The difference between try and triumph is a little umph. Quiz 65

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The difference between try and triumph is a little umph.  Quiz 65

 The difference between try and triumph is a little umph.  Quiz 65

Here is another  Quiz to tingle your brain.

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1 Roger Bannister ran the first sub 4  minute mile who ran 2 nd?
2 What can be types called chordate, needle and cruciform?
3 Musca Domestica can cause disease in man - what is it?
4 Name the English chemist who first isolated sodium?
5 Who wrote Moon River used in Breakfast at Tiffanies?
6 Name Stephen King's first published novel?
7 The locals call it Kaapstad what do we call it?
8 Interpol was founded in 1923  in what city?
9 Musophobia is a fear of what?
10 The opera Aida was commissioned in 1869  to mark what event?
11 In ancient Greece what was a hoplite?
12 In the Harry Potter books what is Aragog?
13 Who wrote Goodbye Mr Chips?
14 Only 15 % of French wines have what on the label?
15 What are blombergs, oak and fire bellied types of?
16 Sherlock Holmes paid 55  shillings for what?
17 What is an arras?
18 Steven Georgi is now Yussef Islam what other name had he?
19 What literary prize ( worth £30000  ) is for women authors only?
20 The musical Chu Chin Chow is based on what fable?
21 Where would you find a parlour, scriptorium, dorter cellarium?
22 US tennis open held at Flushing Meadows used to be where?
23 Where would you find Volans?
24 The De Beaumont centre in London specialises in what sport?
25 Sir Francis Drake named it New Albion what is it today?
26 Which artist painted sixty two self portraits?
27 What elements name comes from the Greek meaning lazy?
28 Who directed Star Trek films 3  and 4?
29 Cretinism is caused by a failure of what?
30 In Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice name Shylocks wife?
31 Gold Discs Platinum Discs but who won first Rhodium Disc?
32 What is a Fata Morgana?
33 You can do a degree in brewing at Heriot-Watt University where?
34 Zimbabwe won its first ever Olympic gold in 1980  in what event?
35 What is or was the capitol of Hong Kong?
36 In Britain in 1746  what type of clothing was made illegal?
37 What creature can live up to one year without eating ( you? )?
38 The worlds first was 69 .5  feet long and took a year to make?
39 What film began "Most of what follows is true"?
40 The thickness of silk is measured in what?
41 Charcoal Sulphur Saltpetre make what?
42 The word Sofa comes from the Arabic meaning what?
43 What are Arran Pilot Homeguard and Ulster Chieftain?
44 In 1961  Anton Geesink was the first non Japanese to do what?
45 What colour is the most popular eye shadow of all time?
46 Where is the worlds oldest university?
47 Who was known in Germany as Der Bingle?
48 Ancient Carthage is in what modern country?
49 Who's first play was The Room?
50 What type of creature was Salar - that Tarka would like to eat?
51 The capitol of Nigeria was Lagos what is it now?
52 Who composed The Dream of Gerontius?
53 Captain Macmorris only ever Irishman in what Shakespeare play?
54 Tintoretto did most of his painting in what city?
55 What Olympic event only takes place at 70  and 90  meters?
56 To whom are the Jews Gentiles?
57 Which plant gets its name from the Persian for turban?
58 What does GP mean on a music score when all players silent?
59 What celestial body gets its name from the Greek long haired?
60 A petrologist studies what?
61 Sir Wilfred is the real name of which eponymous character?
62 What are the Roman numerals for 505?
63 The Daleks come from what planet?
64 Who was voted most popular film performer in the USA in 1926?
65 Name the river that flows through Baghdad?
66 Handel's Largo comes from which opera?
67 What happened to Catherine Eddowes on 30 th September 1888?
68 Madam Hooch teaches what at Hogwarts school?
69 90 % of all thoroughbreds are descended from what horse?
70 Who's first book was "Down and Out in Paris and London"?
71 What killed 23  people in Rostov Russia in July 1923?
72 What does a librettist do?
73 How did Dr Watson's first wife die?
74 Beethoven's third symphony is nicknamed what?
75 To whom was the Eroica dedicated?
76 In medieval France a persons rank was shown by the length of?
77 Women's international gymnastics Beam Box Floor and what?
78 What song did Rick ask Sam to play in Casablanca?
79 Pali is the sacred language of who?
80 In WW1  what were Lucifer's?
81 In legend who killed the mobster Grendel?
82 Who stole the English Crown Jewels was pardoned Charles II?
83 She died at 28  but her book on household management famous?
84 The Hindu trinity are Shiva Vishnu and who?
85 Name Hercule Poirot's valet?
86 Charles S Stratton became famous as who?
87 In mythology who slew the nine headed hydra?
88 What country holds the Olympic polo championship?
89 In Gulliver's Travels name the flying island?
90 Who wrote Never Love a Stranger?
91 What city has the most canals?
92 Where was Oceanus Hopkins born in 1620?
93 In China big wigs have four but lesser men only two what?
94 What is the world's warmest sea?
95 Who played Beau Geste in the 1939  film?
96 Who composed the Christmas Oratorio?
97 In Animal Farm what was the name of the farm?
98 Who owned a chimp called Chee-Chee?
99 Who's directorial debut was with Reservoir Dogs?
100 Where was pizza first invented?

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