If you are going through hell, keep going. Quiz 73

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If you are going through hell, keep going. Quiz 73

 If you are going through hell, keep going. Quiz 73

Here is another  Quiz to tingle your brain.

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1 What film won the best visual effects Oscar in 1985?
2 Where could you spend a Rufiyya - Capital Male?
3 Tomatillo is a feature in what countries cusine?
4 The golden lion is awarded at which film festival?
5 In computing what does EPOS stand for?
6 In English its worth 10  points but in Polish only one what is?
7 Who broke Bearings bank and inspired the film Rogue Trader?
8 Who created the animated characters Wallace and Grommet?
9 Vanilla is part of which plant family?
10 Which English monarch was first to make Xmas day broadcast?
11 The Vatican is the worlds smallest country what's second?
12 What does anti pasta literally mean?
13 Fire bellied Spadefoot and Midwife are all types of what?
14 In the man from UNCLE what does UNCLE stand for?
15 What is also known as liberty cabbage?
16 Who wrote To Kill a Mockingbird?
17 What 1979  film won the Oscar for best visual effects?
18 Which element is extracted from the ore Scheelite?
19 Where could you spend a Metical - capital Maputo?
20 Which country consumes the most wine per capita 16 .7  gal per?
21 And what the least - two tablespoons per person?
22 In Oct 1992  Bernard Lavery of Wales grew a 18 lb 3?
23 Name the most downloaded cyberpet over 14  million?
24 How may Oscars did Richard Burton win?
25 In the Mohs scale of hardness what comes in at number eight?
26 A Pascal is the SI unit of what?
27 Herman Zapf designed what?
28 Inderan, Delgado, LeMond and Fignon names in what sport?
29 A cappella is unaccompanied singing but what it literally mean?
30 William Joyce US born of Irish descent famous as who in WW2?
31 Artist The Monarch of the Glen in 1850  - Lions Trafalgar square?
32 Name woman set up free birth control clinic in Holloway in 1920?
33 What was the last black and white film to win Oscar best film?
34 Who wrote the opera Der Rosenkavalier?
35 Who designed the first jet engine - flew in 1941?
36 The Wright brothers made aircraft but what was their other job?
37 Who was the first Plantagenet monarch of England 1154  to 89?
38 Where could you spend a Dram - Capital Yerevan?
39 In ancient Rome what was the triclinium?
40 Which SF author created the character Lazarus Long?
41 Somali, Balinese and Abyssinian breeds of what?
42 Which city is the capital of Tuscany?
43 What type of adornment is a Postiche?
44 Only one world team horseracing event at Ascot what trophy?
45 Ursus Artus Horribilus - the Latin name of what creature?
46 Which Graham Green book and film had Pinky as the star?
47 What film won the best sound effects Oscar in 1985?
48 If you dial 123  in the UK what service do you get?
49 What is the opposite of nocturnal?
50 Who wrote the book Interview with a Vampire?
51 Which element is extracted from the ore Sphalerite?
52 What country consumes the most meat per capita 124  lb?
53 Mens world championships started 1903  but 1934  women what?
54 Where could you spend your Tala - Capital Apia?
55 According to the 2000  census in the UK what is now a religion?
56 What is used to make a classic wiener schnitzel?
57 What can be Inline, flat or v?
58 Traditionally there are 100  pleats in what item?
59 The Amazon river rises in which country?
60 What is the most commonly used condiment in the world?
61 What film won the best makeup Oscar in 1988?
62 What fruit does not ripen after picking?
63 Which gangster escaped from jail using a wooden gun?
64 Who wrote four consecutive number one songs in 1978?
65 What is the characters name of Agent 86?
66 What was the sequel to The Rocky Horror Picture Show?
67 The oldest one in America still working opened in 1829  what?
68 The Spinet is another name for what old musical instrument?
69 Harold the Fairhead was the first supreme ruler of where?
70 In astrology which heavenly body rules the sign of Cancer?
71 Who said I've have take more out of alcohol that it out of me?
72 If you sailed due West from Japan what country would you hit?
73 What are the seeds of the herb cilantro called used as a spice?
74 Estelle Parsons best supporting actress Oscar what 1967  film?
75 Which French artist designed ballet sets for Diaghilev?
76 Where might you spend a Ceti - Capital Accra?
77 What family used to live in Bug Tussel?
78 In 1924  the worlds first book of what was published?
79 A flocculent thing resembles what?
80 What European city is nicknamed Auld Reekie?
81 Selma Lagerlof of Sweden in 1909  first woman to get what?
82 What is a quahog?
83 Which Saints day is 1 st March?
84 Who does the voiceover at the end of Michael Jackson's Thriller?
85 If you climbed the Dolomites what country are you in?
86 The earliest recorded one held 1887  Sheen House Richmond?
87 Which film won the best story and best song Oscars in 1969?
88 Ad Lib is short for Latin Ad libitum what's it literally mean?
89 Which comedian and actors real first name were Leslie Townes?
90 In 1976  what show appeared on TV for the first time?
91 Name the American pilot shot down over Russia in 1960?
92 Film 10  Rillington Place based on which British serial killer?
93 In German cusine what are kartofflen?
94 Membrenaphone musical instruments commonly called what?
95 Where might you spend a Won?
96 Who wrote the novel The Money Changers?
97 Who was the first English Poet Laureate in 1616?
98 Helsinki 52 , Melbourne 56  , Rome 60?
99 What country consumes the most coffee per capita 25  Lb?
100 Lee Marvin won the best actor Oscar for what 1965  film?

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