I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work. Quiz 72

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I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work. Quiz 72

 I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work. Quiz 72

Here is another  Quiz to tingle your brain.

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1 Who was the science advisor on the first Star Trek film?
2 Why does a cynophobe fear?
3 In a French restaurant what's plate de jure translate as?
4 Name of the road system links 17  capitals in South America?
5 Capital cities name translates as City of Islam?
6 In Britain since 1300  gold and silver hallmarked what in 1975?
7 Where would you find a planchette?
8 You ordered unagi in a Japanese restaurant what would you get?
9 If you have dysmorphia what do you hate?
10 In The Man with the Golden Gun name Scaramangas assistant?
11 Name Pluto's moon?
12 Which group of hobbyists spend the most money on it?
13 More than 14  million are sold daily in 150  countries - what?
14 What is the only insect that can turn its head?
15 In Animal Farm what kind of creature was Bluebell?
16 Geneva stands on what river?
17 Which actor was born in Chiuhauha Mexico?
18 61  is the international telephone dialling code what country?
19 What American Indian tribe currently has over 300000  members?
20 In the US civil war what were graybacks?
21 Casey Kasem was the original voice of what cartoon character?
22 Who was Bette Midlers piano player before going solo?
23 The artist Seurat employed which technique?
24 Where would you find your Zygomatic Arch?
25 What is measured in ohms?
26 Menkes Kinky Hair Syndrome caused by deficiency of what?
27 Which heroine comes from Amphipolis?
28 Where were Belgian waffles invented?
29 Where would you find a gambrel?
30 On a prescription what does PO mean?
31 Lagomorphs refer to which animal?
32 What is the SI unit of force?
33 Proverbially a man is as old as he feels a woman as old as she?
34 What nationality was the first man to die in a plane crash?
35 In scrabble what two letters are worth ten points?
36 Name of the Major General who invented the exploding shell?
37 Which two vegetables are used in vichyssoise?
38 American folklore Abner Doubleday invented what at West Point?
39 There are five stars on the flag of which country?
40 What is the worlds longest race?
41 Who wrote Breakfast at Tiffany's?
42 What first crossed the English Channel in 1959?
43 Which actor/writer born 1939  has the first names John Marwood?
44 Who founded the Ballet Russe?
45 Who designed the mini skirt?
46 Mary Pickford Charlie Chaplin and who founded United Artists?
47 What company did actor Brad Pitt model for?
48 James Bond flew Little Nellie in which film?
49 In cooking something made Veronique must contain what?
50 Which island was the site of the Australian Grand Prix?
51 Hanoi stands on the Song-Koi - what's it mean?
52 US civil war Confederate Kingston hospital Georgia specialised?
53 Where is the Salvador Dali museum located?
54 Who would use an opisometer?
55 If a doctor said you had claudication what have you got?
56 Which country in the world produces the most mangos?
57 Who taught George Harrison to play the sitar?
58 Josef Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili became famous as who?
59 Who was the leader of the Polish trade union Solidarity?
60 In Hindu Castes Brahmins were priests what were Varsyas?
61 Robin Goodfellow alternative name which Shakespeare character?
62 What is latke?
63 Cindy Crawford Elle Macpherson and Madonna all done what?
64 The quokka is a member of which animal family?
65 Proverbially it was a bold man who  first ate what?
66 2 .47105  acres is equal to what SI unit?
67 An ecostate animal lacks what?
68 Which country had the first state victims compensation scheme?
69 Sperrylite is the ore what is extracted?
70 The game pailemalle played on grass evolved into what?
71 On what common object could you find a gate and a claw?
72 Pavarti or Uma is the wife of who in Hindu religion?
73 Susseration is what?
74 There are over 400  recognised breeds of what?
75 What links Sivan Av Tevat and Adar?
76 The word philosophy comes from Greek literally meaning what?
77 Classical format there are strictly only five positions - what?
78 Where was Robinson Crusoe's home, according to the book?
79 Kallium is the old name for which element?
80 In the Philippines what is lumpia?
81 What actress said "It's better to be nude than unemployed"?
82 What is a percoid?
83 Majorca belongs to which island group?
84 Who was he last Tudor monarch of England?
85 Which 1954  film won eight Oscars?
86 What's the worlds largest selling designer clothing range?
87 Symbolics.com was the worlds first what?
88 What is the worlds most polluted major city?
89 People with hypertrichosis have lots of what?
90 Corinthian Ionic and what are the orders of Greek architecture?
91 Cassiterite is the ore what is extracted?
92 Athens 1896  Paris 1900  St Louis 1904?
93 What are scaup?
94 Where would you find your corrugator?
95 Which artist painted The Scream?
96 In the US civil war what pet did Robert E Lee have?
97 1994  what's the most registered dog by American Kennel Club?
98 What actress declared "I'll get naked at the drop of a hat"?
99 What gun does James Bond traditionally use?
100 In Latin mala means bad it's also a favourite Roman food what?

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