If knowledge is the treasure, questions are the key. Quiz 43

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If knowledge is the treasure, questions are the key. Quiz 43

If knowledge is the treasure, questions are the key. Quiz 43

Here is another  Quiz to tingle your brain.

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 1 In Louisiana by law who can't be charged more than 25 c haircut?
2 What is Corvus another name for?
3 What links fire escapes windshield wipers bullet proof vests?
4 Growing Up Skipper Mattel doll 1970  what happened arm turned?
5 Spain Portugal and Algeria are three top produces of what?
6 What building in New York has 43600  windows?
7 Where is the worlds largest bullfighting ring?
8 A Klazomaniac cant stop doing what?
9 A sheep duck and rooster were worlds the first what?
10 What American state has the most outhouses?
11 What tough guy actor has a real first name of Walter?
12 What toy is made to a tolerance of 5  thou of a millimetre?
13 What job is most likely to make the practitioner an alcoholic?
14 All hospitals in Singapore use what brand name product?
15 Colgate (the toothpaste) translates to what in Spanish?
16 In the next 7  days 800  Americans will be injured by what?
17 British politician John Montigue credited with inventing what?
18 How did Bobby Beach broke all bones over Niagara in barrel die?
19 Who's Christian names inc Johannes Chrysostomus Theophilus?
20 In Oklahoma by law baseball teams cannot do what?
21 What is Ordune?
22 Why were Mothers called mama or mommy in many languages?
23 What is Sekkusu in Japan?
24 Half the worlds population has seen at least one what?
25 With what song did Status Quo opened the Band Aid concert?
26 An accolade is something of praise what was original meaning?
27 Where would you find your shank?
28 September 22  is National what appreciation day?
29 The is no known language without a word for this creature what?
30 There are butterflies that smell like what?
31 What does a tsiologist study?
32 Who was the first American to make $100  million a year?
33 99 % of American households have at least one what?
34 In Denver Colorado it is illegal to mistreat who / what?
35 Any adequately advanced technology indistinguishable from magic?
36 70 % people would stamp barefoot broken glass that watch what?
37 56 % of Americans believe there is what in heaven?
38 In Ancient Mesopotamia people worshiped what?
39 Lachanophobia is the fear of what?
40 In Kansas by law you cannot drive what down the street?
41 What is ipsism another name for?
42 In any one month 36 % of Americans eat what for breakfast?
43 What job has the longest lifespan in the USA average age 77?
44 Nyse in Swedish Tusszents in Hungarian Kychat in Czeck what?
45 Faith Hope Charity Fortitude Justice Prudence what's missing?
46 Morris Frank brought Buddy from Swiss in 1928  what was Buddy?
47 Stephanie Powers was Girl from UNCLE characters name?
48 In what city was Americas first stock exchange built?
49 We know what a fez is but what does fez mean in Turkish?
50 What product can be found in four out of five American homes?
51 45 % of Americans use what each day?
52 USA favourite computer passwords are love and sex what UK?
53 William Moulton Marston Lie Detector and what comic character?
54 On the Munsters what was Lillie's maiden name?
55 What did D H Laurence do with his horse Aaron when it died?
56 What in Japan is a Mawashi?
57 What links George Patton Jayne Mansfield Margaret Mitchell?
58 A Badger gets its name from badge meaning what?
59 Collective nouns - a descent of what?
60 In Florida its against the law to put what on the school bus?
61 What is Lygeristia (a limiting thing)?
62 Who appeared on the first cover of TV guide 3  April 1953?
63 Who said "To many of our imports are from abroad"?
64 The Rambunctious and Clever Ones what films name in Taiwan?
65 What ingredient causes the shine in expensive eye shadow?
66 What do you call the cap on a fire hydrant?
67 Who is the Roman Goddess of sorcery hounds and crossroads?
68 Only three Angels are named in Bible Gabriel Michael and who?
69 What is the name of Data's cat in Star Trek Next Generation?
70 What word starts and ends with und?
71 In what sport would you find a Hosel?
72 What was banned by law 16 th 17 th century Venice?
73 The Nullarbor desert is in Western Australia what's it mean?
74 Collective nouns - a mustering of what?
75 Caterpillar comes from the old French what's it literally mean?
76 What links Cary Grant Mohammed Ali Prince Charles?
77 In 1923  what new optional accessory was offered on cars?
78 What is Indiana Jones first name?
79 What first appeared on the USA domestic market in 1960?
80 In North Carolina it's illegal for what to race down the street?
81 What job has a pudentacurist?
82 Two weeks after hatching what is 3000  times its birth weight?
83 In 1919  in the USA you could be jailed for doing what in Public?
84 The Merry Go Round is Broken Down - whose melody is that?
85 Mark Chapman was carrying what book when he killed Lenon?
86 Paramount Pictures logo has 22  what?
87 Why did Ancient Egyptians shave their eyebrows?
88 Ignoring fruit whats the only natural food made without killing?
89 Who is known as Tuhkimo in Finland?
90 The first Apple Mac hard disk was how big?
91 Who was the first Marvel Comics superhero?
92 The word rodent comes from the Latin rodere meaning what?
93 What was the first video played on MTV?
94 The Chinese pictogram for trouble also means what?
95 An Intente is a players manager in what sport?
96 Collective nouns - A gang of what?
97 Peladophobia is the fear of what?
98 After water what is the most consumed beverage?
99 What is pompoir?
100 In West Virginia its illegal to cook what - because of smell?

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