If you want to achieve greatness stop asking for permission. Quiz 75

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If you want to achieve greatness stop asking for permission. Quiz 75

 If you want to achieve greatness stop asking for permission. Quiz 75

Here is another  Quiz to tingle your brain.

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1 Kevin Kline won best supporting actor Oscar which 1988  film?
2 Kipros in Greek Kibris in Turkish what is it in English?
3 What is the main ingredient of the Indian dish dahl?
4 An anti-tussed is used to treat what?
5 Ball is 38  millimetres in diameter weighs 2 .5?
6 In the UK the Clerk of the Closet is the Queens official what?
7 A burning oil lamp is the symbol of which organisation?
8 The Comstock load is a silver deposit in what US state?
9 What TV show takes place in Sunnydale?
10 In 2001  one active UK warship named after an Englishman who?
11 Walloons speak what language?
12 In Gustav Holsts planets suite which planet is the magician?
13 What UK gentleman's club first in 1891  to admit lady members?
14 Ab Ovo Latin the very beginning but what's it literally mean?
15 Who was the last Emperor of France?
16 Andy Green first broke the sound barrier on land in what car?
17 Names from jobs - Baker Cook obvious what was a Pallistair?
18 The Seven Pillars of Wisdom comes from where?
19 Name Glen Millers signature tune?
20 Josephine Hull best supporting actress Oscar which 1950  film?
21 Which word links a type of bread and a cut of precious stone?
22 What country does China have its longest land border with?
23 Astronomer Fred Hoyle coined which phrase?
24 The first US copyrighted film showed what in 1894?
25 What do the four quarters of a hot cross bun symbolise?
26 Palm, Olive, Cyprus and Cedar what is the biblical link?
27 Intelligents Report a quarterly magazine in US which subject?
28 Paludism is an old name for which disease?
29 What was the worlds first patented synthetic food in 1869?
30 Polish sprinter Ewa Klobukowska first do what at Kiev in 1967?
31 Who owns The Oval cricket ground?
32 Who might use ruddle or what is it?
33 What organisation recently banned in Russia as paramilitary?
34 Whose song did the Beatles sing on first TV appearance 1962?
35 What's unusual about portrait Duke of Monmouth in Nat Gallery?
36 Harry S Truman and Gerald Ford what's the non obvious link?
37 Which is the only Shakespeare play not to contain a song?
38 A fimetarious organism grows where?
39 What lasted 5  hours and twelve minutes in 1969  longest ever?
40 Which film won the best visual effects Oscar in 1984?
41 Mount Logan is the highest mountain in which country?
42 The Napstar logo shows headphones on what?
43 What sporting contest Peter Christian win Jan 77  with 1 /16?
44 If a dog is canine, cat feline what creature is accipitrine?
45 Rene Raymond is better known as which author?
46 What got named by novelist Gilbert Frankau at a party in 1926?
47 In 19 th century USA what was The Mongolian Curse?
48 If you suffered from scripturience what are you compelled to do?
49 Link Aurora Texas, Spitsbergen Norway and Ubatuba Brazil?
50 What's the US equivalent to the Department of Health in the UK?
51 Jean Montgolfier in 1157  built the worlds first what?
52 Link the sports Cricket, Rackets, Croquet and Motorboat racing?
53 Which TV  gangster owns the nightclub called The Ba Da Bing?
54 Where would you find or what are guntlines?
55 How many one legged popes have there been?
56 Israel Baline became more famous under what name?
57 Which US state was known as "The mother of Presidents"?
58 Why certain busses in Staffordshire refuse to pick up people?
59 The three toed sloth only does it every 10  days - what?
60 Who is the only director win 3  Oscars within five years in 30 s?
61 Whose first single released July 1961  was Buttered Popcorn?
62 Where are a whales nipples?
63 Theologian claimed he could drive away the devil with a fart?
64 Who devised the idea of a flat rate postal charge?
65 How to you turn a woman into a cuckquean?
66 Where would you find a Rocker, Eight, Loop and Three?
67 Samuel Pepys wife always slept with what in her hand?
68 The medical journal Practitioner 1923  said it will never happen what?
69 Bruce Philip in 1985  recorded what sporting first?
70 What is measured in units called jnd?
71 In the UK which school choir had a No 1  with a song grandma?
72 In the pasa doble what is the female dancer supposed to be?
73 A napiform thing is shaped like what?
74 What was the first country in 1824  to legalise Trade Unions?
75 What is the worlds longest insect?
76 The angel shark has what other name?
77 Which mummified tendon was auctioned at Christies in 1969?
78 Marie Stopes discovered what in British Museum 6  months after marriage?
79 What does a callipygian person have?
80 Which 1977  film won seven Oscars but none for acting?
81 It came into football in 1923  men say women don't understand it what?
82 What is a nidologist interested in?
83 Name Eleanor Roosevelt's job 1932  husband became president?
84 Arthur Sarsfield Ward the creator of Fu Man Chu is which author?
85 Who wrote Servants of the Wankh in 1969?
86 What song was on the B side of The Beatles We can work it out?
87 Georges Claude invented what in 1911?
88 In which country did the first Christmas stamp appear in 1898?
89 How does paella get its name?
90 Alfred Hitchcock's daughter appeared in Psycho - name her?
91 Who lived in Honalee?
92 What is the largest wild animal in the UK?
93 In the song who told Laura he loved her in 1960?
94 Who owns Dartmoor prison?
95 Name the subject Harry Harrison's 1977  book Great Balls of Fire?
96 Isaiah Sellers did it before Samuel Clements - did what?
97 Which English King holds the official record of bastards 21?
98 Where would you find a corbicula?
99 In 1951  the shortest ever lasted 2 .5?
100 Which film won the best story Oscar in 1958?

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