You'll have to answer these questions to find out. Quiz 52

Exam Teacher

You'll have to answer these questions to find out. Quiz 52

You'll have to answer these questions to find out. Quiz 52

Here is another  Quiz to tingle your brain.

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 1 In Wyoming it is illegal to wear what in a theatre?
2 In New Zealand what is a Punga?
3 In Feng Shui what colour inspires passion?
4 In English superstition what bird should you wish good day?
5 What city was known as Christiana until 1925?
6 William Hartnell was the first to play what TV character?
7 Who wrote the play " What the Butler saw "?
8 In 1998  the space probe Luna Perfecta found what on the moon?
9 What sea is directly north of Poland?
10 What was the original filling of the savaloy sausage?
11 Carlos Menim was elected president of what country in 1989?
12 In Natoma Kansas illegal to throw knives at people wearing what?
13 What is the Tibetan Yab Yum?
14 Crossair originated in what European country?
15 What does a Zamboni do?
16 What is the name of the cranial bone just above your ear?
17 Who led the Soviets when they invaded Hungary in 1956?
18 What tennis player made it to finals US open 8  times in 80 s?
19 What musical direction comes from the Italian meaning cheerful?
20 What nationality was Fredrick Chopin?
21 Which Nobel Prize is not awarded annually in Stockholm?
22 What book translates as My Struggle?
23 When a satellite closest to Earth its position is called what?
24 In 1659  Massachusetts outlawed what?
25 What can keep for up to 4  years if stored in a cool dark place?
26 What French relish sounds like a machine gun firing?
27 Fundador is a potent brandy made in what country?
28 Who directed Serpico?
29 Type of precious stone has a name literally means blue rock?
30 Middle ages it was believed birds picked mates what Saints day?
31 A Russian space programs name meant East what was it?
32 Which Greek hero finally tamed Pegasus?
33 What is the Western ( cowboy ) name for a motherless calf?
34 The PH scale measures acid or alkali what's PH stand for?
35 What character Tamed the Shrew in the Shakespeare play?
36 In St Louis Missouri its illegal for a fireman to rescue who?
37 Casanova ate fifty each morning to increase potency 50  what?
38 In sport what stands four feet by six feet?
39 What name is given to the smallest type of liquor glass?
40 What was Heindrich Himler's job before lead Gestapo in WW2?
41 What author criticised evangelism in his novel Elmer Gantry?
42 What was the first man made object to leave the solar system?
43 What holiday is called Head of the World in the Jewish faith?
44 What gemstone has a name literally meaning not intoxicated?
45 Who starred in Ceiling Zero as a pilot?
46 Italians often eat a whole what to cover garlicky breath?
47 What is the longest river in western Europe?
48 In Oxford Ohio its illegal for a woman to disrobe where?
49 Celibate Egyptian priests were forbidden to eat what aphrodisiac?
50 What countries native name is Land of the long white cloud?
51 Who would you expect to see in the Leftorium?
52 The Italian for tail what comes at the end of a musical score?
53 Caesar Salad originated in which country?
54 In Schulter Okalahoma illegal for towel wearing women do what?
55 Bacardi and Carioca rums come from what country?
56 In RKO movies what does RKO stand for?
57 What golden yellow gem sounds like a fruit related to lemons?
58 What country finally adopted the Gregorian calendar in 1752?
59 What was the name of John Glens first orbiting craft?
60 The murder of Gonzago was performed in what Shakespeare play?
61 What's the collective noun for a group of gulls?
62 In astronomy what are rapidly rotating neutron stars called?
63 Nicknamed The Tiger who lead France at the end of WW1?
64 What microscopic animals name comes from Greek little Staff?
65 Goddess sprang full grown from the forehead of her father Zeus?
66 In Morrisville Pennsylvania women need permit to wear what?
67 What are put into an omelette in a Hangtown Fry?
68 What English brand of sherry is considered the King desert wine?
69 Mickey Rooney made a series of films based on what family?
70 What gemstone was reputed to heal eye ailments?
71 What Russian revolutionary founded Pravda?
72 What country is ruled by King Hans Adam II?
73 In 1856  John C Freeman was the first what?
74 What are ratite birds the only ones not to do?
75 In 1959  Able Baker first put out in space by USA what were A/B?
76 According to Christian religion what happened at Epiphany?
77 In South Carolina what's barred Fountain Inn without wear pants?
78 Who wrote The Poseidon Adventure?
79 V.O. and Pedigree whiskeys made by what Canadian company?
80 Noel Coward gave what director his start on In Which we Serve?
81 How many spices are mixed in allspice?
82 What was Richard Wagner's second Opera - idea during sea trip?
83 According to its name what major Italian city is the new city?
84 What is the only flag permitted to be flown over the US flag?
85 Where was Mark Twain born?
86 What is the name of the ruling house of Monaco?
87 The word Atom comes from the Greek meaning what?
88 From Memphis restaurants its illegal to take what away?
89 What gems name means sea water in Latin?
90 Danish variety caraway flavoured liquor driest and most famous?
91 What Soviet leader seized control from Khrushchev in 1964?
92 A primate called a Galago has what more common name?
93 What Shakespeare King was killed at Pontefract Castle?
94 Name the Lieutenant Colonel who was first black US in space?
95 What is a Shofar?
96 Who directed Spartacus and Lolita?
97 An Ounce whisky glass and a small keg what same name?
98 California Valley and a Chinese cabbage what word means both?
99 In the Simpsons who is the godfather of the Springfield mafia?
100 In Mesquite Texas its illegal for children to have what?

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