"Oh never quiz the lovely lady in the street!" - Frederick William Harvey Quiz 62

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"Oh never quiz the lovely lady in the street!" - Frederick William Harvey   Quiz 62

 "Oh never quiz the lovely lady in the street!" - Frederick William Harvey   Quiz 62

Here is another  Quiz to tingle your brain.

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1 Globe Arizona it's illegal to play cards in the street with who?
2 What is the most common mammal in the UK?
3 Name the second most commonly spoken language in Australia?
4 Which athletic event requires five judges?
5 Victoria is the only Australian state without what?
6 What TV show was set in Wentworth Detention Centre?
7 In the rhyme about magpies what do 5  represent?
8 Who voiced Mr Spock in the cartoon version of Star Trek?
9 Europhobia is the fear of what?
10 In Maryland it's illegal play what Randy Newman song on radio?
11 In Greek mythology who was the first woman?
12 Which timepiece has the most moving parts?
13 What is the official language of Egypt?
14 Which literary character lives at 4  Privet Road?
15 Rio's Maracarria stadium has what unusual feature?
16 What natural phenomenon can never be seen at noon?
17 Elizabethan England rich people carried their own folding what?
18 In ancient China what was hung outside a bad doctors house?
19 In the Balanta tribe women stayed married until what happened?
20 In Massachusetts it's illegal to wear what without a licence?
21 Suzy was a star of a 60 s TV show what character did she play?
22 The average child wears out 730  by age ten 730  what?
23 In a survey what food did Americans say they hated most?
24 What vegetable was Emperor Nero's favourite?
25 What nation invented the toilet seat?
26 Virginia Woolf always did it standing up - did what?
27 Mount Teide is the highest mountain in which country?
28 In what film did the character Regan McNeil appear?
29 Who rejected the 1964  Nobel prize for literature?
30 In Alaska it's legal to shoot bears but illegal to do what?
31 George Jung of Los Angeles in 1916  invented what?
32 John Paul Getty, world's richest man had what in his house?
33 What was unusual about the drawings of artist Cesar Ducornet?
34 Who was the only English King crowned on the battlefield?
35 In 1901  Dr Dausand demonstrated what that never caught on?
36 In some areas of Paris what is provided for dogs?
37 What countries brides get the most diamond engagement rings?
38 What area in the US translates from the Dutch as Broken Valley?
39 In ancient Egypt men and women did what opposite to today?
40 In Youngstown Ohio it's illegal to run out of what?
41 Who links a western gambler and a private eye?
42 How did Bunito Mussolini ward off the evil eye?
43 Both sexes get them but men more often - get what?
44 Who would use an orange stick?
45 Jacob German in 1899  got the worlds first what in New York?
46 Mary Somerville said "It wont last, a flash in the pan" what?
47 China 300  bc you could not speak to the Emperor without what?
48 In what US city do they watch the most TV evangelists per cap?
49 Egyptian embalmers replaced the bodies eyes with what?
50 According to a 1997  survey what nation are the best kissers?
51 In South Dakota it's illegal to fall down and sleep where?
52 Who was the last living person on a US postal stamp?
53 What is the main ingredient in a Navarin stew?
54 What elements name comes from the Greek word for violet?
55 VH is the international aircraft registration for which country?
56 Phyllophobia is the fear of what?
57 What is a cachalot?
58 What would the ancient Greeks do with an Apodesm?
59 What is an onychophagist?
60 In Auburn Washington men can get five years for doing what?
61 Where in Canada is its Dildo?
62 Topo in Italian Fare in Turkish what in English?
63 Who did Babe the pig work for?
64 What sexually arouses a Jactitator?
65 Nebkheperura was his first name what do we call him today?
66 What creature gets its name from the Greek word for womb?
67 In 1885  Canada sold what to US for $150000?
68 By what more common name do we know Major Boothroyd?
69 Woman's are faster than men's, they usually have more  - what?
70 In Illinois you can get three years for eavesdropping on who?
71 What modern word comes from the Latin Dilatare - open wide?
72 West Indian cricketer Laurence Rowe gave up 1976  mid test why?
73 What do the EPPY awards honour?
74 The electric light first available product what's second?
75 What's the only city today split in two by a wall?
76 What's the only movie Alfred Hitchcock make twice?
77 What is the Latin word for poison?
78 Orienteering began in which country?
79 What would you expect in a Japanese No Pan Kissa restaurant?
80 In Massachusetts what's illegal unless bedroom window locked?
81 The Emperors cup is awarded in what sport?
82 What famous film maker was first to use the close up?
83 Chinese cooking what's special about Wolfs hearts Dogs lungs?
84 The 1961  Mercedes 300 sx had two firsts name either?
85 Who wrote the official biography of Lester Piggott?
86 What hotel has been the target of the most take over bids?
87 In Russia the national product is called Soldatsky what is it?
88 In airline slang what is a 365?
89 In what case did Perry Mason make his first appearance?
90 By law who require a cert. of health before entering Kentucky?
91 Romans used a sharp pointed stick to drive cattle Modern word?
92 Chokan Moyogi Shakan Han Kengai and Kengai styles of what?
93 Albert Sauvy coined what term in the 1950 s?
94 What trio were originally called The Rattlesnakes?
95 The Fields Medal is equal to a Nobel prize in what area?
96 Novices are called tumblers experienced shiners what job?
97 What is the Hebrew word for adversary?
98 What is the capitol of Venezuela?
99 What was unusual about Joe Davis the World Snooker Champ?
100 What's round in London and Paris but Square in New York?

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