If history is mystery, what is math? Quiz 46

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If history is mystery, what is math? Quiz 46

If history is mystery, what is math? Quiz 46

Here is another  Quiz to tingle your brain.

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 1 In St Croix Wisconsin its illegal women to wear what publicly?
2 Harmatophobia is the fear of what?
3 In Greece who were the Hetaerae?
4 French revolution the prisoners travel to the guillotine in?
5 In 1880  Smiths Patent Germ Bread changed its name to what?
6 Who won Oscars for Jaws ET Star Wars Schindlers List?
7 What is a Gambrel - One of two answers?
8 Shakespeare play set in Ephesus has two pairs identical twins?
9 Shingle was the codename for what WW II Allied landing?
10 What sport introduced the term southpaw?
11 Sindonology is a debate concerning the origins of what?
12 Who appeared as the infant Moses 1956  film 10  commandments?
13 Butterfly Chisel Lead Pipe Mallet Occult Willow types of what?
14 Name the dance that means new voice in Portuguese?
15 West Virginia Nicholas County its illegal to do what in pulpit?
16 If you had Psygophillia what would arouse you?
17 Elmo Lincoln was the screens first what 1918?
18 Who would use or what are Tittums?
19 Gus Wickie Pinto Colvig William Pennell Jackson Beck - Link?
20 If you were drinking Red Stripe lager what country are you in?
21 What masked hero first appeared 1919  The Curse of Capistrano?
22 Who had a hit no 5  in US 1971  with Bridge over Troubled Water?
23 Margaret Hookham changed her name famed as who?
24 Reuben James was the first what 31  Oct 1941?
25 What minty confection is a boys name - in reverse?
26 In The Italian Job Noel Coward played what character in prison?
27 Where is John Frost bridge shown on A Bridge too Far?
28 Butterfly Falcon Fun Glen Lark Penguin If Topper types of what?
29 What's the Australian slang name female man trainee sheep farm?
30 In South Dakota its illegal to show movies that picture what?
31 What area of London did Jack the Ripper frequent?
32 Michael Henchard better known as what eponymous literary hero?
33 What word can go before Work Yard Laying Bat to make others?
34 What was the name of  Roy Rogers dog (now stuffed)?
35 What authors (unused) final two names are Bower Yin?
36 Albanian money and a grouse's mating display same word what?
37 In what 1998  did film David Bowie play Pontius Pilot?
38 What is the Ikurrina?
39 German mapmaker Martin Waldseemuller named what?
40 What word for a cigar type is also Italian for a small loaf?
41 What is the name of the Australian Film Institute Award?
42 What countries presidents Yusof Bin Ishak and Wee Kim Wee?
43 What city in the USA means First People in Indian?
44 The first cartoon character on the Beano was Eggo what was he?
45 Newark its illegal to sell what after 6 pm unless Drs note shown?
46 Klysmophillia is arousal from what?
47 What independent states name has 10  letters only one vowel?
48 Florence Nightingale Graham better known as who?
49 Crown - Ring - Shank - Stock - Fluke parts of what?
50 Andrew John Woodhouse in fiction was who - Ira Levin novel?
51 Steve McQueen played Hiltz Great Escape what's first name?
52 Whose members get "Promoted to Glory" on their death?
53 What is the common name of Eucalyptus microtheca?
54 William Sydney Porter is better known as who (literature)?
55 In Trenton NJ its specifically illegal to throw what in street?
56 Luke Halpin Sandy Tommy Norden Bud what 1960 s TV show?
57 Who wrote The Caine Mutiny?
58 Where can you drive your car on the Nippon Clip On?
59 Lampy is the worlds oldest 1840 s insured 1  million oldest what?
60 Albert Harry Jack and Samuel Eichelbaum known as who?
61 What is a Merkin - There are two possible correct answers?
62 What authors only detective work was The Red House Mystery?
63 Ignoring USA whose motto is E Pluribus Unum?
64 What Australian slang for a simpleton is also a cockatoo?
65 What 19 th century explorer translated the Kama Sutra?
66 Real names Susan Alexandria Stage name from Great Gatsby?
67 What was the Titanic's last port of call?
68 In Eureka Nevada its illegal for moustached men to do what?
69 Janine Deckers suicided 1985  had top 10  hit 1962?
70 Seawise University burned 9  Jan 1972  used to be called what?
71 What are Berner Florin Parisian frill types of?
72 A Lady Paramount judges at what sport?
73 What Shakespeare play is "The Green Eyed Monster" mentioned?
74 Fatty Arbuckle was the first filmed recipient of what in 1913?
75 In Scandinavian mythology what bridge linked heaven and Earth?
76 What was Supergirl's secret identity?
77 In the UK The Elder Brethren of Trinity House manage what?
78 Who danced with Gene Kelly in Anchors Aweigh in 1945?
79 What do Yoni worshipers worship?
80 In the streets of Elko Nevada walkers are meant to wear what?
81 Bob Fitzsimmons world boxing champion had what middle name?
82 Who was the only unidentified person awarded the Victoria Cross?
83 In what sport would you perform an Adolf?
84 The French call it La Train Sifflera Trois Fois what film is it?
85 Town Australia is named after the wife Sir C H Todd postmaster?
86 In Italy what is a "Zuppa Inglese"?
87 What is the tail fin of a fish called?
88 Francis Octavia Smith rode Buttercup in 1950 s TV who was she?
89 In Germany who were known as "Dick und Doof"?
90 In Omaha Parents can be arrested if child does what in church?
91 What desert wine is a normal ingredient of zabaglione?
92 In his profession who's entitled to wear the "traje de luces"?
93 African French Bur Fig Marsh Pot types of what plant?
94 What was known as the Ox Box?
95 James L Herlihy wrote what novel - Oscar winning film?
96 An area of London got its name from a hunting call what?
97 Leslie Sebastian Charles is better known as who?
98 What ship meaning new land carried Scott to the Antarctic 1910?
99 If you had Naphephillia what turns you on?
100 In Minnesota woman can get 30  days for impersonating who?

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