If you believe in what you're doing, you'll be successful. Quiz 66

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If you believe in what you're doing, you'll be successful. Quiz 66

 If you believe in what you're doing, you'll be successful. Quiz 66

Here is another  Quiz to tingle your brain.

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1 Odele and Odette appear in what Tchaikovsky ballet?
2 In what country is The Duma part of parliament?
3 Nonage is what reason to stop a marriage?
4 Kier Auro is good morning in what language?
5 In what sport does herringboning take place?
6 What is a marcupium?
7 At epiquarian.com you would find information about what?
8 What does a konimeter measure?
9 A stellate object is shaped like what?
11 What is MMM minus MD?
11 Balsa wood gets its name from Spanish what's literal meaning?
12 Who is the Patron Saint of Accountants?
13 In what country did the Sabines live?
14 Who often solved a three pipe problem?
15 The tumblebug is an alternative name for which insect?
16 St Stevens Tower is usually misnamed what?
17 What type of clothing article is a Belcher?
18 Who was kidnapped in Robert Louis Stevenson's Kidnapped?
19 Jewish boys have a Barmitsva at 13  what do girls get at 12?
20 What European capitol stands on the river Aare?
21 In which Dickens novel does Little Nell appear?
22 Name Harry Potters non magical cousin?
23 Which real person took name meaning Man of Steel?
24 What are woolly and spider types of?
25 Where do boy scout leaders get their names from?
26 Where would you find a Mott Bailey and Keep?
27 In what country was fashion designer Yves St Laurent born?
28 What common British river name come from Celtic for river?
29 Jayne Austin is famous but who reigned Britain when she wrote?
30 What composer was the there of the 1947  film Song of Love?
31 Who is known as The father of Poetry?
32 Who was the first US president to be sworn in by a woman?
33 Who sometimes used the pseudonym Al Brown?
34 What does Monaco get most of its income from?
35 Professor Kelp transformed into who?
36 What is the commonest item traded internationally?
37 Lake Tittikaka is in Peru and what other country?
38 Who was the first British monarch to visit America?
39 Collective nouns - A nye of what?
40 Where was the Hesperus wrecked?
41 Britain's oldest existing TU was founded in 1747  what trade?
42 In the creation myth on the fourth day God made what?
43 All PCs have a BIOS what does bios stand for?
44 British soldiers mentioned in despatches get which bronze award?
45 In 1967  an Australian had one 11 lb in weight - what?
46 Sissy Jupe adopted by Thomas Gradgrind which Dickens novel?
47 Operation Thunderbolt was the nickname given to which raid?
48 In Japan what is Raku?
49 Skimbleshanks was a T S Elliot cat what was his area?
50 What is the largest Island in The Greater Antilles?
51 What country used the first aircraft equipped bomber in war?
52 In what sport would you find a coffin?
53 John Huxham in 1750  invented which word?
54 TABSO is the national airline of which country?
55 Who wrote the comic opera Robinson Crusoe?
56 What was Didus Ineptus better known as?
57 What sport featured in the 1980  film Breaking Away?
58 Ambigu was an early form of what card game?
59 The cast iron plant is another name for which pot plant?
60 What does the name Tokyo mean?
61 Sir Walter Raleigh found what odd lake in Trinidad?
62 Worlds oldest existing treaty of 1373  between England and who?
63 Bargasse is what type of vegetable matter?
64 Who was Hiawatha's father?
65 Kitty, fire, draw and tuck in are terms in what sport?
66 Ordinary seaman Able Seaman what comes next?
67 What was Thin Lizzies first hit in 1973?
68 The sprat belongs to what fish family?
69 The Horned Planet is better known as what?
70 Who did the painting on the cover of The Bands first album?
71 Carrantual is the highest peak in which country?
72 Who wrote The Symphony of a Thousand?
73 What is Greece's second city after Athens?
74 What was Paul the Apostles real name?
75 When is Superman's birthday?
76 John Young, Gemini 3 , 1968  first to do what in space?
77 What is the Curia?
78 The locals call it Firenze what do we call it?
79 What common sign derived from the Medici family crest?
80 What is a sound below 20  cycles a second called?
81 Goldaming in Surrey was the first English town to have what?
82 Jim Bakus supplied the voice of which cartoon character?
83 Who speaks Quechua?
84 Generally cornflowers are what colour?
85 Starting highest write the Roman Numerals in descending order?
86 Yoi, Yame, Seremade and Hantai terms in what sport?
87 Africa's four great rivers Nile, Congo Zambezi and what?
88 Catriona was a sequel to which famous novel?
89 Who sang the original version of Blue Suede Shoes?
90 What kind of material is guipure?
91 Name a quadruped beginning with the letter N?
92 Unusual role Bogart play in The Return of Doctor X 1939?
93 In Norway what is a brisling?
94 Who composed the Symphonies Fantastique?
95 Mediolanum was the Roman name for what Italian city?
96 Which British city had the first pavements (sidewalks) in 1688?
97 What is considered to be the worlds fastest team game?
98 What song did Marilyn Munroe sing in the film Bus Stop?
99 Which King was the first to use the Royal We?
100 The locals call it Shqiperia what do we call this country?

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