“Cheating on a quiz show? That’s sort of like plagiarizing a comic strip.” ~ Paul Scofield. Quiz 60

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“Cheating on a quiz show? That’s sort of like plagiarizing a comic strip.” ~ Paul Scofield. Quiz 60

 “Cheating on a quiz show? That’s sort of like plagiarizing a comic strip.” ~ Paul Scofield. Quiz 60

Here is another  Quiz to tingle your brain.

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1 Bulls Blood wine comes from which country?
2 The North and South Islands of New Zealand separated by what?
3 In what Dickens novel is there a case of spontaneous combustion?
4 In the game Tomb Raider what's Lara Crofts profession?
5 In 1979  who sang about Walking on the Moon?
6 What links tulip balloon and flute?
7 What is the currency of Egypt?
8 Martina Navratilova won most doubles with which partner?
9 Names Cook Baker obvious what did a Chandler do?
10 Rod Taylor starred in a 1960  version of which HG Wells story?
11 Liam Devlin often appears in novels by which author?
12 Name the Duke of Wellingtons horse at Waterloo?
13 There are 72  scenes on what famous article?
14 Chinese bean sprouts are usually the sprouts of which bean?
15 Locomotive 4472  is better known by what name?
16 At Prince Charles's wedding who was the best man?
17 Which famous ship had a total crew numbering 430?
18 What takes place in Happy Valley Hong Kong?
19 Imperial Airways in 1925  was the first to do what?
20 And what was that movie?
21 Where is the grave of Oscar Schindler?
22 Which magazine uses the winged horse Pegasus as it's logo?
23 Which English King was crowned on Christmas day?
24 In traditional wedding anniversaries what's given on the eighth?
25 Collective nouns - a sneak of what animals?
26 Which country grows the most sugar?
27 Who would use a technique called pleaching?
28 Glycyrrhiza Glabra is better known as what?
29 A kamikaze shooter contains Vodka Triple sec and what?
30 If you saw a hummock off your port bow what are you looking at?
31 Name Alfred Hitchcock's first sound film as director?
32 Chernoble is in which Russian province?
33 Who does Adrian Mole lust after?
34 Where did the philosopher Plato teach?
35 The Moluccas are better known as where?
36 What used to be called (in Europe) Arabian wine?
37 Who was killed in The Little Bastard?
38 What character did Disney add to Winnie the Pooh not in books?
39 Heinrich the lion founded what city?
40 J H Robertson invented what?
41 Name bar John Wilkes Booth got pissed in before killing Lincoln?
42 In Prokoviev's Peter and the Wolf what instrument is the wolf?
43 Garlic and Chives belong to which plant family?
44 There are two general types of skiing Alpine and what?
45 Adolf Dasler created which company?
46 Cents in a Dollar Pennies in a Pound what in a French Franc?
47 What is extracted from the ore cinnabar?
48 Hugh Lofting created which fictional character?
49 In what city is the Uffizi art gallery?
50 Orient Express restarted in 1982  going from London to where?
51 Collective nouns - a romp of what animals?
52 Which King was the intended target of the Gunpowder plot?
53 BB King gave his guitar what nickname?
54 The town of Banana in Queensland is named after what?
55 In traditional wedding anniversaries whats given on the seventh?
56 In what country was the espresso machine invented in 1822?
57 Who wrote Candide?
58 What type of wine was Napoleons favourite?
59 The average person has 1460  what each year?
60 Who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1972?
61 Name Santa Clauses (St Nicholas) French brother?
62 Name the largest Mediterranean island?
63 Bambi was the first Disney film without what?
64 Highway 9  is the official name of what thoroughfare?
65 Film character played by 4  people head body voice breathing?
66 Mizaru Mikazaru and Mazaru are better known as who?
67 A weavers knot is known by seamen as a common what?
68 By law every Swiss citizen must have access to what?
69 Who played the alien in Predator jumping and climbing scenes?
70 Clark Gable used to do it 4  or more times each day - do what?
71 Who in US was given Hitler's Supreme Order of German Eagle?
72 It's illegal in USA for any citizens to have contact with who?
73 In Madagascar its illegal for pregnant women to do what?
74 After English what's the most widely used language on the net?
75 Two thirds of the worlds geysers are found where?
76 What town and stream in West Australia same name pop group?
77 Which European airport has the international code LIS?
78 AMSTRAD companies name comes from what i.e. what mean?
79 Where were the worlds first paved streets?
80 What kills 100000  Americans each year?
81 The word Angel derives from the Greek meaning what?
82 What profession has four times the average aids in USA?
83 Venus is the only planet that does what?
84 On average what weight nine pounds?
85 Name the first film to have its sequel released in same year?
86 There is approximately one what for each person in the world?
87 What is Europe's largest port?
88 Craven Walker invented what 60 s fashionable icon?
89 In Missouri it's illegal for anyone to do what on Sunday?
90 In 1973  Roland Ohisson was buried in a coffin made of what?
91 Where can you see the sun rise Pacific set Atlantic?
92 Name the first cartoon character made into a parade balloon?
93 What's unusual about the moons of Uranus?
94 What common word comes from two Greek art/craft area study?
95 In 1925  two men first drove round Australia in what make of car?
96 T H White wrote the book for which Disney animated feature?
97 Egypt Masbout - Armenia Sourg - Japan Koohii what is it?
98 Marie Tussaud was born in what country?
99 In traditional wedding anniversaries what is given on the 14 th?
100 Collective nouns - a giggle of what animals?

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