Life begins where your comfort zone ends. Quiz 84

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Life begins where your comfort zone ends. Quiz 84

 Life begins where your comfort zone ends. Quiz 84

Here is another  Quiz to tingle your brain.

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1 What was the first doctor film made in 1954?
2 Information about what subject is recorded in Wisden?
3 Gerald Gardner in the 50 s founded which pagan organisation?
4 On a UK ordinance survey map what is shown by a blue star?
5 In the middle of the land is the literal translation of where?
6 Venus and Adonis was whose first published work?
7 What is the highest French civil decoration awarded?
8 In the Archie comics what is Jughead's first name?
9 Which meteorological phenomena means "a curl of hair" in Latin?
10 Which racing circuit is nicknamed the brickyard?
11 Who or what are Taikonauts?
12 The profits from the 1929  edition of Mein Kampf went to where?
13 Where would you find the original Mr Plod?
14 Which companies logo is based on the legend of cats nine lives?
15 Which PC game shares it name with a Bond film character?
16 What is the Welsh name for Wales?
17 What is a virgule?
18 Sumo cant be Olympic because it bans women - why?
19 In Greek what does Eunuch literally translate as?
20 When Harrison Ford was The Fugitive who was the lawman?
21 Where were the original loopholes?
22 Roman soldiers were given slaves - what were they called?
23 Which creatures name translates as the lizard in Spanish?
24 West Side Story tells about the West side of what or where?
25 What was the worlds first televised murder?
26 What company used to be called The Haloid Company?
27 The Chinese year cycle starts with 1 st to ask Buddha which?
28 Character in a movie series named Sanskrit word warrior what?
29 What is the default extension given to paintbrush files?
30 In the UK today 16000  people die annually from what?
31 In which TV program did Sergeant Bosco appear?
32 In ancient Athens every third man worked with what?
33 Every day 2700  Americans find out what?
34 Where would you find your columella - or what is it?
35 What was used at Wimbledon for the first time in 1986?
36 Which novel has the longest sentence in literature 823  words?
37 What is the most stolen item in US drugstores?
38 Crab is the only named one in any Shakespeare play - what?
39 What was the first Olympic sport to include women?
40 Which of the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse rode a red horse?
41 Venus Observa is the technical term for what?
42 Which male mammals have the highest rate of homosexuality?
43 Sex shop survey what's most popular flavour eatable knickers?
44 And what is the least?
45 Which country has no public toilets?
46 Which cartoon character was originally pink and called Orsen?
47 What product changed its original name from the soundabout?
48 There are more in Los Angeles than in all France - what?
49 Syngenesophobia is the fear of what?
50 What fictional Englishman belongs to the Ganymede club?
51 From which modern country did the Franks come?
52 The origin of the word penis is Latin meaning what?
53 And which animals penis is prehensile?
54 On a UK ordinance survey map what is shown by a red flag?
55 Who was the first rock star arrested on stage?
56 Which authors personal publishing venture is Philtrum Press?
57 Which animal sleeps on its back?
58 What is the most ordered item in American restaurants?
59 What does a gozzard have or own?
60 Records show four Popes died doing what?
61 In the Beatles White Album who was Martha my Dear?
62 Myosotis Sylvestris is the Latin name of which common plant?
63 Who owned a cat called Apollinaris?
64 Whose last words were "It's unbelievable"?
65 Who read the original writing on the wall?
66 N is the civil aircraft marking for which country?
67 Thaslophobia is the fear of what?
68 Beagles were a hunting dog bred to hunt what?
69 Peggy is a diminutive for which girls name?
70 Boreas is the Greek God of what?
71 Where are the Canarie Islands situated?
72 Where could you spend a Lempira?
73 What type of creature was an Archelon?
74 Shu was an Egyptian God of what?
75 In Japan what is a Kissaten?
76 Which of the four Horsemen of Apocalypse is known as Christ?
77 In which religion are the holy writings called the Adi Granth?
78 What is a dogrib?
79 The petawatt is the worlds largest what?
80 Which writer invented the word drab?
81 In the body where would you find your diverticula?
82 EL is the international aircraft letters of which country?
83 Which creature appears on the Samoan flag?
84 Who owns the Audi car company?
85 In the Bible what was the sixth plague of Egypt?
86 What is the scientific name for the gorilla?
87 Name Steve McQueen's Karate teacher - later an actor?
88 On what common item would you find a keeper?
89 Coprastastaphobia is the fear of what?
90 What is the most common plastic surgery done on US men?
91 Who owned a cat called Bismarck?
92 In Batman comics what is the full real identity of the Riddler?
93 Where was the worlds first water clock invented?
94 What religious leaders name means Sign of God?
95 In 1965  Gambia achieved independence from which country?
96 On what common item would you find a harp?
97 In Bali they observe noebi a day of what?
98 The worlds first opened in Los Angles April 2 nd 1902  - what?
99 Who was the first non head of state to appear on a stamp?
100 If the doctor gave you salversan he would be treating your what?

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