Life begins where your comfort zone ends. Quiz 79

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Life begins where your comfort zone ends. Quiz 79

 Life begins where your comfort zone ends. Quiz 79

Here is another  Quiz to tingle your brain.

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1 What was James Shalto Douglas claim to sporting fame?
2 What is philography?
3 What symbol did 87  year old Arthur Eisenmenger design?
4 In which book of the Bible did Moses die?
5 Who died in 1821  from arsenic poisoning from the wallpaper?
6 PY are the international car registration letters which country?
7 In old English what is a Bellibone  - From French Belle Bonne?
8 What is a male guinea pig called?
9 A Blue Imperial or a New Zealand white types of what?
10 In science it can be up down strange top or bottom what can?
11 What was the surname of the family in The Grapes of Wrath?
12 Name vegetable banned different times causing leprosy rickets?
13 "What sport do you compete for Currie cup and Ranfurly Shield ?"
14 A belemnoid is what sort of shape in zoological terms?
15 Who does the Beatles song The fool on the Hill refer too?
16 Where could you find The round window and The oval window?
17 The Roman province Maxima Ceasariensis was in what country?
18 Which British poet was also a Jesuit priest?
19 The mandylion is another name for which contentious object?
20 What is the more common name for serigraphy?
21 In the UK what was the first product advertised on TV in colour?
22 What would you do with a drupe?
23 What was King George VI first name?
24 What colour is the purple finch?
25 Which is the oldest walled city in the world?
26 What spice comes from the curcuma plant?
27 Which film star was described as "A vacuum with nipples"?
28 Harrods was the first UK store to install what?
29 A golfer can only do it for five minutes - what?
30 What is used to thicken gazpacho?
31 What was the first country to have a public monorail system?
32 Slip, square and surgeon all types of what?
33 What would you do with or what is a millers thumb?
34 Who first wrote about the myth of Atlantis?
35 Which cartoon character has a girlfriend named Petunia?
36 Who was the Phoenician Goddess of love?
37 Lucus Dominitus Ahenobarbus was better known as who?
38 The Nuer people come from which country?
39 Which is Shakespeare's shortest play?
40 Manutius's Virgil printed 1501  was the first time what was used?
41 Pulque is a beer based on what?
42 Tiede Peak is a volcano on which island?
43 What is the SI unit of capacitance?
44 Who owned the yacht Lady Ghislane?
45 What colours are on a pollution free beach flag?
46 On a pencil what do the initials HB stand for?
47 Where is a sumo wrestling tournament held?
48 Name Hong Kong Phooey's cat?
49 On an ordinance survey map which symbol shows a battlefield?
50 On which circuit is the Portuguese grand prix held?
51 Harp, Elephant and Leopard all types of what?
52 Name the producer of Starsky & Hutch and Beverly Hills 91210?
53 Name the Greek national airline?
54 Bilrubin is produced by what part of the body?
55 We know what Mardi Gras is but what's its literal translation?
56 To nearest 1000  in 1800  how many wild turkeys were in Turkey?
57 What is Burgoo?
58 In The Simpsons name the cat?
59 What can be dipole, loop or helical?
60 What do you do with a hassock?
61 What was the capitol of England before London also a US gun?
62 An elephant is called a pachyderm what does it literally mean?
63 BCG vaccine is used against which infectious disease?
64 Apart from a caber by rule what is compulsory in caber tossing?
65 Little Eva introduced which dance in 1962?
66 Who composed Appalachian Spring?
67 First Defence, In Home or Second Attack positions what sport?
68 If you were given some marlite what would you do with it?
69 Brandy, decoy and landscape all come from which language?
70 Chiuhauha dogs were originally bred for what?
71 Aulophobia is a fear of what?
72 What is a wumph?
73 In Morse code what letter is represented by .- Dot Dash?
74 Which British car was the first to sell over 1  million models?
75 If you were given a pot of vermicide what would you use it for?
76 What creature, when drunk, always falls on its right side?
77 What countries flag has two bars white top red bottom?
78 A giraffes long tongue is what colour?
79 Mary Ann Nichols was the first - the first what?
80 Alberto Tomba is a name associated with which sport?
81 What is a moab?
82 What is Belgium's national Airline?
83 What creature can be Indian, white or broad lipped?
84 What is the technical difference between rowing and sculling?
85 The Aztecs reckoned it was the food of the gods what was?
86 Which gas is used in a refrigerator?
87 What is Ronald Reagan's middle name?
88 Oil can Henry is the enemy of which cartoon character?
89 Fragrant Harbour is the translation of which cities name?
90 Geniophobia is the fear of what?
91 Semiotics is the study of what?
92 Which city was built in the design of a union flag?
93 The Bank of Italy changed its name to what?
94 The Saffir-Simpson scale measures the intensity of what?
95 What is the state fish of Hawaii  - in Hawaiian?
96 What was the first country to use TV as a mass info media?
97 Eric Claudin is better known by which eponymous title?
98 African American Garrett A Morgan invented what?
99 What ingredient is always found in a carciofo sauce?
100 If you were given a sitooterie what would you do with it?

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