Don’t wait. The time will never be just right. Quiz 70

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Don’t wait. The time will never be just right. Quiz 70

 Don’t wait. The time will never be just right. Quiz 70

Here is another  Quiz to tingle your brain.

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1 What popular party drink gets its name from Sanskrit meaning 5?
2 London link Prince Edward's, Prince of Wales, Her Majesty's?
3 Which country borders Russia Sweden and Norway?
4 What type of creature is an Orb Weaver?
5 Whose autobiography was called Tall Dark and Gruesome?
6 In publishing what is the verso?
7 British Raj in India lasted 90  years what's it literally mean?
8 What ancient Roman buildings name means Place for a Giant?
9 What links Ciampino, Lod and Waalhaven?
10 John Tenniel drew the illustrations for what famous book?
11 Only two north American Indian tribes with 3  letters Wea and?
12 Collective nouns - A Congregation of what?
13 Admiral Horatio Nelson lost his arm at which battle?
14 In WW2  what was the British equivalent of the German E-Boat?
15 International car registration letters what country is RA?
16 Of what are Bristol, Rockingham, Chelsea, and Minton types?
17 Who is known as The father of English poetry - 1340  - 1400?
18 According to the rhyme what's the fate of Wednesdays child?
19 What are or were Tester, Royal, Mark and Noble?
20 Bistre, Sorrel and Vandyke are shades of which colour?
21 If you were watching cricket at The Outer in which city are you?
22 You have a foursome and a shag what have you done?
23 What peoples name literally translates as ordinary?
24 What are the Anatolian, Atacama, Nafud and Zirreh?
25 Sam Weller was whose servant in a Dickens book?
26 Dandy Dinmont, Bedlington, Sealyham are what types of dog?
27 What is extracted from the ore caserite?
28 John Palmer is buried in York what better known name?
29 The Carmelite monks have what more common name?
30 In what sport does a player win when they get 15  points?
31 American Football - where do the Lions play at home?
32 In England what links Arden, Dean, Kielder and New?
33 In what country would you be rich in Leu?
34 Messidor, Thermidor and Fructidor were what in 1789  (JJA)?
35 What fruit can be Red Black or White?
36 In fashion correspondent and bar are types of what item?
37 Artemis is Greek Goddess of what - only one among all Gods?
38 25 % of the adult male population of the UK are what?
39 Churchill, Iroquois, Owen and Smiths are all what?
40 A company called Symbol owns patent to what common item?
41 What can you find on California's Mount Cook?
42 Fescue, Foxtail, Ruppia and Quitch are types of what?
43 In the twelve labours of Hercules what did he do third?
44 In Heraldry what symbol is a lymphad?
45 What job links Paul Clifford, Claude Duval, Capt. Macheath?
46 Whose cases were Empty House Copper Beeches Black Peter?
47 Which King is known as The Suicide King?
48 In Costa Rica and El Salvador you spend what?
49 In the Christmas song your true love gave you give eight what?
50 Name the Capital of the Ukraine?
51 What was the name of the dog in Peter Pan?
52 UK football Derby County home the Baseball Ground nickname?
53 Every 12  seconds in USA someone does what in a Holiday Inn?
54 Who rode a horse called Lamri?
55 Which stringed instrument is blown to produce sound?
56 Bear, Bird, Goat, Eagle, Swan and Rabbit what links in Ireland?
57 Hera in Greece Juno in Rome Goddesses of what?
58 In Japan what is an obi?
59 Honi soit qui mal y pence is the motto of what organisation?
60 What is unusual about The lake of Monteith in Scotland?
61 Which tree is sacred to Apollo (Daphne changed into one)?
62 Who wrote The Dong with the Luminous Nose and The Jumblies?
63 What are Blur Crow, Brimstone, Owl and Ringlet types of?
64 The liquor Curacao is flavoured with what?
65 In French legend who is the lover of Abelard?
66 If a male ass is a Jackass what is a female called?
67 What are Luster, Moreen, Mungo and Nankeen types of?
68 In George Orwell's Animal Farm what type of animal was Muriel?
69 In London what links Lambeth, St James and Westminster?
70 What does an icthyophage do?
71 Oswestry founded in 1407  is Britain's oldest what?
72 In mythology who married the beautiful maid Galatea?
73 In Bradshaws you would find information about what?
74 The Romans called it Mamcunium what is this English city?
75 Shakespeare wrote Cruel only to be kind in what play?
76 Traditional 7  Seas N S Atlantic N S Pacific Arctic Antarctic?
77 Launfal, Pelleas and Tristram were part of what group?
78 Who wrote the humorous books on One Upmanship?
79 Greek Roman Apollo Babylonian Marduk Indian Vishnu gods?
80 Which English King rode a horse called White Surrey?
81 Billycock, Wideawake, Gibus and Mitre all types of what?
82 Quilp (A Dwarf) is a character in which Dickens novel?
83 What word can be added to Fae, Fen, Bil, Goose to make fruit?
84 Caracul, Dorset, Urial, Mufflon and Jacobs are types of what?
85 What are Strength, Chariot and Hermit?
86 Belly, Block, Blout, Nut, Rib and waist are all parts of what?
87 Mauna Loa, Paricutin, Surtsey and Susya are all what?
88 Which countries leader was an extra in Hollywood?
89 BOZ was the penname if which writer?
90 What bird is sometimes called the Yaffle?
91 What organisation is known as the Society of Friends?
92 Balein, Boops, Fin, Grampus and Pothead are types of what?
93 The Ten Commandments what was number four?
94 Who wrote the play Androcles and the Lion?
95 What country was ruled by the Schleswig-Holstein dynasty?
96 In France what take place at Auteuil, Saint-Cloud and Chantilly?
97 A Tiercel is the correct name for a male what?
98 An algophile loves what?
99 Who is the Roman Goddess of invention and wisdom?
100 What would you do with a celesta?

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