Don't stop when you are tired, stop when you are done. Quiz 69

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Don't stop when you are tired, stop when you are done. Quiz 69

 Don't stop when you are tired, stop when you are done. Quiz 69

Here is another  Quiz to tingle your brain.

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1 Who was Douglas Elton Ullman better known as?
2 In what does a steganographer write messages?
3 Charles Duff wrote the macabre Handbook of what?
4 In The Dukes of Hazard who was the sheriff?
5 What would you do with a hecklephone?
6 In the famous song my true love sent me nine what?
7 Richard Arkwright invented the Spinning Jenny what job had he?
8 What is or was a Portuguese moidore?
9 A husband and wife won gold medals 1952  Olympics who?
10 Collective nouns - A Desert of what?
11 Which writer created the detective Lord Peter Wimsey?
12 On the same subject who eventually married Lord Peter Wimsey?
13 What is rayon made from?
14 Yorick in Shakespeare's Hamlet had what job (when alive)?
15 Sir Eyre Massey Shaw hold what Olympic record from 1900?
16 What is the worlds third largest island?
17 Corporals Henshaw and Barbella report to which sergeant?
18 The word electricity comes from the Greek word for what?
19 Name the Motown star shot and killed by his father in 1984?
20 Collective nouns - A Fall of what?
21 Leslie Hornby became more famous as who?
22 September should be seventh month by name why is it ninth?
23 When introduced they were pockets for men only - what were?
24 What are or were The Adena, Cayuga, Haida and Nootka?
25 Traditional wedding anniversaries what's given on the twelfth?
26 What are Grenadier, Idared and Ellison's Orange types of?
27 Who fought at the battles of Bastia, Calvi and Toulon?
28 A numismatist collects coins and what else?
29 Where could you spend a Kyat?
30 In what series of stories did Inspector Lestrade appear?
31 Name the home city of the US football team nicknamed Falcons?
32 Gilbert & Sullivan operetta subtitled The Peer and the Peri?
33 Hymen in Greek Genius in Roman Gods of what?
34 What can come in types Blue, Spear, Couch and Arrow?
35 Bees live in a hive what do seals live in?
36 Hercules performed twelve labours what was number seven?
37 A philomath has a love of what?
38 A young what can be called a Boyet, Eyas or Nyas?
39 What trade did Bonito, Calico Jack, and Dick Hatteraick follow?
40 What takes place at Montlhery France and Zandvoort Holland?
41 What is the literal meaning of the Spanish word tapas (snacks)?
42 The martial art tai quon do translates literally as what?
43 Wings of Desire a foreign film remade as what with Nicolas Cage?
44 Scooby Do is what breed of dog?
45 Which book of The Bible is also a title of a Bob Marley album?
46 The Romans called it Eboracum name this English city?
47 Who wrote "To err is human to forgive divine"?
48 In England what can be private, public or approved?
49 In what traditional entertainment does the dog Toby appear?
50 Where could you spend a Sol?
51 What UK football team nick The Glaziers play at Selhurst Park?
52 Thanatos in Greek Mors in Roman Gods of what?
53 Robin, Rugby and Simple appear in which Shakespeare play?
54 Where would you find A Pope Empress Hermit and Juggler?
55 In traditional anniversaries what is given for the thirtieth?
56 Apart from a brand name what is a Reebok?
57 Jason sailed in the Argo but who steered the ship?
58 What are pink, pram, snow, koff, buss, bark and dory types of?
59 What was Boucan that gave Buccaneers their name?
60 Dacca is the capital of which country?
61 What links a Gig, Spider and Phaeton?
62 What's parts include barbican, oilette and donjon?
63 In London what are The Cavalry, Marlborough and Savile?
64 What does a phillumenist collect?
65 Electric, Perse and smalt shades of which colour?
66 What links Sword, Square, Floral and Barn?
67 What is a Kerry Blue?
68 In Heraldry what is a canton?
69 What links the trees Bodhi, Peepul and Ailento?
70 Fictional character lived at Montague street before moving?
71 Chronos in Greek Saturnus in Roman Gods of what?
72 A Grice is a young what?
73 International registration letters what country is ZR?
74 There are only two three letter herbs Rue and what?
75 In mythology who rode an eight legged horse called Sleipner?
76 Parr, Smolt and Grilse different names same thing what?
77 Name the raven in George Orwell's Animal Farm?
78 All US Presidents were Federalists Republicans Democrats or what?
79 Ezekiel, Jeremiah, Eli and Isaiah were all what in The Bible?
80 What family were the last ruling house of Italy?
81 Where would you find a Bonnet, Course, Dabbler and Driver?
82 Who said Tis better to have loved and lost etc?
83 What Gilbert & Sullivan operetta was subtitled Bunthorns Bride?
84 Which poet wrote A thing of beauty is a joy forever in Endymion?
85 Copeland, Mason, Dux and Bow all types of what?
86 In Greek mythology who was Queen of the underworld?
87 Which writer created Tabitha Twitchet, Babbity Bumble, Mr Tod?
88 What links Bass, Messina, Hormuz and Torres?
89 What does a philologist study?
90 Which authors first (unsuccessful) book was Inland Voyage?
91 Details of what can be found in The Blue Book?
92 Backfall, diapason, pallet, gamba, sticker all parts of what?
93 Oedipus married his mother - who was she?
94 In Heraldry if things are accosted what position are they in?
95 Pintado, Pochard, Scaup, Scoter and Smee types of what?
96 Name Shakespeare play Ariel, Miranda and Prospero appear?
97 Xanthic, Fallow and Aureate shades of which colour?
98 Brickbat, Pecorino, Mycella and Tilsiter all types of what?
99 What is the capital of Panama?
100 Name both the Greek and Roman God of Prophecy and Plagues?

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