When was the last time you were astounded by a question? Quiz 34

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When was the last time you were astounded by a question?

 1 Who had a no 1  Album 60 s 70?
2 What was Spencer Tracy's last film?
3 Who was the third and favourite son of David in Old Testament?
4 Who had a hit with "Son of my Father" in 1972?
5 What fish was the subject of dispute Spain Canada in 1995?
6 Ratatosk was what animal in Norse mythology - relayed insults?
7 What ship was blown up at the end of The African Queen?
8 Richard Carlisle invented an early vending machine selling what?
9 Nevada means what when translated from Indian?
10 Where is the oldest known restaurant in the world?
11 Who is the Roman Goddess of orchards and gardens?
12 In a recent survey what % of US wives thought husband cheating?
13 What was the first country to recognise the US as independent?
14 What soft drink was developed as a hangover remedy?
15 Edinburgh Castle stands on Arthur's Seat what was Arthur's seat?
16 Who should have played Indiana Jones and dropped out?
17 The San Andreas is what type of geological fault?
18 Name any of the demonstration sports at the Sydney Olympics?
19 Where was the first Miss World contest held in 1951?
20 And what country won it?
21 Japanese hi tec toilets auto wipe buts using what?
22 In Greek legend who turned men into swine?
23 After California what US state produces the most wine?
24 What series was voted the best fiction of the 20 th century?
25 What US state was the last to ratify abolition slavery 1990 s?
26 Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia is the fear of what?
27 Every day in the US people steal $20000  from where?
28 C17  H21  N04?
29 Who fired the first shots in the 1970  film MASH?
30 What is the worlds most widely eaten fish?
31 Beveley Hills Cop was Eddie Murphy but who was it intended for?
32 What is the literal meaning of Kangaroo?
33 A digitabulist collects what?
34 Who said "I've watched a lot of baseball - on the radio"?
35 Collective nouns - a group of police officers?
36 In Norse mythology Tyr is the god of what?
37 Brave Belt was the original name of what group?
38 The Hula Hoop was illegal in what country?
39 Leonato is the main character in what Shakespeare play?
40 Who wrote the book Forest Gump?
41 What product uses the most silver?
42 What was the former name of the Chrysler Corporation?
43 In the Bible who was the father of Abraham?
44 What was the name of the shepherd that got Tremponina Pallidium?
45 What sport was called Harpastum by the ancient Greeks?
46 Who was the male star when The Mousetrap first played?
47 Who was the first actress to endorse a product commercially?
48 What is a Caldera?
49 Who wrote the opera Zaide?
50 What was 1993 s biggest selling single?
51 What is a dhoti?
52 In Heraldry what is a mullet?
53 FINA is the governing body of what amateur sport?
54 40 % of Americans have never been where?
55 What is Switzerland's official name?
56 Which drink was designed as a malaria cure?
57 What are lop cheong?
58 Who would use a barny to reduce noise?
59 In AFTs top 100  movies only 2  sequels - Godfather and what?
60 King Thibaw - imprisoned by the British - last king of where?
61 In 1929  the first what happened on an aircraft?
62 What is the name of the second highest mountain in Africa?
63 Who would use a Syllabary?
64 What was David Leans first film?
65 The oldest written plan of government in effect in what country?
66 Who wrote the poem "The Pied Piper of Hamlin"?
67 In what film did Tommy Lee Jones make his debut?
68 In ancient Japan what was used to clean teeth?
69 What can you shag in Georgia but its illegal in Florida?
70 Julian Dick George Anne and who make the famous five?
71 Who was The Little Playful One?
72 Where was Freddie Mercury born?
73 What was the name of Thomas Jefferson's home?
74 Crazy Horse and Custer shared what childhood name?
75 Bridge River Kwai - Bridges Toki Rio - what actor links films?
76 Who runs the Spirit Foundation - Aged Abused Orphaned?
77 Thalia is one of the muses - what's her subject?
78 In the Little Mermaid fairy tale what happens to her?
79 Why was Clark Kent rejected military service during WW2?
80 Who wrote the title song for Live and let Die?
81 John Quincy Adams was the only US president to do what?
82 Who cut off Samson's Hair (King James Edition)?
83 Who was the first woman to win an Oscar best actress 1928?
84 What Sanskrit word means great king?
85 Novel gave Hemmingway nick speaker of the lost generation?
86 What is the name on fake credit cards?
87 What did Benjamin Franklin claim as his trade?
88 Which US state gets the most overseas visitors?
89 What is a wood pussy?
90 Who wrote the epic poem Samson Agonites?
91 What is the state tree of Idaho?
92 Who is the adopted son of Vito Corleone?
93 What was the name of the first presidential aircraft?
94 Bill Medly was part of what group?
95 Who is Dumbella?
96 What flower is the symbol of culture?
97 What country consumes the most coke per capita?
98 In Heraldry there are 60  varieties of what?
99 What does pp on a music score mean?
100 LOT is the national airline of what country?

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