How can you get to the treasure trove of knowledge? Quiz 44

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How can you get to the treasure trove of knowledge? Quiz 44

How can you get to the treasure trove of knowledge? Quiz 44

Here is another  Quiz to tingle your brain.

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 1 In Norse mythology Odin traded an eye for what?
2 Who wrote the poem It was the night before Christmas?
3 What is a pismire?
4 In Arthur C Clarks Childhoods end the aliens look like what?
5 What animals name translate from Arabic as He who walks fast?
6 The worlds what museum is at 19  Green belt North York Ontario?
7 At her beheading Marie Antoinette wore what colour shoes?
8 What country has the worst roads averaging 10  deaths per mile?
9 Magnus Huss (a Swede) coined which word?
10 In Vancouver a city law says all cars must carry what? An Anchor as an?
11 Who made his screen debut in Mad Dog Col 1961  as a cop?
12 Ernest Breaux a chemist created which product in 1921?
13 What flowers name derives from the Greek word for testicle?
14 who told the evil king Schahriah stories?
15 Spanakopia is a Greek pie filled with what?
16 What is in a Ballini cocktail?
17 John Pierpoint wrote what seasonal ditty?
18 Where is the world's oldest belltower AD 1069?
19 What is in the Red Data Book?
20 April is the cruellest month - which poet wrote that line?
21 Tyrian Purple is a strong dye made from what?
22 What countries women most likely to have sex on a first date?
23 In 19 th century England what was a Snickerdoddle?
24 Joan Sandra Molinsky became famous as who?
25 If you were acomoclitic what would turn you on?
26 Who wrote the book - Call of the Wild?
27 What was the name of Frank Zappas first band?
28 Who was nicknamed "Queen of the Swashbucklers"?
29 What Italian stew literally translates as Bone with a Hole?
30 If you had Cynophillia what type of sex turns you on?
31 Who directed the movie Wall Street 1987?
32 In what US state is area 51?
33 What is Belleek?
34 What 6 th century Greek poet is the father of drama?
35 Who was the main plotter in the Gunpowder Plot 1605?
36 In Red Dwarf what did the H stand for on Rimmers head?
37 Illinois State law its illegal to speak what language?
38 What US president spent between 11  and 15  hours asleep daily?
39 Janette MacDonald was nicknamed the Iron what?
40 Where is the Star Fleet Academy located?
41 What countries women are most likely to have sex daily?
42 What is the main ingredient of tahini used in the Middle East?
43 What is the name of the scale measuring depth of coma (GCS)?
44 Which 19 th century battle UK / USA fought after peace signed?
45 What place is nicknamed "The City of Lilies"?
46 San Jose California where is it illegal to sleep without permit?
47 What is a Tambura?
48 In what literary work would you find the yahoos?
49 In Chinese mythology what is Taimut?
50 A Hodophile gets sexually aroused by what?
51 Greek mythology what underground river souls drink and forget?
52 Jane Peters became famous as who - ( Clark Gables wife )?
53 In the Canterbury Tales why were the pilgrims travelling?
54 The locals call it Metohkangmi what do we call it?
55 What translates as The fist foot way?
56 The furcula is what part of a bird?
57 What is an Oklahoma / Arizona /  Harlem credit card?
58 Lucius Tarquinius Superbus was the last king of where?
59 What is measured with a Snodgrass grathodynamometer?
60 In LA by law you can't hunt what at night in streetlight?
61 In Greek mythology who gave the "eyes" to the peacock?
62 A couple dogging are having sex with others watching where?
63 Harry Alan Robert Stewart made redundant Britain 1960 s Job?
64 Orbis non Sufficit - World is not enough - whose family motto?
65 In Tejo a S American game players throw stones at buried what?
66 What come in varieties Norway Oriental Sitka White Siberian?
67 Wilhelm Beer and Johan von Madler first good map where 1830?
68 A musical instrument and the French word for paper clip what?
69 What links Yul Bryner Burt Lancaster WC Fields Joe E Brown?
70 Outfit/costume first seen 1914  film Kid Auto Races at Venice?
71 Evening Star no 92220  was the last what?
72 Who was found dead in Hollywood's Landmark Hotel 4  Oct 1970?
73 June 1611  what English navigator was cast adrift by mutineers?
74 Rams Horn Wandering Bladder Prickly Herald types of what?
75 Who sent Stanley to Africa to look for Livingstone?
76 Who was "The father of magazine science fiction"?
77 San Francisco by law unleashed what can't walk in market street?
78 A phalophilliac has a fetish about what?
79 Who first appeared in the film A Tale of two Kitties in 1942?
80 Word for slight of hand comes from the French for nimble finger?
81 What links Steve McQueen Ian Botham Spike Milligan?
82 A Primagravida is what?
83 Baron de Coubertin won Gold at the Olympics 1912  for what?
84 In Norse mythology what was Audulma - wet nurse of giants?
85 In nautical terms what five letter word means duty at the helm?
86 San Francisco by law you can't clean your car with what?
87 In the Dictionary of Vulgar Tongue 1811  what is a wasp?
88 What was the first film musical based on a Shakespeare play?
89 Zerelda was the first name of what outlaws wife and mother?
90 Robert Record in the mid 16 th century invented what sign?
91 Nathan Bedford Forest a confederate general was the first what?
92 Name first British actress to appear on a British stamp 1985?
93 Patricia Holm is girlfriend of what famous fictional character?
94 Comic strip character 1920 s name means meek person in USA?
95 Sylvester Stallone film shares name with Paris art movement?
96 Fictitious murderer first appeared in String of Pearls 1840 s?
97 In what film were Aldeberan Antares Atair Rigel seen?
98 What place was nicknamed "The Pearl of the Orient"?
99 A Retifist has a fetish about what?
100 In Pueblo Colorado its illegal for what to grow in city limits?

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