Catch it and quiz it, is my topic. Quiz 63

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Catch it and quiz it, is my topic. Quiz 63

 Catch it and quiz it, is my topic. Quiz 63.

Here is another  Quiz to tingle your brain.

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1 In WW2  what was unique about the US 222  Infantry battalion?
2 In which 1956  film did Elvis Presley make his debut?
3 Lepcha people Tibet consider it proper to pay teachers in what?
4 In medicine what is an Anomaloscope used for?
5 In the rules of golf what type of bad weather can stop play?
6 Name the Indian version of Barbie?
7 Name the Egyptian God of funerals?
8 Scrutinise Swirl Sniff Sip - what are you doing?
9 What is the worlds oldest desert - country named after it?
10 What magazine says We are Number one in a field of One?
11 The band Steely Dan are named after what?
12 Famous book divided into three parts Mosques Caves Temples?
13 What term was coined July 17 th 1942  issue of Yank magazine?
14 In 1947  it began at Callao Peru ended Tuamotu Island what did?
15 Polyhexamethyleneadipamide is better known as what?
16 In Greek mythology who built the labyrinth?
17 Name Disney's first film to win an Academy Award?
18 In what sport would you find a Tell Tale?
19 What is the most redesigned appliance in the world?
20 What started in early 1900 s to improve sales sports newspaper?
21 What come in types Transverse Scimitar and Barchan?
22 What is the only counties national flag different both sides?
23 What is located on Boothia's peninsula in Canada?
24 Morbi in Gujarat is where most of the worlds what are made?
25 John McLaughlin made sold McLaughlin's Belfast style what?
26 Christian Commercial Travellers' Association of America are who?
27 In what sport would you find a Bagel?
28 Who turned down the TV role of Doctor Kildare?
29 Name only sports team to play professionally seven continents?
30 What is the traditional curse of Adam that affects most of us?
31 "There and back Again" is an alternative title of which novel?
32 IBM is Big Blue Coca Cola Big Red who is Big Black?
33 According to the ad At Benneton the smallest garment is a what?
34 In the Bible who came from Gath?
35 In Tennis where is the Australian Open played?
36 Hemmingway said there's only 3  sports Bullfighting Car Racing?
37 What traditional Maori insult was seen in the film Braveheart?
38 What links Escalator, Kerosene, YoYo, Zipper and Thermos?
39 Cosmetic brand gets it's name from Latin for as white as snow?
40 What was the first sport to be filmed?
41 In the Tom and Jerry cartoons name the other mouse?
42 What was the first LP record to sell over 1  million copies?
43 Facts, Briefs, Destiny and Chance were early names for what?
44 Take a before meal its aperitif what's an after meal one called?
45 Methyphobia is the fear of what?
46 Tribology is the study of what?
47 Name Leonard Nimoy's autobiography?
48 The Stoner Case was a Sherlock Holmes play - later what story?
49 In Iowa pouring what down a pub drain with cop there is illegal?
50 Christobal Colon is better known as who?
51 What is measured on the Torro scale?
52 Where would you find the Forte and the Foible strong - weak?
53 President Woodrow Wilson May 6 th 1919  first to do what?
54 In Australian slang what is a Coughie?
55 Satan is Lucifer but what does Lucifer mean?
56 Chapman Root designed it based on a Hoople skirt - what?
57 What does a Grabatologist collect?
58 Blind, Comb, Fine Line and Harrow are types of what?
59 The Millennial Dawnists changed their name to what?
60 The name of this animal translates as ghost what is it?
61 What country has two AK47  assault rifles on it's flag?
62 In film who is the alter ego of Daniel Hillard?
63 Who was the female star of Basic Instinct?
64 In computing there are 8  bits to a byte what are 4  bits called?
65 The Arabs call it Al-Maghrib what do we call it?
66 The Vietnamese call it The Brother the Chinese The Friend what?
67 What is a male camel called?
68 Douglas Adams said what is the best spacecraft propellant?
69 William Tell was the best crossbow archer and what else?
70 In what country did tulips originate?
71 What is specifically defined as 1 /48 th of an inch?
72 Church bells of Maralnello Ring Sundays Public Hols and when?
73 Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms bans what word in adds?
74 Name the first British film studio set up in the 1930 s?
75 In Hill Street Blues which character used to bite people?
76 Where would you find a Dry Bible?
77 Quidnunc means an eager gossip but in Latin literally means?
78 In the proverb Heaven  protects children sailors and who?
79 Poenosis is what medical condition?
80 Who in 1958  was the first British Formula one champion?
81 Carom is a form of what sport / game?
82 What Disney film features the song "Give a little Whistle"?
83 What was on the B side of the Beatles 1968  "Hey Jude"?
84 What country invented cheesecake?
85 Gone to Texas by Forest Carter is the basis for what film?
86 Which mammal has the fewest teeth?
87 In WW2  Air corps non flying members given what nickname?
88 Collective nouns - what's a group of photographers called?
89 What event in the Bible occurred at Bethany?
90 On a prescription what does QOD stand for?
91 Thomas and Martha were the parents of which hero?
92 In Greek mythology Clio was the muse of what?
93 An IVP is used to detect what medical condition?
94 Don Quixote was the man of La Mancha what's it in English?
95 Who was the first woman to win an Academy Award?
96 Where do they speak Malagasy?
97 What is a mud puppy?
98 You can ski on the piste but what other sport uses the term?
99 Name Clint Eastwoods first film made in 1955?
100 What is the main flavouring in a Greek Tzataili sauce?

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