I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have. Quiz 82

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I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have. Quiz 82

 I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have. Quiz 82

Here is another  Quiz to tingle your brain.

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1 The Undiscovered Country a Star Trek title taken from where?
2 David Cornwell is better known as which author?
3 Puccini's Turendot is set in which country?
4 If you have a viral infection of the parotid glands what is it?
5 Ophidiophobia is the fear of what?
6 Collective nouns - A glint of what?
7 Pal Hewson became more famous as who?
8 Which island is also known as the apple isle?
9 Who was nicknamed The Great Communicator?
10 Tiramisu is a coffee desert but what does it literally mean?
11 In what game would you nurdle scrunge or carnovsky?
12 Where would you find racettes?
13 Why did Disney recall his first celluloid Donald Duck toys?
14 Which South American country does not border the Pacific?
15 What is the largest moon in our solar system?
16 What is the characteristic of an aphyllus plant?
17 Plantalgia is pain where?
18 In which film did we meet Baron Numpsi as the villain?
19 What religion was Adolf Hitler?
20 Poison oak and ivy belong to which general family?
21 Bognor Java gets is on average 322  days annually what?
22 Epiphany Christian feast 6 th Jan translates from Greek as what?
23 Progress through Pain was whose motto?
24 Which American city is nicknamed The Birthplace of Aviation?
25 Mastigophobia is the fear of what?
26 A woman has Hisdoy syndrome what has she got?
27 Who had a hit in the UK singing about the Streets of London?
28 What does CMOS stand for in a computer?
29 Prova from provolone means what?
30 Saint Augustine first argued for what?
31 What original story begins Aladdin was a little Chinese boy?
32 In the Vietnam war what was the signal US to evacuate Saigon?
33 Games Slater invented what?
34 The group Simply Red were named after what?
35 Virginia Patterson Hensley became more famous as who?
36 Which worlds city is known as The Golden City?
37 The earliest paper written in Latin is a woman's writing what?
38 Every year there's a ton for every person in the world of what?
39 Thomas Jefferson's home has a hidden what? illegal in his time?
40 Which country contains every type of climate in the world?
41 All soldiers of every country do it  -  do what?
42 The Soviet Sukhoi-34  fighter was the worlds first with what?
43 The are six sides on a standard one - a standard what?
44 Westminster Abbey is dedicated to who?
45 Hokusai and Hiroshige were famous Japanese what?
46 Reverend Marcus Morris founded which UK comic in the 50 s?
47 Where would you find Queen Maud Land?
48 Who played the doctor in the rock opera Tommy?
49 King George III is remembered in which children's nursery rhyme?
50 Lygophobia is the fear of what?
51 In what country was the paperclip invented?
52 What is the flavour of a piri-piri sauce?
53 Which organisation has been selling racehorses since 1176?
54 Which early rock singer was nicknamed killer?
55 Names from jobs - Baker Cook obvious what did a Mercer do?
56 What title has the wife of an earl?
57 La Celestina was the first one in Spain the first what?
58 According to Guinness book what's measured in Milli-Helens?
59 What word originally meant a dark cosmetic eye powder?
60 In ancient Sparta what was the penalty for bachelorhood?
61 In Disney's Jungle book name four vultures?
62 1994  Christies sold what piece of Elvis memorabilia for $41400?
63 What is the highest waterfall in the Alps?
64 Woodpusher, fish and patzer derogatory words for a bad what?
65 Which US state drinks the least beer per capita?
66 Collective nouns - A wiggle of what?
67 Farok Pluto Bulsara became more famous as who?
68 Which actor made his debut in the 1958  film Cry Baby Killer?
69 A computer does a POST what is a post?
70 What French word means liquor is half frozen?
71 In Spain what is manchego?
72 Who was known as the Queen of Folk Music?
73 Collective nouns - A shiver of what?
74 Linda Hunt won an Oscar Year of Living Dangerously what 1 st?
75 Norwegian Sigerson, Spy Altamont, Sea Captain Basil all who?
76 Where is the only digital rolex watch in the world?
77 In Kiplings How the Leopard got its Spots name the Leopard?
78 What do the Chinese regard as the highest form of visual art?
79 Vestiophobia is the fear of what?
80 In the UK marmite is a spread but what is a marmite in France?
81 Name Donald Ducks father?
82 The film Cleopatra was banned in Egypt in 1963  why?
83 What would an antipyrhettic drug be used for?
84 In music who decided that an octave should have eight notes?
85 What is the Latin word for to roll?
86 Which garment traditionally contains eight sections of material?
87 What international airport is identified by the letters CCU?
88 Which part of the body will expand three times when excited?
89 In computing what is the smallest movement of a mouse called?
90 What item would you see on the flag of Malta?
91 Sameer Bhatia from Bangalore began what service?
92 Who was known as the Father of Science Fiction?
93 Winnie the Pooh lived where?
94 Sufferers from lambdacism cannot do what?
95 Pierce Brosnens contract stops him doing what in any other film?
96 Spielberg named the shark in Jaws Bruce why?
97 Barajas is the main airport - where?
98 Sterlet is the rarest most expensive what?
99 Robert Langford Modini became more famous as who?
100 Collective nouns - A congress or flange of what?

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