Did you really expect these questions? Quiz 48

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Did you really expect these questions? Quiz 48

Did you really expect these questions? Quiz 48

Here is another  Quiz to tingle your brain.

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Answer 48

Quiz 49

 1 Who wrote the novel Ben Hur?
2 Mario first appeared in which video game?
3 Gynecomania is what compulsion?
4 What food item literally translates as little donkey?
5 Who directed the film The African Queen?
6 In Yuma Arizona what is the punishment for citrus fruit thieves?
7 What light operas name literally means Honourable Gate?
8 The Paramours changed their name to what gaining fame?
9 Action Comics 720  after 58  years who returned engage ring?
10 Who born US Edu UK Expelled West Point Died Baltimore 40?
11 What is a Paradiddle?
12 What European countries national anthem has no official words?
13 Name of Shakespeare's simple constable in Measure for Measure?
14 What line on a map connects places of equal rainfall?
15 Corson and Stoughton are the inventors of what?
16 Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar famous under what nickname?
17 Cyprieunia is sex with who or what?
18 Vladimir Nabokov wrote Lolita in what language?
19 In Quitman Georgia its illegal for a chicken to do what?
20 At what farm does Aunt Ada Doom go on about nasty woodshed?
21 What palindromic grass grows at the seashore?
22 What biblical towns name means House of Bread in Hebrew?
23 Where would you find your pollers?
24 23  29  31?
25 For what sport is the Camanachd cup contested?
26 Who wrote the novel The African Queen?
27 In Roman times what were Falerian Setine Alban Sorrentine?
28 Whose motto is " Nation shall speak peace unto Nation "?
29 What was KFCs Colonel Sanders first name?
30 What outlaws last words were supposed to be " such is life "?
31 Ondinism is arousal from what?
32 In Zion city Illinois its illegal to do what?
33 Danes Overst Senap Spanish Marques de Marina what in UK?
34 What puppet was based on the creators former wife Sylvia?
35 The word amnesia (forgetfulness) derives from what language?
36 What is Mexico's largest seaside resort?
37 What playwright wrote The Three Sisters and The Cherry Orchard?
38 Who composed and played the score for the film Genevieve?
39 What 17 th Century pirate ended up a governor of Jamaica?
40 Avron Hirsch Goldbogen changed his name to what?
41 October 1939  what UK battleship sunk torpedo loss 800  lives?
42 In the bible who slew a quarter of the worlds population?
43 What indoor football game is named after the Latin Hobby Falcon?
44 In Britain what is The Andrew?
45 Parascopisim is what sexual behaviour?
46 Susannah Yolanda Fletcher became famous as who?
47 Blanco Gaucho Excelsior Nutcracker Cassette types of what?
48 What Japanese word ironically means " May you live forever "?
49 In Iowa state laws prohibits charging admission to see what?
50 Name the triangular cotton headscarf or Russian grandmother?
51 Who wrote the novel The Piranhas?
52 What country calls itself Republika Shqiperise?
53 Name Dennis the Menace dog Hank Ketchum comics 1950 s?
54 What species of mammal can come in fairy or giant size?
55 Who was the last Indian chief to die in battle at Wounded Knee?
56 What's the name of the Turkish aniseed liqueur trans lions milk?
57 "What car manufacturers slogan is forward through technology ?"
58 What does a Stupprator prefer sexually?
59 What are Black Bulger Lawyers Wig Penny Bun types of?
60 What East Indian herb of the family Pedaliaceae linked Ali Baba?
61 What girls name is a type of Australian throwing stick?
62 In Lawrence Kansas its illegal to carry what in your hat?
63 UK what sized by Grains Peas Singles Doubles Trebles Cobbles?
64 What sport has Crumb Gatherers Followers Rovers and Wings?
65 Name the word an anti mine device towed from bows of a ship?
66 What is a Major Mitchell?
67 What French actors catch phrase Come with me to the Casbah?
68 What boys name means Rich Guard?
69 What is the UKs best selling chocolate snack bar?
70 Who first appeared in The Mysterious Affair at Styles?
71 What is a Sybian?
72 What's the term for the geographical dividing line N/S Korea?
73 What New York edifice is named after an Italian navigator?
74 Whose epitaph says "If you seek his monument look around you"?
75 Who wrote a series of novels about the Ballentines of Africa?
76 Mary Isobel Catherine O'Brian born 1939  better known as who?
77 In Maryland it is illegal to take what to the movies?
78 In USA early last century what were Comet Star Sun Moon?
79 Who was the only horse ever to beat the legendary Man O War?
80 What South American cities inhabitants are called portenos?
81 Churchill It's a Riddle wrapped in a Mystery in an Enigma what?
82 What event supposedly occurred in the Coenaculum or Cenacle?
83 Miss Ellen Church was the worlds first what in 1930?
84 What Roman Emperor was the first to convert to Christianity?
85 What sort of sexual practice is Lectamia?
86 Army Greatcoat Horn of Plenty Diamond Kimono types of what?
87 What were H47  and L12  that collided causing deaths in 1920?
88 What US film was based on Thomas Dixons The Clansman?
89 In Woodstock NY it's illegal to walk what without a leash?
90 What capitol city means Bay of Smoke in the local language?
91 Area in NY is named after a barrier built to keep out Indians?
92 Bahina de los Cochinos is better known as what?
93 Family lived small farm Walnut Grove Plumb Creek Minnesota?
94 Laurence Skikne changed his name to what and found fame?
95 What's the more common name of the Crux Gammata?
96 Shakespeare character in The Tempest is the son of Sycorax?
97 Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu born Skopje 1910  other name?
98 What was banned in Horneytown North Carolina?
99 If you were suffering from Preblysis what have you got?
100 Who wrote The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy?

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