Answers matter more than questions. Agree? Quiz 37

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Answers matter more than questions. Agree? Quiz 37

Answers matter more than questions. Agree? Quiz 37

Here is another  Quiz to tingle your brain.

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 1 In Baltimore it is illegal to take what to the movies?
2 The word Matrix in the Bible means what?
3 What links Herbert Hoover and Richard Nixon - not the obvious?
4 Who is Homer Simpson's brother?
5 In Dallas Texas it is illegal to possess a realistic what?
6 What country drinks the most beer?
7 What is the most common breeding bird in the US?
8 Public Speaking is the most common fear what's the second?
9 Over 28  million Americans are what?
10 In Oklahoma it is illegal to bite some else's what?
11 In Israel what unexpected item is certified Kosher?
12 What was shown over parliament on a Canadian 2  dollar bill?
13 What links the Cassowary Kakapo and the Kagu?
14 On the TV show Frazier what was the dads dogs name?
15 Between October and March what is illegal in Indiana?
16 Sylvester and Tweety Pie - Cat Bird started out as what?
17 Potatoes were fist sold as what?
18 What is Dennis the Menace's last name?
19 Ancient China Treason Robbery Adultery what punishment?
20 It is illegal to sell what in Lehigh New England?
21 What does the Australian slang word Hooroo mean?
22 Seven million of these are thrown away each day - what?
23 Vampire bats prefer to bite what part of a sleeping person?
24 In what language was The Communist Manifesto written?
25 In Natchez Missouri it is illegal to provide beer to what?
26 A Parthenophobe has a fear of what?
27 Who received 800000  fan letters in 1933?
28 Who recorded their first song under the names Tom and Jerry?
29 Monology is the study of what?
30 In Utah where is it illegal to fish?
31 What is the penalty for drunk driving in Sumatra?
32 Stag Party was the original name of what?
33 What is the name of Fred Flintstones paperboy?
34 The word Sahara is Arabic for what?
35 Montana its illegal to have what in your cab without chaperone?
36 In cooking six drops equal one what?
37 What was the name of the skunk in Bambi?
38 What do toads do before mating?
39 What country is the worlds oldest functioning democracy?
40 In Miami it's illegal for men to be seen in public wearing what?
41 What President appears on the US $100000  bill?
42 80 % of the worlds population wears shoes made in what country?
43 A study in shades of grey in the name of what picture?
44 What is the worlds oldest snack food - 610  AD?
45 In Fargo North Dakota you can be jailed for dancing with what?
46 In 1839  what innovation was added to bicycles?
47 Who was Time Magazines first man of the year (1927 )?
48 Who lived at 1431  North Beachwood?
49 What is the most eaten food in the US?
50 Until 1998  by law The QE hotel must do what if you rent a room?
51 By law every fifth song on Canadian Radio must be what?
52 In The Simpson's what was the name of the Barbie type doll?
53 What country consumes the most fish per capita?
54 MacDonald farm Sheep Cows Pigs Chicks Ducks Donkeys and what?
55 Hamida Djandoubi in 1977  was the last one - what?
56 In Cheyenne Wyoming what is illegal on Wednesday?
57 What was the first product sold in aerosol sprays?
58 What was the first magazine to publish a hologram on its cover?
59 What food was regarded as an aphrodisiac in the Middle Ages?
60 In Arizona you can have no more than two what in a house?
61 Nonpariel Mission Caramel Neplus Peerless types of what?
62 What is a Bunt a part of?
63 Who had a hit with November Rain?
64 What is the provincial bird of Yukon?
65 In Columbus Ohio it is illegal to sell what on Sunday?
66 What was the first toy advertised on TV in USA?
67 John Benyon Harris became famous as what S F writer?
68 Sukkot is a festival in which religion?
69 If you suffered from pyrexia what have you got?
70 In Morrisville Penn a woman must have a permit to do what?
71 In Germany what are the Neubaustrecke?
72 Where could you see a likeness of Pharaoh Khafres head?
73 FDA regard 5  Fruit fly maggots 3 oz per can acceptable - what?
74 What are Puli Sloghi and Kuvaszok?
75 In Oklahoma it is illegal to wear what in bed?
76 What are Misty Rain Sunshine Blue Honey Rose?
77 Gin Triple Sec (quantreau) and pineapple juice what cocktail?
78 Silent night the Christmas carol was first played on what?
79 During US recessions which group have the most unemployment?
80 In Florida what is banned in public places after 6 pm Thursdays?
81 Where would you find the phrase Annuit Coeptis?
82 Nine inches in nautical measure is called what?
83 Bibendum is whose real name?
84 What is a logogram - a $ sign is one?
85 In Tennessee it is illegal to drive if you are what?
86 We know what lasagne is - what is a lassagnum its named from?
87 What colour M&M is most prevalent in each packet?
88 Who is Woodie Woodpeckers girlfriend?
89 What product sells best in US supermarkets 98 .2 % of shoppers?
90 In Ackworth Georgia all citizens must own what by law?
91 What are Zap Spirit Crazylegs and Chuckles?
92 What is the name of Toys R Us Giraffe?
93 Santa Clause works in USA but who delivers gifts in Syria?
94 What are a Jalpa Jarama Shamal and Merak?
95 What famous reference work is illegal in Texas?
96 Rheoboam is a bottle size but also the last king of where?
97 What is the state bird of Wisconsin?
98 The Primes and The Distants merged to form what group?
99 What country drink the most milk per capita?
100 In Boise Idaho where by law are you not allowed to fish?

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