“I love anything quiz-related.” ~ Natasha Hamilton. Quiz 59

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“I love anything quiz-related.” ~ Natasha Hamilton. Quiz 59

 “I love anything quiz-related.” ~ Natasha Hamilton. Quiz 59

Trying a new and challenging pastime can help you develop and maintain cognitive skills. 

Challenges both mentally and physically

Physical activity can improve cognitive skills like memory recall, problem solving, concentration, and attention to detail according to study. Uncertainty persists, though, as to whether or not your brain is stimulated solely by physical activity, or if the mental challenge, frequency, and desire to improve play a part, too. Look at swimming as an example. The benefits to heart health and muscle mass are clear, but it requires a lot of mental focus and effort on the part of the participant. Your breathing pattern and stroke and kick technique must be mastered in order for you to become a proficient martial arts practitioner.

Why solve quizzes?

 You can also evaluate your swimming abilities in terms of endurance and speed, which pushes you to improve your technique and become a more proficient swimmer. While it helps, it isn't required that a brain training practise involve physical exertion. 

It has been established that engaging in creative endeavours and learning a new language improve one's cognitive function. All of the 31 studies looked at how these activities affected older people's mental capacities and found that they all improved memory capabilities, such as recollection of instructions and processing speed. Do what's needed to be done. In order to maximise brain training, it is recommended that you follow three simple guidelines when starting a new activity. It's a tough task. In order for your brain to develop, it needs constant stimulation.

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1 In Texas it's illegal for what profession to be communists?
2 The Black Death came to England from what port?
3 Which coin weighs exactly one Troy ounce?
4 The Perils of Penelope and Dastardly and Mutley spin offs what?
5 The Mantu and Heath tests check for what infectious disease?
6 Which US state has a buffalo or bison on its flag?
7 What would you do with a nan prick in Thailand?
8 In 1895  the world's first disposable item made - what was it?
9 In Odessa Texas Star of David and Peace symbol are what?
10 Porn star Candida Royale was named after what?
11 The Brownies ( junior Girl Guides) used to be named what?
12 Brass is an alloy of copper and what?
13 R D Blackmore wrote which classic novel?
14 In what country was Greenpeace founded in 1971?
15 In squash what colour dot indicates the slowest ball used?
16 A statue of Lady Godiva stands in the centre which English city?
17 Eddie Irvine contracted to drive for which car company in 2001?
18 The Bazuki is a traditional musical instrument of what country?
19 The word athletics comes from the Greek athlos meaning what?
20 Aphallatosis is a mental disorder caused by the lack of what?
21 Jeri Ryan plays what character in the Star Trek series?
22 In 1925  the worlds first what opened Luis Obispo California?
23 Norma Talmage in 1927  made the first - the first what?
24 According 1890 s doctors women eat mustard vinegar do what?
25 What countries language is Magyar?
26 Where is your zygomatic bone?
27 What item used in offices was voted the product of the century?
28 What is named after Dr Ernest Grafenberg?
29 The horned dinosaur Torosaurus had the biggest what on land?
30 US IRS manual gives the plan for collecting taxes after what?
31 Where was the worlds first supermarket built (country)?
32 Bubba is Yiddish for what?
33 In the USA where would you see a crossbuck?
34 Los Pedernales is a Spanish translation what TV show?
35 Palas is the correct name for what playing card?
36 According to Hite report masturbating women like to use what?
37 Collective nouns - a spring of what?
38 Cous-cous is Iranian for what?
39 Brings your ancestors back to life - translated advert for what?
40 A doromaniac had a compulsion to do what?
41 Skokie Illinois St Paul Minnesota what official instrument?
42 A temple in Sri-Lanka is dedicated to what?
43 Church law once mandated death for believing in what?
44 The Phoenician symbol for mouth is now what letter of alphabet?
45 What US city buys the most blond hair dye?
46 Name two self cleaning organs?
47 What cities gothic cathedral started 1386  was completed 1805?
48 Who wrote the series of Palisair novels?
49 Alcoholics get the DTs what does it stand for?
50 Flying fish is the national dish of which country?
51 Dr Susan Lark recommend what cure for menstrual cramps?
52 Bunc was the first name for what product?
53 200  years ago all white people knew what were deadly poison?
54 In East Anglia England what put in house walls to ward off evil?
55 The Greek word meaning The writings of prostitutes now what?
56 According to the ancient Chinese what cures headaches?
57 In 1904  May Sutton Brandy was the first US woman to do what?
58 All American umpires wear what?
59 Texans consume 40 % of farm grown what in the USA?
60 Most of these animals are bisexual - what animal?
61 People answered the first telephones by saying what?
62 St Boniface is the Saint of what?
63 Frass is the correct word for what?
64 What is the fastest growing religion in Ireland?
65 One person in Texas is killed annually doing what?
66 Bob Dylan said you should never trust anyone what?
67 Rocket USA is going to produce a wind up doll what figure 2002?
68 What body of water separates Australia and Papua New Guinea?
69 George Washington Thomas Jefferson Sam Adams all did what?
70 In California more what are raised than in any other state?
71 Hebrew comes from a Babylonian word meaning what?
72 Ejaculation comes from the Latin meaning what?
73 A cat is feline but what's leporine?
74 In some religions mistletoe represents God's what?
75 Patricia McCormick became USA first what January 20 th 1957?
76 1894  Orville Gibson started worlds oldest company make what?
77 What country has the lowest teen pregnancy rate Western world?
78 What shop outnumbers MacDonald's 3  to 1  in the USA?
79 Corie Ten Boom was the first licensed female what in Holland?
80 The first what was installed in Antarctica in 1997?
81 In 1897  who were the first baseball team introduce a ladies day?
82 The President of Gabon banned the use of what word in country?
83 Which domesticated pet animal is never mentioned in the Bible?
84 50  years ago Texas giving advice on what was prison sentence?
85 What activity burns up 140  calories per hour?
86 There are over 32000  known species of what in the world?
87 May 21 st 1881  Clara Barton founded what?
88 If a dog is canine what is cirvine?
89 Pliny the philosopher believed dead souls went into what?
90 An arenaceous plant grown in what type of soil?
91 Who wrote the book The Complete Angler in 1653?
92 Back Blanket and Button Hole types of what?
93 There are over 1000  recognised slang words for what?
94 What USA state drinks the most beer?
95 Who or what was "strong to the finish"?
96 For $150  you can become a licensed what in Texas?
97 In 1917  Lucy Slowe was the first US what?
98 The Aetherius Society believes who is alive and living on Venus?
99 China Sun-Fin-Chin, Russia bayan, Norway trekspill what is it?
100 What animal's penis is four feet long when erect?

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