To what extent do you agree that knowledge is gained through inquiry? Quiz 39

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To what extent do you agree that knowledge is gained through inquiry? Quiz 39

To what extent do you agree that knowledge is gained through inquiry? Quiz 39

Here is another  Quiz to tingle your brain.

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 1 If you were drinking castle beer in what country would you be?
2 President Hayes 1878  started which annual White house event?
3 Issac and Willian Fuld invented and patented what in 1892?
4 What product only sold 1200  bottles in its first year?
5 German kids wear what round neck for good luck on New Year?
6 If an Aussie called you a Bananabender what would he mean?
7 What is the closest living relative to the T Rex?
8 Who was the Roman Goddess of the land?
9 Mao Muka Neko Pisica are what Chinese Gypsy Japan Rumania?
10 Bonnie Booth (38 ) used what to remove a corn from her foot?
11 In Michigan it is illegal to put what on your bosses desk?
12 1949  Popular Mechanics said that future ones less 1 .5?
13 Who said "Iv'e never had an accident worth talking about"?
14 What is Joeys favourite food in Friends?
15 Where was the worlds first oil well drilled?
16 In any given 6  month period 40 % of Americans are what?
17 Who said "A Single death is a tragedy a million a statistic"?
18 A Weaner is a baby what?
19 Collective nouns a rhumba of what?
20 What product sold 330  in the US in its first year?
21 In Biker Slang what is a Belly Shover?
22 What do humans get from the Cassava?
23 If you are on the Choke mountains what country are you in?
24 In the language of flowers what does the cucumber flower mean?
25 Who is the Patron Saint of desperation?
26 How often must one perform a quotidian task?
27 Brave New World - Aldus Huxley - where name from?
28 Gail Borden invented what food item?
29 Where do men play each year for the Challenge Cup?
30 Fried fish lettuce spinach is a traditional Xmas eve meal where?
31 An average American eats 28  what in their lifetime?
32 Who live at 742  Evergreen Terrace?
33 In Baltimore it is illegal to scrub or wash what?
34 US 1900  census people with 2  or less what were lower mid class?
35 Who was the pilot in the first fatal air crash?
36 What is the scent of an artificial hare at greyhound tracks?
37 Name two sports where the winner moves backwards?
38 There is one gallon of water in every cubic mile of what?
39 In Australian slang what are apricots?
40 What product only sold 8  in its first year in the USA?
41 Scottish Hebrides island is defined a big enough sustain what?
42 Who said "The internet is a good way to get on the net"?
43 What makes a noise middle octave key of F?
44 Lyssophobia is the fear of what?
45 What capital city translates as Capital City in native tongue?
46 What flavour is framboise liqueur?
47 Collective nouns a rag of what?
48 Two out of 3  visits to an American doctor are for what problems?
49 In Biker Slang what is a Coupon?
50 If you were drinking Tiger beer in what country would you be?
51 Who said "People only see what they are prepared to see"?
52 In Utah you can get a licence to hunt what?
53 Epistemophobia is the fear of what?
54 Which magazine declared bankruptcy in the early 1990 s?
55 What food are astronauts prohibited before a mission?
56 What product sold 25  bottles in its first year for $50  cost $75?
57 To what Patron Saint would you pray if you had a headache?
58 JFK was actually baptised JFFK what was the other F for?
59 What is the punishment for drunk driving in Norway?
60 96 % of all what are purchased by women?
61 What did Oliver Pollock invent in 1778?
62 What are Waist Overalls?
63 In the language of flowers giving a mushroom meant what?
64 ORD are the identification letters of what airport?
65 What woman has the most statues of her?
66 Choo Kiko Wapi - what have I asked in Swahili?
67 In Helsinki Finland what's the police alternative to parking tickets?
68 What word did non-English speakers say sounded prettiest?
69 If you were drinking Cobra beer in what country would you be?
70 In Aussie slang what are Bum Nuts?
71 In Palding Ohio police officers can legally do what to dogs?
72 New Jersey has a museum with 5400  exhibits of what?
73 What does a myrmecologist study?
74 Equator's favourite dish is Seco de Chivo - what is it?
75 What is a Pygmy Blue?
76 Emelio Marco Palma was the first to do what in 1978?
77 After homes and jobs where do Americans spend most time?
78 Which US place name translates Indian as place of drunkenness?
79 Luchiano Paverotti has what in his pocket for luck when singing?
80 Ill Never Forget Whatshisname 1968  film first said fuck who?
81 Philematology is the science of what?
82 What is the most popular name for a boat?
83 Collective nouns - A Labour of what?
84 If You were drinking Rolling Rock lager what US state you in?
85 In Biker Slang what are Giblets?
86 In Minnesota its illegal for a woman dressed as what on street?
87 What word comes from the Latin phrase to crowd together?
88 In 1999  Dallas Texas passed a law banning what from city?
89 On Scooby Doo what was Shaggys real name?
90 Who failed his music class at school?
91 Who or what was Black Betsy?
92 20 % of Japanese publications are what?
93 What was the first music CD burned in America?
94 In ancient Japan public contests were held to find what?
95 What are scutes?
96 If a Ghanian says Afishapa what have you been told?
97 St Gerard is the Patron Saint of who?
98 In the language of flowers giving mint meant what?
99 Collective nouns - A cloud of what?
100 There is a museum in Philadelphia 211  North 3 rd Street to what?

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