nephews?
23 Suomi is the name the natives give to what country?
24 37 % of women prefer what to sex?
25 What creature has a penis 20 times the length of its body?
26 Thomas Edison had a phobia what was it?
27 Who had a dog called Boatswain?
28 Collective Nouns - a Convocation of what?
29 What TV character lived in Waratah National Park?
30 In Arkansas it is illegal to serve what drink at a party?
31 What was the name of the horse before Silver in lone ranger?
32 On an average day in USA 40 people are hurt doing what?
33 Armand Tarmizan is the 'real' name what cartoon character?
34 In proportion which animal has the largest eye?
35 Canada is an Indian word meaning what?
36 Walt Disney had an obsessive compulsion with what?
37 What links Kelly Highway Block and Wales?
38 Who sang the theme song in From Russia with Love?
39 There are 16 bottles of Champagne in a what?
40 It is illegal to cross the Iowa state boundaries wearing what?
41 Married men do it twice as often as single men what?
42 What is the most commonly used descriptive word on menus?
43 What is Lieutenant Colombo's first name?
44 What American building has double - needed toilets -segregated?
45 Pigs can become what - like humans?
46 What shape is Anelli pasta?
47 In UK its 10 USA its 8?
48 What was the name of Abraham Lincolns dog Stabbed to death?
49 Terra Psittacorum was an early name for which country?
50 Switzerland its illegal to do what in an apartment after 10 pm?
51 Vermont woman can't wear what without written husbands permit?
52 What is the German word for poison?
53 Chicago comes from a native Indian word that means what?
54 Walt Disney in an interview admitted he was scared of what?
55 98 % of Americans feel better about themselves after doing what?
56 Its cold enough to freeze balls off a Brass Monkey - what is it?
57 Dom Perignon invented champagne - what else?
58 Which nationality drinks the most coffee per person per day?
59 What links Helicon Hutchinson Macmillan and Penguin?
60 In France it is illegal to sell what doll?
61 How many ponies did the pony express use weekly?
62 83 % of all Americans purchase what product?
63 Madrid there are more what in one street than all of Finland?
64 A Woman to Remember was the worlds first what in Feb 1947?
65 Collective Nouns - a Cast of what?
66 What links Jack Loving Girls and Nurse?
67 What does the girls name Rebecca mean?
68 If you landed at Carthage airport where would you be?
69 Who is the Patron Saint of Young Boys?
70 In Salt lake city illegal to carry an unwrapped what in street?
71 96 % of American children can recognise - who?
72 It is estimated that at any time 1 % world's population is what?
73 The first puck used in an ice hockey game was made of what?
74 A Gandy Dancer has what job?
75 What links Grey Bean Canada Brent Barnacle?
76 What is 3 for a child 6?
77 Moses 10 plagues on Egypt - what was the fourth?
78 The Blur Max medal was named after Max who?
79 Berlin stands on which river?
80 In Texas its illegal to put graffiti on your neighbours what?
81 What country introduced the secret ballot for government 1856?
82 Where does the American flag fly 24 / 7?
83 Who wrote Sleeping beauty, Mother Goose, Puss in Boots?
84 Married men in France use more what than their wives?
85 In Animal Farm Benjamin was what type of creature?
86 What does Trivia literally mean?
87 There are 12 bottles of champagne in a what?
88 If you landed at Schipol airport where are you?
89 What shape is Farfallini pasta?
90 In Knoxville Tennessee it is illegal to lasso what?
91 To an Australian what is an esky?
92 What country eats most turkey per capita annually?
93 The W H O recons there are 100 million what each day?
94 On average man uses 2000 - woman 7000?
95 Collective nouns - A Troubling of what?
96 Who founded the Samaritans in 1953 (both names)?
97 What links Hong Kong Singapore Rio and Utopia?
98 52 % of Americans would rather spend a week in jail than What?
99 What was Jimmy Stuarts middle name?
100 In America what colour is the Green Card?

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