In life, the classroom is everywhere. The exam comes at the very end. Quiz 64

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In life, the classroom is everywhere. The exam comes at the very end. Quiz 64

 In life, the classroom is everywhere. The exam comes at the very end. Quiz 64

Here is another  Quiz to tingle your brain.

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1 What links Dr Spock Errol Flynn and Emperor Nero?
2 In what series of books did The Empress of Blandings appear?
3 What colour is iridium?
4 Who founded ASH ( Action on Smoking and Health ) in 1971?
5 What organisation opposes ASH?
6 Who was the 1958  Cha-Cha champion of Hong Kong?
7 Who directed the 1962  film Lawrence of Arabia?
8 In mythology Romulus Remus suckled by a shewolf fed by what?
9 In Gustav Holsts Planets suite what planet is missing?
10 If you went on the road to Mandalay what country are you in?
11 Which cathedral has 4440  statues?
12 Tarom Airlines is the national carrier of which country?
13 What does an armadillo taste like?
14 In what French district do most of the best clarets come from?
15 What was the first complete symphony to be recorded?
16 Thomas Minton at Stoke on Trent created what in 1789?
17 What European nation was the first to drink tea?
18 What's the worlds longest rail journey made no train change?
19 What was first built in the Place de Greve in 1792?
20 In what book does Humpty Dumpty first appear?
21 Who was called The Man of Destiny?
22 19 -19 -19?
23 Name both families in Soap?
24 Where would you find a gemshorn?
25 The flower convallaria is better known as what?
26 In what stage show does Frank N Furter appear?
27 Who invented the rocking chair?
28 Gerald Thomas directed what series of films?
29 What did composer Berlioz originally study?
30 Ocean is NOT recognised International Hydrographic Bureau?
31 In the Saint series of books what is Inspector Teal's full name?
32 What is the most common Spanish surname?
33 The Slave of Duty is alternate title what G&S operetta?
34 Aconite the poison is obtained from what plant?
35 What culture introduced hats and crackers at Xmas season?
36 Chang 1 st Wang 2 nd what third most common Chinese name?
37 What word is derived from the Arabic mawsim meaning season?
38 What's the other name for the statue of Egyptian god Harmachis?
39 The French call it nature morte the Spanish bodegon what is it?
40 Oporto in Portugal stands on what river?
41 What boxer was nicknamed The Boston Strong Boy?
42 Stage role,written for a man,took 80  years to be played by one?
43 Sicily is the traditional source of which element?
44 Name the main horse in Animal Farm?
45 Strabismus is the correct name for what condition?
46 What languages appear on the Rosetta stone?
47 Who used the pseudonym Ellis Bell?
48 Where were the first glass mirrors made in Europe circa 1300?
49 Who went to school at Hogwarts?
50 What was Pierce Brosnan's first James Bond film in 1995?
51 Who won the best actor award for Marty in 1955?
52 Name Helen of Troys husband?
53 Who hired the Mormon Mafia to prevent contamination?
54 Captain W E Johns invented which hero?
55 The Passion Play is performed every 10  years where?
56 What was the theme music to The Exorcist?
57 Who directed Full Metal Jacket?
58 In Judo if the referee calls Sono-mama what does it mean?
59 What mountain overlooks Rio de Janeiro harbour?
60 What is Romaic?
61 In what WW1  battle were tanks first used in 1916?
62 Who are Britain's oldest publisher dating from 1469?
63 Who was called The Scourge of God?
64 Victor Barna was world champion five times at what sport?
65 What sort of wood was Noah's Ark made from?
66 In Yugoslavian Belgrade is called Beograd what does it mean?
67 Collective nouns - which creatures are a clamour or building?
68 First public supply in Britain from river Wey in 1881  what?
69 In what city was Handel's Messiah first performed?
70 Who was the first person to wear a wristwatch?
71 What colour is the wax covering Gouda cheese?
72 In Norse mythology who was Odin's wife?
73 Six verified copies of his signature survive - who is he?
74 What city is at the mouth of the Menam river?
75 In what sport is the Palma Match contested?
76 Which musical stage show ( and film ) uses tunes by Borodin?
77 Ireland and New Zealand are the only countries that lack what?
78 In cricket how many times does a full toss bounce?
79 Impressionism comes from painting Impression Sunrise - Artist?
80 Name the first self contained home computer?
81 What exploded in 1720?
82 Who named a city after his horse Bucephalus?
83 Beethoven's ninth symphony is nicknamed what?
84 In Spain St John Bosco is the Patron Saint of what?
85 In 1928  Simon Bolivar was president 3  countries Bolivia and where?
86 Who lit the flame 1956  Olympics and then broke 8  world records?
87 Ball point pen ink is made from dye and what?
88 Hans Lippershey made the worlds first practical what?
89 In Hindu philosophy what does Yoga literally mean?
90 Which writer rode Devon Loch in the 1956  Grand National?
91 George Lazenby played James Bond once in which film?
92 Who was the founder of Judaism?
93 There must be 15  banked turns on what sporting course?
94 What is a Lampyris Noctiluca better known as?
95 Greek Myth Clotho spun Lachesis measured Atropos cut what?
96 Who built The Flamingo hotel in Las Vegas?
97 What is the main language of Liechtenstein?
98 Vivaldi's concertos Opus 8  Numbers 1 -4?
99 In Tarka the Otter what was Old Nog?
100 Which sea is sometimes called the Euxine Sea?

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