If history is mystery, what is art? Quiz 45

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If history is mystery, what is art? Quiz 45

If history is mystery, what is art? Quiz 45

Here is another  Quiz to tingle your brain.

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 1 In Lebanon Virginia its illegal to do what to your wife?
2 Illustrator Florence K Upton created what (now not PC)?
3 Name the first Alsatian dog film star 1921?
4 In what play do we follow Aaron a Moor beloved of Tamora?
5 Boreas Eurus Notus Zephyrus were what?
6 What space craft mapping Venus named 15 /16  century explorer?
7 Where would you find A Wall The white line and Bars?
8 Name the aboriginal detective in the novels of Arthur W Upfield?
9 Who was the first British SF author to win a Hugo award?
10 If you suffered Harpaxophillia what turns you on?
11 What foods name comes from the Tamil words for Pepper Water?
12 Operation Dracula in WWII freed what city?
13 What are you doing if you performed Applejack Chaos Rev up?
14 What islands name is Australian slang for a football shirt?
15 In Huston its illegal to sell what on Sunday?
16 In what Agatha Christi book does Poriot Die?
17 What Japanese dish consists of Tofu Beef and vegetables?
18 Marengo was Napoleons horse but he rode who at Waterloo?
19 What book of the old testament has the least chapters (1 )?
20 Johan Schober the first president of what organisation in 1923?
21 What is singer Elaine Paige's nickname?
22 What was the name of Sancho Panza's donkey?
23 Who spent 18  months in 1940 s as no 3188?
24 Who was the last English King to die on the battlefield?
25 What countries name translates as lion mountains?
26 Where could you hear the Cuckoo Song?
27 What Roman soldier defeated and destroyed Spartacus?
28 Between 1916  and 23  Clarence Saunders opened 2800?
29 Harold Leek became famous as who?
30 If you suffered Hierophillia what turns you on?
31 In 1954  George Cowling was the first British TV what?
32 In Dyersberg Tennessee its illegal for a woman to what to a man?
33 What does a croque Madame have that a croque monsieur don't?
34 What TV series had a signature tune called Liberty Bell?
35 Name of the Roman hippodrome used for chariot races?
36 What's the triangular Indian pasty containing spiced meat?
37 Candlemaker soapmaker merged in Cincinnati 1837  making what?
38 Whisky and Drambuie mix to form what sickly cocktail?
39 what are Wa Cha Wej Vagh Hut Soch and chorgh?
40 The British call it Shrove Tuesday (pancake day) what in France?
41 In Nicholas Nickleby name the headmaster of Dotheboys Hall?
42 Ilium is the Latin name for what ancient city?
43 If you had hemicrania what would you be suffering from?
44 What was a Pikelhaube used in WW I?
45 How is the cucurbita pepo better known?
46 The roadrunner belongs to what family of birds?
47 Cyesolagnia is a fetish about what?
48 What's was the nickname of New York's 28 th street in 1920 s?
49 What started in 1935  when a doctor and a stockbroker met?
50 In Newport Rhode Island its illegal to do what after dark?
51 Who started his film career as Anglo Saxton type 2008  in 1930 s?
52 What mythological animal was the insignia of UK Airborne WW II?
53 What's the word for the luminous mist that surrounds a saint?
54 Who created the character Walter Mitty?
55 What Wimbledon single champ had a part in a John Wayne film?
56 Where would you find a Mihrab?
57 Who would write a decratal or rescript?
58 Mother Carey's Chickens sailors slang for what bird(s)?
59 What wondrous creation was built by Sostratus of Cnidos?
60 If you have Iantronudia what turns you on?
61 What WW II British medal carries the words For Gallantry?
62 In what film did Sean Connery sing Pretty Irish Girl?
63 In Salem Oregon its illegal for women to do what?
64 What symbols name derives from Greek for star?
65 Chocolate crisp introduced in 1935  was renamed what 1937?
66 In the novel Goldfinger name the boss of The Cement Mixers?
67 What drink was named after 5 th child Henry 8  Catherine Aragon?
68 What Shakespeare play is set in Massina and has Claudio in it?
69 Who could win a PATSY?
70 Feijoada is the national dish of what country?
71 Nikioli Poliakoff became famous under what name?
72 Name the term for the length of a hawks legs from thigh to foot?
73 What in Arthurian legend was the Siege Perilous?
74 Who starred in 1950 s Circus Boy then moved on to pop music?
75 If you have Dorophillia what turns you on?
76 Where would you find a Taoiseach?
77 In Strongville Ohio what book is banned by law?
78 What was the eighth month in the ancient Roman Calendar?
79 What Egyptian word means life force was on title Wheatly novel?
80 What fictional character was "The Napoleon of Crime"?
81 What Queen of Ogygia detained Odysseus for seven years?
82 Blitz Boondock Bristol Scrunge Squop terms in what game?
83 In what sport are ten pieces of wood separated by a chain?
84 Who's aliases John Willard Eric Gault George Ramom Sneyd?
85 Stanley Gibbons started as a chemist but changed to what?
86 What is the US slang term for formal male evening dress?
87 What countries monetary unit is also the bird on its flag?
88 What word the highest string on an instrument and a mushroom?
89 Ashville North Carolina its illegal to do what on the streets?
90 Who wrote the surreal novel Tarantula?
91 Who wrote the novel Invisible Man in 1952?
92 If a woman maritates what is she doing?
93 What does a Jingling Johnny do in Australia?
94 What can be Vulgar Common Simple Improper or proper?
95 Lili Hayden played character (not seen) in a spin off from what?
96 David Harold Mayer became famous as who?
97 Gregory Peck played Lt Joe Clements in what 1950 s film?
98 The Chronic Argonauts was the original title of what SF book?
99 What word can mean a RC prayer Blood Clot extra calendar day?
100 In Raton New Mexico its illegal for woman to ride wearing what?

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