If history is mystery, what is science? Quiz 47

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If history is mystery, what is science? Quiz 47

If history is mystery, what is science? Quiz 47

Here is another  Quiz to tingle your brain.

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 1 What actor dropped out university to be a dishwasher?
2 What links a Sylvester Stallone character and Panama?
3 In Nevada it is illegal to drive what on the highway?
4 Acmegenesis is a fancy name for what?
5 Who was the leader of the wolves in Kipling's Jungle Book?
6 Jill Oppenheimer changed her name to become famous as who?
7 Manya Sklodowska became famous under what name?
8 What vegetable gets its name from old French / Latin for milk?
9 Crème de Menthe Crème de Cacao an light cream what drink?
10 Cry Freedom was Richard Attenborough's film about who?
11 In WW2  what was the German codename for invasion of Russia?
12 In The African Queen what was the name of the steam launch?
13 FIDE govern what game?
14 Girls name means big fruit basket or a meeting whaling captains?
15 Who did Fess Parker play in on TV 1964?
16 In Mississippi it is still legal to kill who?
17 Who was dropped by 20 th cent Fox for being too ugly?
18 Acrotomphillia is having sex with who or what?
19 Everest climb 1953  put flags UK UN Nepal and where on top?
20 Who won the formula 1  championship after death at Monza?
21 Where would you find a Terret?
22 He was R C Robinson in 1948  what name famous as now?
23 What was invented by Henry D Perky 1893  Denver Colorado?
24 Margin Guaging Angle Corner Flooring types of what tool?
25 Who was the last British king born outside the UK?
26 What US ports name means in Choctaw long haired people?
27 Caractacus Potts drove what car?
28 What comes in types Rock Ball Greentree Indian Reticulated?
29 In Yugoslavia if you asked for Pljeskavice what do you get?
30 In Minneapolis what is the maximum penalty for double parking?
31 A Curofact is a sexual fetish about what?
32 Roman orator Marcus Tillius nicknamed what for wart on nose?
33 Who failed an audition for Fame because was not pretty enough?
34 What character in the Jungle Books name means frog?
35 What is a Umiak?
36 What's the more common name for prepatellar bursitis?
37 Who wrote Whip Hand Proof and Flying Finish?
38 Who served under Nelson commanding the Glatton 1801?
39 What sport in Belgium people compete in the Fleche Walloons?
40 What Rock group are named for a split paper match splif holder?
41 Musical instrument is named from the Greek wooden sound?
42 What Hollywood star was the inspiration for Bugs Bunny?
43 Amatripsis is what sexual practice?
44 Who developed the method school of acting?
45 In France Pate De Grives a la Provencal is made from what?
46 Under Michigan State law who are officially classed mechanics?
47 Brother Benedict translated name of what port and food product?
48 Iceland Glima Iran Kushti Turkey Yagli Russia Sambo what is it?
49 Joseph Hobson Jagger broke it in 1886  broke what?
50 What groups demo rejected by EMI in 1965  cos not own songs?
51 What sporting trophy is named after the US sec of war 1920 s?
52 The density of what is measured on the Rngelmann scale?
53 What English word meaning disaster comes from Italian for flask?
54 What was Auguste Bartholdis most famous work 1886?
55 In literature who taught at the Marcia Blain school for Girls?
56 What was the full name of the butler in soap - later spin off?
57 What girls name is also a pass made by a bullfighters cape?
58 Amomaxia is having sex where?
59 In Fort Madison Iowa Firemen must do what before attending fire?
60 Who would be scored on the Apgar scale?
61 Joel Chandler Harris born December 1848  better known as who?
62 What was the name of the regimental tune of the 7 th cavalry?
63 Mintonette was the original name of what sport in 1891?
64 In traditional pantomime who is the sweetheart of Harlequin?
65 Shellac dissolved in alcohol makes what type of varnish?
66 What actress/singer once worked in a doughnut shop?
67 Arthur Flegenheimer died Oct 1935  was better known as who?
68 What is the magazine of the Jehovah's Witnesses called?
69 Richard Roundtree played what detective in three 70 s films?
70 Defecolagnia is sexual arousal from what act?
71 Writer who created Hannah Massay Maggie Rowan Tillie Trotter?
72 What African countries capitol is named after a US president?
73 In New Jersey it is illegal to frown at who?
74 Herbert Charles Angelo Kuchacevich ze Schluderpacheri - who?
75 What is a Tallith?
76 The French call it La Mort aux Trousses what Hitchcock film?
77 What did alchemists seek to turn base metals into gold?
78 According to the poem who dug the grave for cock robin?
79 Lily Cauchoin became famous as who?
80 Who dropped out of Harvard in 1975?
81 According to English Church what's legal only tween 8  am 6  pm?
82 Ipsisism is what common sexual practice?
83 The Soldiers Song is the National Anthem of what Country?
84 Who created The Scarlet Pimpernel?
85 Who was meant to play Annie Okley but was replaced in 1950?
86 What WW2  resistance movements name is Italian for thicket?
87 Programming language named after 17 th cent French mathematician?
88 Inciticus was a horse (and Senator) owned by whom?
89 Who would wear a Hachimaki - or headband?
90 In North Dakota it is illegal to sleep with what on?
91 Edmund Dante is what eponymous hero?
92 Thumb Lock Mongolian Release Mediterranean Draw what sport?
93 What was the name of Papa Doc Duvaliers secret police Haiti?
94 Old Testament two non humans can speak the serpent and who?
95 The Sea Cook was the original title of what famous novel?
96 Bearbrass founded by John Batman the original name of where?
97 What branch of mathematics is named for the Latin for pebble?
98 The Island of Sheep was the last novel of what Buchan Hero?
99 Eonism is what sexual practice?
100 Who's first film (THX1138 ) flopped in 1971?

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