Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. Quiz 68

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Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. Quiz 68

 Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. Quiz 68

Here is another  Quiz to tingle your brain.

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1 Which game begins when the referee shouts draw?
2 What is litmus derived from?
3 Hydrosis is the medical term for what?
4 Misogamy is a dislike or hatred of what?
5 What car has been voted European car of the Century?
6 In India what is a khidmutgar?
7 Who sang about Saturday Night at the Movies?
8 Who owned the sword Joyeuse?
9 It was finally abolished in Britain in 1948  - what was?
10 Beethoven's sixth symphony is known as what?
11 Which English King had the most legitimate children (18 )?
12 The windhover is an alternative name for which bird?
13 Where is the US masters golf tournament always played?
14 Santa Cruz airport serves which city?
15 Silver hallmarks - what object is stamped on Birmingham items?
16 Graham Hill won 1968  world championship in which make of car?
17 Opaque 2  is a modern variety of which cereal crop?
18 Who was the first tennis player to achieve the grand slam?
19 What are padmasana sirsasana and savasana?
20 What is strange about the Golden Queen holly?
21 What is the last book of the Old Testament?
22 Queen Mary II died at age 32  what killed her?
23 What metal is used in galvanizing?
24 A 25  to 31  mph wind on the Beaufort scale is called what?
25 The false plane tree is better known as what?
26 Baptista is Katherine's father in which Shakespeare play?
27 Lepidoptera (from the Greek) literally means what?
28 In what sport might you see a stem-christie?
29 Why a camel haired brushes (made from squirrel) called camel?
30 What common item has 32  points?
31 In 1823  the British army soldiers were first issued with what?
32 Who was the first American to win a Nobel prize?
33 In Shakespeare Hamlet who is Ophelia's brother?
34 What is the worlds largest airline?
35 What is the brightest star always in the Northern sky?
36 24 % of British men have no what?
37 Most people associate the colour green with which flavour?
38 Mendelssohn's Wedding March comes from which work?
39 Whose autobiography was "Can you tell what it is yet"?
40 What did Joseph Gayetty invent in 1857?
41 The Andaman Islands are in which bay?
42 What colour are lobsters?
43 What does per capita literally mean?
44 J G Galle discovered it in 1846  - discovered what?
45 Silent movie star Ben Turpin insured his what for $500000?
46 What does a potometer measure?
47 What was Winston Churchill's favourite participation sport?
48 The average person eats 800  in their lifetime 800  what?
49 What is the central part of a backgammon board called?
50 King Henry VIII trained as what?
51 What sports name translates as Little Game of War?
52 What are Claymore, Thistle and Piper?
53 What colour tranquillisers work best?
54 In what city did 8  year old Mozart compose his first symphony?
55 In Yiddish what is your Pupik?
56 Who was Ben Hurs rival in the great chariot race?
57 Britain's Frankie Wainman was world champion 1979  what sport?
58 John McEnroe won Wimbledon doubles with what partner?
59 Pride, Avarice, Envy, Gluttony, Sloth, Lust what's missing?
60 On average it rains 4  days a week in what European capital?
61 What country used the ringgit as currency?
62 What's the name of the Bar Restaurant in the TV show Quincy?
63 In what Dickens novel does Alfred Jingle appear?
64 Ajax was the trade mark of the worlds first what?
65 Brass instrument is thought to be the most difficult to play?
66 SF the international car registration letters for which country?
67 Jacques Garnerin made the first in 1797  the first what?
68 The British army used to wear puttees what's it literally mean?
69 The orchestra usually tunes up to what instrument?
70 What is the most frequent cause of business errors?
71 Which magical city is located in the Valley of the Blue Moon?
72 In which European city is the Arch of Titus?
73 Frank Oz was the voice of who?
74 On a standard rainbow what colour is on the inside of the curve?
75 What musical term means playing with each note detached?
76 What animal stands for the longest period?
77 In what country did the word plonk meaning wine originate?
78 Alfred Packer in the USA was convicted of what strange crime?
79 Captain Flint buried his treasure where ( Ben Gunn dug it up )?
80 Who composed a symphony nicknamed The Hen?
81 In Solar system there are 2  Mount Olympus's Greece and where?
82 Saint Lidwina is the Patron Saint of who?
83 Who would use a caret?
84 Who was the first woman to win 4  consecutive US tennis open?
85 What is the lowest title handed down from father to son?
86 What is Britain's largest carnivorous animal?
87 How many women know the formula of Coca Cola?
88 Schubert's fourth symphony is nicknamed the what?
89 What are Portland Vases made from?
90 Where could you have a kip - then spend it?
91 What is a corduroy road made from?
92 In 18 th century England what was known as Old Tom?
93 In Goldfinger name the actress painted gold?
94 In 1949  what was introduced to cars for the first time?
95 Who was the father of Alexander the Great?
96 The Italian Chianina is recognises as being the oldest what?
97 Which country makes the most films per year?
98 In what Puccini opera does Scarpia appear?
99 Who wrote Travels with a Donkey on his honeymoon?
100 The araucaria has what more common name?

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