It is our choices, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities. Quiz 76

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It is our choices, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities. Quiz 76

 It is our choices, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities. Quiz 76

Here is another  Quiz to tingle your brain.

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1 Who wrote the lyrics for Oscar winning song Whole New World?
2 An empelomaniac has a desire to do what?
3 Who described TV as "Chewing gum for the masses"?
4 How did Billie Holiday get the nickname Lady?
5 Which creatures communicate by touch, smell and dance?
6 What do the initials Bt mean after a surname?
7 What was the worlds highest structure until 1930?
8 What is a Mexican Black Howler?
9 In which country did the study of geometry originate?
10 A normal human body has 46  what?
11 What is Australia's Barossa valley known for?
12 What is the worlds fastest moving insect?
13 How is something cooked if done en papillote?
14 Which detective lived in Cabot Cove Maine?
15 What would you do with a naked lady?
16 What became legal in 1901  in the UK?
17 Harry Longbaugh became better known under what name?
18 Which country has the worlds first greyhound racing track?
19 What was Marie Osmonds only solo hit?
20 Ben Hur won most Oscars 11  what film comes second with 10?
21 A myomancer predict the future by studying what?
22 Which actress said "Being a sex symbol is like being a convict"?
23 The Golden Bear is awarded at which film festival?
24 What financial item was introduced to UK in September 1963?
25 Where did Indian ink originally come from?
26 Where is Judge Dread a judge?
27 What was the capitol of Russia before Moscow?
28 A crapulous person is full of it  -  what?
29 If you have cherophobia what are you afraid of?
30 John Lennon named The Quarrymen after what?
31 How many best director Oscars did Alfred Hitchcock win?
32 In France what is eau de vie?
33 The Savannah was the worlds first commercial what?
34 Which county has the most MEPs 99?
35 Ships known as The First Fleet transported what in 1788?
36 Geotropism affects what?
37 Marie Gresholtz is better known as who?
38 Equestrian, Yachting and what Olympic sport are sexes equal?
39 If you saw Fringilla Coelebs what bird have you noticed?
40 Which film won the best makeup Oscar in 1992?
41 If you had crabites what have you got?
42 This TV series ran for 78  episodes before it was scrapped what?
43 Which Beatles song did The Overlanders take to number one?
44 A mirliton is another name for what musical instrument?
45 Where is the largest church in the world?
46 And who designed it?
47 What sort of meat is used in the dish Guard of Honour?
48 What sport was banned in England in 1849?
49 Ronald Wycherley became more famous as who?
50 Nostology is the study of what?
51 Brian Gamlin of Bury is credited with what sporting invention?
52 Which countries wine might be labelled DOCG?
53 Ivan Maugher won six world titles at what sport?
54 Who is the Patron Saint of Germany and sodomy?
55 From which alphabet do all western alphabets originate?
56 John Books was the final role of which actor?
57 Gerry Dawsy became more famous as who?
58 And he was born in which country?
59 Who did the walrus and the carpenter ask to walk with them?
60 Jack Palance won best supporting actor Oscar in what 1991  film?
61 What's unusual about a bobhouse?
62 What was John Denvers only solo UK number one?
63 Which dancing represents fertility through death and rebirth?
64 The USA declared war on which country in 1898?
65 Polite society man does it 2  legs woman sitting dog 3  legs what?
66 What does the DIN number mean on photographic film?
67 Which spice is used in a whisky sling?
68 What key is music written in if it has five flats?
69 Which sea area is immediately south of Ireland?
70 Chimpanzees, gorillas and orang-utans what is missing?
71 What building links Stacy Keach and Oscar Wilde?
72 Chuck McKinley was the only American to do what in the 60 s?
73 In the body what do the Islets of Langerhans do?
74 It is the English Channel but what do the French call it?
75 Bob van Winkle changed his name to what?
76 Name Frank Sinatra's Yacht?
77 What is the main ingredient of boxty bread?
78 By what other name is the double album The Beatles known?
79 What does an Alexandra taste of?
80 Name first actor to get best actor Oscar for repeating a role?
81 What was Elvis Presley's first UK number one?
82 And what was his first US number one?
83 Hippoglossus-hippoglossus is which common sea fish?
84 Long jump, High Jump, Triple Jump what missing?
85 What capitol is on the slopes of the volcano Pichincha?
86 Which English composer wrote a Sea symphony?
87 What's the name of the technique for measuring at a distance?
88 Eight bells on board a ship means what?
89 Where were the first European coffee houses opened?
90 The Academie Francaise ensures the purity of what?
91 Yvon Petra was the last man to do what at Wimbledon?
92 What is embolia?
93 What sort of drink is barbancourt?
94 Who drove the McLaren to its first grand prix victory in 1968?
95 In which country is the secretariat of the European Parliament?
96 What is the main ingredient of a moussaka?
97 What was the Beatles first UK top ten single?
98 Which character lived at 3  stable mews City of London?
99 What do homodonts have that hetrodonts don't?
100 What was the only horror film nominated best film Oscar?

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