Do you agree that learning occurs when questions are asked? Quiz 42

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Do you agree that learning occurs when questions are asked? Quiz 42

Do you agree that learning occurs when questions are asked? Quiz 42

Here is another  Quiz to tingle your brain.

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 1 What is Daffy Ducks middle name?
2 In downtown Lima Peru there is a brass statue of who?
3 43 % of women want to try sadomasochism after smelling what?
4 26 % of McDonalds Ontario employees admit doing what?
5 What is the name of the elephant headed god in India?
6 The foghorn of the QE2  plays in what note?
7 McDonalds and Burger King put what on their fries?
8 Where is a horses poll?
9 Who rejected the role of Riddler in Batman Forever?
10 The Victorians began circumcision of male babies to stop what?
11 What conc. product carried in tankers has a hazardous sign?
12 In Georgia its illegal for a barber to do what?
13 25 % of sexually active people have tried what?
14 Who said "Losing my virginity was a career move"?
15 Hemeroticism is what?
16 Depeche Mode the 80 s groups name translates as what?
17 Marathon runners have on average 14  a week  -  what?
18 41 % of American women believe what nationality best husbands?
19 On Average North American women do what 83  times a year?
20 46 % of women say this is better than sex  -  what?
21 Where is the fourth most popular place on a ship to have sex?
22 And what is the first?
23 10 % of men claim to do this regularly what?
24 The word negligee is French and suggests wearer does what?
25 In Tennessee it is illegal to sell what on a Sunday?
26 Volney was in hundreds of films where can you see him?
27 Alces Alces is the Latin name for what animal?
28 Where do Cuckoo clocks come from?
29 What used to be measured in Gillettes?
30 O'Shey Jackson became better known as who?
31 A talus is what geographical feature?
32 What is a Godeminche?
33 In Virginia its against the law for people to bribe except who?
34 In ancient Greece aristocratic women were deflowered with what?
35 JRR Tolkein wrote The Lord of the Rings what the JRR stand for?
36 A Hop Low is the world smallest - what?
37 What has 121  holes?
38 What was the first video played on MTV Europe?
39 Thurl Ravenscroft is the voice of who?
40 What was Ghengis Khans first job?
41 In film making what is a martini shot?
42 What flavours root beer?
43 30  million people in the USA have diasima - what is it?
44 In Chaucer's England a mussel was slang for what?
45 In New Jersey what can't be sold on a Sunday?
46 What is the name for a male ferret?
47 Woodpecker Scalps - Porpoise Teeth - Giraffe Tails what links?
48 What was the city symbol of Pompeii?
49 In Old English what is a frieosan?
50 Who was supposed to play Betelgeuse in the movie?
51 Psychologist say when a woman wears red she wants what?
52 67 % of dog owners do what at holiday time?
53 in 1994  314  Americans had what type of surgery?
54 English ships carried limes protect scurvy what US ships carry?
55 How many tail feathers has a Kiwi?
56 What gem was Cleopatra's signet?
57 Cagney shoves grapefruit Mae Clarke face was going to be what?
58 In North Carolina its against the law for who / what to fight?
59 Who said "Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar"?
60 The word stymie originated in what sport?
61 What is silviculture?
62 Rosalind Julia Portia Viola Cymbeline what links not obvious?
63 What medal shows 3  naked men hands on each others shoulders?
64 J Worthington Foulfeather was the name of what Disney character?
65 What was the only film about Vietnam made during the war?
66 What did archers at the ancient Olympics use as targets?
67 What national flag has the largest animal emblem - a lion?
68 If not a bird magician or a spitfire engine What is a Merlin?
69 What is the Badger state?
70 In Michigan married couples can be imprisoned unless they what?
71 Arturo Toscanini played what instrument before conducting?
72 After the Bible what book did Americans rate as their favourite?
73 What are the names of the two cats in Disney's Lady + Tramp?
74 What is the oldest registered trade mark still used in USA?
75 Whose legs were banned from metro posters too distracting?
76 Where would a soldier wear a Havelock?
77 Where are the glasshouse mountains?
78 What was Napoleon Bonaparte's official emblem?
79 The USA call her the Maid of Honour what do the UK call her?
80 What airport has the code MME?
81 In Missouri a man must have a permit to do what?
82 Clomipramine an anti depressant had what unusual side effect?
83 What is the name of Madonna's Chiuhauha?
84 Ilich Ramirez Sanchez became notorious as who?
85 To a golfer what's a frosty?
86 What is Xylography?
87 What is Fonzies full name on Happy Days?
88 Jacque Cousteau's ship Calypso used to be what before he got it?
89 What books original title was Murder in the Calais Coach?
90 What in reality was Dr McCoy's medical scanner in Star Trek?
91 In Phoenix Arizona you cant walk through a hotel wearing what?
92 What is tripsophillia?
93 Name first monochrome film converted electronically to colour?
94 What does the name Mesopotamia mean?
95 What was the name of the baby in Three Men and a Baby?
96 What is a Winter Banana?
97 In what movie did Richard Drefus make his one line debut?
98 What is the meaning of the Sioux word Tonka - used for toys?
99 What are or were Wix Fibs and Fax?
100 By law In Washington State a concealed weapon must be what?

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