Do you agree that knowledge comes when questions arise? Quiz 38

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Do you agree that knowledge comes when questions arise? Quiz 38

Do you agree that knowledge comes when questions arise? Quiz 38

Here is another  Quiz to tingle your brain.

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 1 Who is Yogi Bears girlfriend?
2 What fashion designers symbol is a swan?
3 68 % of Americans do what (Trying to be punctual)?
4 What animal is the mascot of the US Naval Academy?
5 Who drives a car licensed 6 YZ643?
6 Where was volleyball invented?
7 Miso a traditional Japanese cooking ingredient is what?
8 What is mosquitoes main food?
9 In the Winnie the Pooh books what name is over Poohs door?
10 What is the name of Superman's Supercat?
11 What is the most common name in the Bible?
12 International dialling codes - where is 672?
13 Newspeak - Portable Handheld Communications Transcribers?
14 Who is Dick Tracey's girlfriend?
15 What was first man made object to exceed sound barrier?
16 What seven letter word do all Americans pronounce wrongly?
17 What is the main ingredient of mock turtle soup?
18 What would a German do with a Gravenstein?
19 How many pints will the 27  inch Americas cup hold?
20 Where would you find your purlicue?
21 Who was Barbara Streisands first husband?
22 What is the name of Porky Pigs father?
23 Nathan Burnbaum became famous under what name?
24 In Japan what is Shogi?
25 Who killed his grandfather with a quoit at the Larrisan games?
26 Shaddock is another name for what?
27 What was built by the inmates of Changi Prison Camp?
28 In Greek legend what was eaten on the Island of Jerba?
29 Who was Dr Zhivago's love?
30 In the Modern 1896  Olympics what was the first event decided?
31 What was the name of Australia's first girlie magazine in 1936?
32 Where did the British Brown Bess musket get its name?
33 Luke wrote two Bible books Luke and what?
34 What was the only remake to win the best picture Oscar?
35 Soylent Green the band took name from film and book by who?
36 Prescribed as cure Beri Beri it cured scrotal dermatitis - what?
37 Colonel Tom Parker Elvis's manager had what earlier act?
38 What large animal has a less than two inch erect penis?
39 According to 36 % of Americans they have done what?
40 By Indonesian law what is the penalty for masturbation? ?
41 By law in Guam who are not allowed to marry?
42 Lorne Green has only one what (an alligator ate the other)?
43 21 % Americans don't do it every day 5 % never do it  -  what?
44 Name the country that starts with A but does not end with A?
45 Collective nouns - a group of what is a charm?
46 Who refused the leading male role in Gone With the Wind?
47 In Florida its illegal for a housewife to do what more 3  times daily?
48 In America its noise is B flat in England its G what is?
49 In what US City is most blond hair dye sold?
50 How many sheep are used to produce one angora sweater?
51 What is fumet?
52 85 % of American people will eat what this year?
53 Manu National Park Peru has 1300  different species of what?
54 Who is Olive Oyls brother?
55 Montezuma's nephew Cuitlahac name means what?
56 What make was the first car with air conditioning?
57 In Bristol England an old law says dogs can do what?
58 The name of what product - German water Greek olive Oil?
59 What killed half the US soldiers in WW1?
60 In Denmark what is a Svangerskabsforebyggendemiddel?
61 What was the first TV show in colour?
62 33 % of American women lie about what?
63 What does the word Grizzly mean - as in Grizzly bear?
64 Collective nouns - a Trip of what?
65 Wilhelm Steinitz was the world's first what in 1886?
66 Telesphobia is a fear of what?
67 Irish Proverb - If you want to be criticized do what?
68 Cher Ami a homing pigeon won the DSC and had what item?
69 Who are the Diascuri?
70 Nichole Dunsdon was the last what in October 1992?
71 Emperor Claudius passed a law legalising what at banquets?
72 President Andrew Jackson's funeral 1845  who removed swearing?
73 There are more the 38000  types of what?
74 What country has the most bookshops per head population?
75 Chase and Sandborn first sold what in tins in the US?
76 What is the opposite of Plenum?
77 Strontium 90  was the original name of which band?
78 In Massachusetts it is illegal to duel with what?
79 Charles Jung invented what in America?
80 Whose last published novel was Murder from the Past?
81 A Queef is the name for what?
82 If an Australian had a Bingle what would it be?
83 Who declined a Pulitzer Prize for his book Arrowsmith?
84 Lotta and Vassar were the first two brands of what?
85 The Jelbukk is a Swedish Xmas decoration - what is it?
86 Where is David Livingstone Buried (Two Places / countries)?
87 Sunglasses were invented in China to do what?
88 The Italian Date is a common name of what fruit?
89 Graham Kerr became famous under what nickname?
90 What was the name of the last silent movie made 1929?
91 What US President said I Promise instead of I swear inaugurate?
92 What is banned by law in Japanese restaurants?
93 What is measured in Scroville Units?
94 If an Australian had trouble with his donk who would he call on?
95 In Kentucky a man cannot purchase what without his wife?
96 What country issued a banana shaped stamp?
97 Who was the first male to appear on the cover of playboy?
98 What colour are an American porcupines teeth?
99 8 % of people in the world have an extra what?
100 Leader of the Iroquois Indians same name as what car?

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