Have you ever been taken aback by a query? Quiz 33

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Have you ever been taken aback by a query?

 1 Who was the first woman to receive The Order of Merit 1907?
2 In terms of hair what does FSH stand for?
3 On a prescription the Latin expression Ter in Die means what?
4 What was Sherpa Tensing surname?
5 Kolduns popular in Russia as analysts in America what are they?
6 What month was named after Latin for to open?
7 What is the more common name for Alkane?
8 How long can a bedbug live without food?
9 What is a Caryatid?
10 In Portugal if you bought sem chumbo what is it?
11 What Japanese name means fried food often at the table?
12 What is Nelson Mandela's middle name?
13 What thin net of silk or Rayon named after French place it made?
14 What French word literally means little skip?
15 Bib-label Lithiated Lemon-Lime Soda better known as what?
16 In Slovenian if you heard Na Mesta Pozor Zdaj what sport?
17 What country has the most Post Offices?
18 Who said about his songs "some are 10  minutes long some are 6 "?
19 Who would use a punty in their job?
20 Who would use an ankus in their job?
21 What is the correct name for the honey bear or potto?
22 The Marino sheep originated in what country?
23 What was the first battleship powered by steam turbines 1906?
24 Dick Tracy the comic strip started life as what name?
25 Carson City in Nevada - dubious distinction first what 1924?
26 What magazine started in America March 1923?
27 Tenzin Gyatso became what in 1937?
28 In what country was Mother Theresa born?
29 In 1918  what were Jelly Babies renamed?
30 Who was Prime Minister of China 1949  to 1976?
31 The Egg and I was whose first film?
32 What British Motor vehicle displayed at 1948  Amsterdam show?
33 Who first appeared in All Star Comics in 1941?
34 What fashion designer was responsible for "The New Look"?
35 The British Patent Office since 1949  banned patents for what?
36 What colour was Ian Flemming's typewriter?
37 Which Canadian won the 1957  Nobel Peace Prize for Suez?
38 Who was the first commoner to appear Royal Mail pack 1964?
39 What did Canada's Grand Falls change their name to 1964?
40 Which comic character was dynamited to death in issue 428?
41 What happened to Charles Brooks in 1982?
42 What artist was nicknamed "Jack the Dripper"?
43 In what George Bizet opera do Zugra and Nbadir appear?
44 Charles Adrian Wettach became famous as what clown?
45 Martin Fallon Hugh Marlow James Graham Harry Patterson who?
46 Who created Popeye?
47 The film The Madness of King George III  Dropped III - why?
48 Who had the part of Dirty Harry - hurt hand - dropped out?
49 What are Demy, Medium, Royal, Double Crown?
50 Collective nouns - A Chatter of what?
51 What word from the Persian means perfumed?
52 What is a collection of penguins known as?
53 A place name including worth  e.g. Tamworth what's worth mean?
54 Cum Granlo Salis is Latin for what phrase?
55 What does a crapulent person suffer from?
56 We have used a cassette but what does it literally mean?
57 Reykjavik translates into what?
58 Chambre means what when referring to wine?
59 What is a SR N4?
60 What is Christmas Disease?
61 Who wrote the 1994  biography "Princess in Love"?
62 Clemantine Campbell became famous under what name?
63 An Ortaline is a cross between what two items?
64 What US state is the magnolia state?
65 The Glis Glis was fattened and eaten by the Romans what is it?
66 72 % of what country is covered by forest?
67 What was Woody Allen's first film as writer/actor?
68 On what are the worlds smallest paintings painted?
69 What city used to be known as Bytown?
70 Mare Nostrum was the Roman name for what?
71 Kong Zi is better known as who?
72 The Romans called it Cambria - what do we call it?
73 The Red Rose City has what more common name in Jordan?
74 The Pirate Khair-ed-Din had what Italian name meaning redbeard?
75 Chopin played what instrument as a child?
76 In what Shakespeare play does the character Caliban appear?
77 Cerumen is the technical name for what body part?
78 If a dish is served Florentine what will it contain?
79 Frank Gorshin played what role in a 60 s series films?
80 Which Puccini opera featured Nessun Dorma?
81 British Standard BS2724  might protect what body part?
82 If you saw Cave Canem written what would you know?
83 Who was the minstrel that found Richard I imprisoned?
84 What is a negus - named after inventor?
85 Stingray Bay named by Cook is now known as what?
86 Sextilis was the original name for what?
87 What does a copoclephist collect?
88 Who is the Patron Saint of florists and gardeners?
89 Jobs from names - what did a Wayne do?
90 What countries highest award is The Order of the Elephant?
91 What is Thalassophobia a fear of?
92 Who does a Filicide kill?
93 From the Greek meaning apple what do we call this fruit?
94 What creature gets its name for the Spanish for slowly?
95 Name Def Leopards one armed drummer?
96 Mr Mybug was only interested in sex with Flora in what book?
97 Where would you find your Coxa?
98 Bad before a German town name means what?
99 What name from the French to quibble means a no trump hand?
100 Collective nouns - what is a group of swans?

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