It's the solutions, not the questions, that count. Agree? Quiz 36

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It's the solutions, not the questions, that count. Agree? Quiz 36

It's the solutions, not the questions, that count. Agree? Quiz 36

Here is another  Quiz to tingle your brain.

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 1 Female bathing caps were invented to prevent what?
2 Clinton Oklahoma see two having sex in car whats illegal you do?
3 Name Australia's highest mountain?
4 What colour is malachite?
5 Who won the first Oscar for a musical in 1943?
6 In The film Reservoir Dogs what song was discussed at the start?
7 Who was the Beatles original Bass Player?
8 Which native Indian tribe never signed a peace treaty US government?
9 Ralph Wonderone became better known under what name?
10 Shovelhead, Knucklehead, Panhead types of what?
11 Murphy's Oil soap is most often used to clean what?
12 In Singapore you can be publicly caned for failing to do what?
13 Cathy Rigby was the first woman to do what?
14 What flavour sweet was created for Ronald Regan?
15 Lemniscate is the correct name for what symbol?
16 Corduroy literally translated means what?
17 What is the only USA state without a natural lake?
18 Lauds Prime Tierce Sext Nones what comes next?
19 What colour was Mrs Bates dress in Psycho?
20 What was Napoleons mothers name?
21 Terry Bollea became famous under what name?
22 In Wisconsin its illegal to do what during your wife's orgasm?
23 What is the only breed of dog that gets gout?
24 What country has the worlds oldest National Anthem?
25 William Blake Winston Churchill John Lennon what links?
26 What domesticated pet is never mentioned in the Bible?
27 Kellogg's Corn Flakes were invented to do what?
28 In Texas its illegal to swear in front of what?
29 What was Alfred Hitchcock's first sound film?
30 What was known as Arabian Wine?
3 What does the black and white BMW logo represent?
32 In Arizona you must register with state before becoming what?
33 Where are the Luxemburg gardens?
34 What was Maxwell Smarts cover?
35 What is the state insect of Texas?
36 PD James wrote thrillers what does PD stand for?
37 In what Bible book is The love of money is the root of all evil?
38 In the Beverley Hillbillies what was a potpasser?
39 Jack Haley played the Tin Man what was the Tin Mans name?
40 Disney question - who are Daisy Ducks three nieces?
41 Brassiere comes from an old French word meaning what?
42 Trimontaine was the original name of where?
43 In 1861  Dows Ginger Ale was the first to be what?
44 In Louisiana what personal act is illegal in public?
45 What breed of dog bites the most humans?
46 Only humans and what primate can have blue eyes?
47 What creature is the symbol of Bacardi?
48 In which country are condoms most commonly used?
49 What was the name of the saloon in Gunsmoke?
50 A Vigule or Solidus is what character?
51 Sourj is Armenian for what?
52 Who wrote Heart of Darkness?
53 In the movie what is Shafts first name?
54 "In Penn legally a man needs written permit from wife do what Purchase?"
55 Grilled on a Ploughshare  literal meaning what Japanese dish?
56 Frank Heyes 1923  on Sweet Kiss only jockey ever to do what?
57 In an authentic Chinese meal what is served last?
58 Topolino in Italy is who here?
59 Holland 1634  1000 lb cheese 4?
60 Where in the body is the labrynth?
61 In Shakespeare's Hamlet what herb is said to be for remembrance?
62 What is Papins Digester - Invented Denis Papin 1679?
63 A web site with sa in the name is in what country?
64 Julius Caesar Hamlet Macbeth Richard III links not Obvious?
65 In Denver Colorado it is illegal to lend what to your neighbour?
66 Where were Chinese Checkers invented?
67 What was the first film given the title Blockbuster?
68 What was the third leading cause of death in 1900?
69 Where would you find your Glabella?
70 Until 1990  what was still legal tender in East Germany?
71 On what hobby is most money spent?
72 What city has the worlds biggest taxi fleet?
73 4000  people each year are injured by what household item?
74 What is the current no 1  aphrodisiac (reputedly)?
75 In Delaware it is illegal to pawn what?
76 What animal is mentioned most in the Bible?
77 What links Socrates Aristotle Janis Joplin?
78 What is the most common fear people have?
79 After the US what country imports the most scotch?
80 In Kansas City its illegal for children to buy what?
81 What is officially the poorest US state?
82 And what is officially the richest?
83 Smith Johnson Williams Brown Jones next US common surnames?
84 The US eat most ice cream per capita what country second?
85 In Indiana what is illegal in winter?
86 In what country did the rumba originate?
87 Kitty the most common cats name in US what's the second?
88 According to Homer Simpson what is a feline?
89 Who sang Shattered Dreams in 1987?
90 In Tucson Arizona it is illegal for a woman to wear what?
91 Scottish clan were traitors and caused the Glencoe massacre?
92 Who played Sarah Conner in 1984 s Terminator?
93 What country consumes the most calories per capita?
94 What species of fish is caught most?
95 It's illegal use what to plough cotton fields in North Carolina?
96 What is the top New Years Resolution?
97 What US state has the most murders?
98 What crime causes the second most number arrests in USA?
99 Where did doughnuts originate?
100 E W Hornung created which fictional character?

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