It’s not the time to look for excuses. Quiz 83

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It’s not the time to look for excuses. Quiz 83

 It’s not the time to look for excuses. Quiz 83

Here is another  Quiz to tingle your brain.

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1 Anthony Pratt invented what in the 1940 s?
2 The Stirling prize is awarded annually which field of design?
3 Parcheesi is the national game of which country?
4 What shape is a saggitated leaf?
5 What is the Oscar statuette holding?
6 Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle better known as what?
7 Who would get an award known as the purple cross?
8 What sport was described as "Chess with muscles"?
9 The Bahunia a five petal wild orchid is the symbol of where?
10 1858  Queen Victoria sent first transatlantic telegram to who?
11 If you have a Barr test what was tested?
12 We've used Xerox but from Greek what does it literally mean?
13 How was Boris Karloff listed in the credits 1931 as ?
14 Who is the father of the Russian alphabet?
15 What did the ancient Greeks call the fear of woods and forests?
16 Whose family name is Zimprsquzzntwlfb?
17 Where did the group 10 cc get their name?
18 Who said "All I can say is that I'm not a Marxist"?
19 Who is buried in a chapel near lake Stroganoff in Romania?
20 What area gets its name from the Greek word for bear?
21 The head of which organisation is known as The Black Pope?
22 What sport still requires competitors to wear formal clothing?
23 The name Hilary comes from Latin meaning what?
24 Katy Mirza was the first Indian woman to do what?
25 Richard Attenbourough and wife were the first leads in what play?
26 The Rhine rises in which country?
27 In English packs it's the Jack or Knave what in French packs?
28 Which cartoon character was originally called egghead?
29 What is measured in Darwin's?
30 Sacred carvings is the literal translation of what word?
31 Lake Tiberius is better known by what name?
32 What is a curragh?
33 Pax was the Roman god of peace who's the Greek equivalent?
34 Who was the last prisoner in the Tower of London?
35 Joseph Gayette invented it in 1857  to prevent piles - what?
36 Whose epitaph reads Lived a philosopher died a Christian?
37 Who was the first newspaper owner to give staff a paid holiday?
38 Ronald MacDonald is worldwide except Japan what's he there?
39 Where can you see Ada Byron?
40 What is the most tattooed product in the world?
41 Which Somerset Maughn novel is considered autobiographical?
42 The Sureto are the secret service of which country?
43 Who created the character Parker Pyne?
44 Archimedes lived in which city?
45 Who is the first person a newly elected Pope meets?
46 Who's only person have Dewey Decimal class named after him?
47 Taliban women required by law to wear what on left arms?
48 Which country is named after its highest point?
49 What would you do at a table in Greece?
50 Felix Hoffman discovered the worlds first synthetic drug 1897?
51 Where do the natives speak tagalog?
52 Which composer was nickname the Red Priest?
53 Wolves, Curlews, Bulls and Ravens the first groups of what?
54 Which instrument does a cymbalist play?
55 What is made by the crush tear curl process?
56 Bovine is cow like but what does hircine refer to?
57 A speed stick measure the speed of what?
58 President Kennedy was shot in Dallas in what type of car?
59 In mythology what is the offspring of a God and mortal called?
60 Where would you find an intrados?
61 The young are called widgets, females fifinellas what are they?
62 Which part of a boar is called a wreath?
63 Pooler Jones, Lazy Plate, Jayne Hill, Buckthorn types of what?
64 In Japan what is jigai?
65 Which company had slogan You don't win silver you lose gold?
66 In what is the Shannon trophy competed for?
67 Which island gets its name from the Portuguese for bearded?
68 John Le Carr invented what common term used in espionage?
69 Crystal City in Texas put up a statue to what cartoon character?
70 Which international companies logo is exactly 42  dots?
71 The Sydney Olympic torch showed a boomerang and what else?
72 Greeks longest, Japans shortest and Saudi Arabia none what?
73 "Broom" Bromden an Indian narrates which famous book?
74 What was Butch Cassidy's original profession?
75 Chinese call it little mouse, Danes Swedes elephants trunk?
76 Whose business was ran from 2222  South Wabash?
77 Which literary character takes his name from Latin for nobody?
78 Which companies first product was an electric rice cooker?
79 What was the Latin word for wheel - now a common transport?
80 Panchaguni is the Indian God of what art?
81 What are Manhattan, Apollo, Hedwig, Cartman, Guinness?
82 Don Hoeffler coined what phrase in Electronic News in 1971?
83 What beverage named after the UK Prime Minister of the 1830 s?
84 You have head of what's ebay translate to in Russian?
85 Traditionally Lamborghini Miura and Diablo are named for what?
86 Narton is a mixture baking soda and salt what was it used for?
87 All the Richard Hannay books got their titles from where?
88 Whose film debut was Jennings in Revenge of the Creature 1955?
89 What are studied by hymenopterists?
90 What gift given on behalf Saudi Arabia King to Mecca pilgrims?
91 What counties national drink is called aizag pronounced I shag?
92 Which cowboys middle names were Berry Stapp?
93 What did Sir Humphry Davy say was his best discovery?
94 Which organisation began in converted toilet in central London?
95 What gets its name from the Greek meaning large catapult?
96 Where is the Isle of Pelicans?
97 Where would you find the titmus test?
98 What is the Chinese word for wind?
99 What or where was original deadline?
100 Where is Landino spoken?

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