Great eaters and great sleepers are incapable of anything else that is great. Quiz81

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Great eaters and great sleepers are incapable of anything else that is great. Quiz81

 Great eaters and great sleepers are incapable of anything else that is great. Quiz81

Here is another  Quiz to tingle your brain and provide it great food :)

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1 In the cartoon Scooby Do what is Scrappy Do's battle cry?
2 What was innovative about Co-op winter warmer ale?
3 In the UK they are butter beans what in the USA?
4 Who said I've had a talent for irritating women since I was 14?
5 Peter Sellers played Clouseau but who dropped the role?
6 Parorexia is the desire for what?
7 What job links Kris Kristoffensen and Gene Roddenbery?
8 Legend says tortellini was created to honour what part of Venus?
9 Who invented the dumb waiter?
10 What was the top grossing film of the 60 s?
11 In 2000  what word was written on Sydney bridge in fireworks?
12 STDs are the most costly health problem in the USA what's 2 nd?
13 Scarlet O'Hara had what original first name?
14 Who wrote the post nuclear war novel On the Beach?
15 In ancient Rome what could be candida, picta, pulla or virilis?
16 Name the one person who has won a Nobel and an Oscar?
17 First used in Salt Lake 1980 s what was a jarvik?
18 Excluding the what word appears most in Bond film titles?
19 Which character did not appear in the cartoon Star Trek?
20 What is a casaba?
21 A screwdriver becomes a fuzzy screw when you add what?
22 Hungarian doctor Karolyn Maria Beekert coined what word 1869?
23 Pine, Beach, Stone, Sable or American types of what creature?
24 Name Roman soldier who is supposed to have stabbed Jesus?
25 What can be a font, architectural style or novel type?
26 What is Colombo's first name?
27 Boothby blonde, China long, straight 8  varieties of what?
28 Santiago is the capitol of Chile what does it mean?
29 The ancient Egyptians worshiped a sky Goddess name her?
30 Aprosexia is the abnormal inability to do what?
31 Peter George wrote Two Hours to Doom filmed as what?
32 Hugh Hefner and Katherine Hepburn both had degrees in what?
33 What is a hen of the woods?
34 Which film of the 70 s received the most Oscars?
35 In Hindu mythology Meru is equal to what Greek site?
36 357  UK roads are specially marked to protect what?
37 In China its 19  grams but in Denmark 42  grams average what?
38 Name the smurf spin off characters that live underwater?
39 One quarter of people who lose sense of small also lose what?
40 Which vegetable has the highest sugar content?
41 Quarter oz whiskey half ounce sloe gin makes a black what?
42 Which tough guy actor was once a drop hammer operator?
43 Which group govern in a plutocracy?
44 In western palmistry the index finger is linked to which planet?
45 The Central Perk Café appears in which TV series?
46 What does sputnik literally mean?
47 The Volga is Europe longest river what is the second longest?
48 An archangel cat has what colour coat?
49 What instrument did Glen Miller play?
50 Debby Boone sang the No 1  song of the 70 s name it?
51 In Ecuador if you were served tronquito what have you eaten?
52 From Here to Eternity gets its name from a poem by who?
53 Where would you find a coffin joint?
54 What phenomenon do cereologists study?
55 In 1995  what was the most common name given to girls in USA?
56 And again in 1995  what was the one given to boys in USA?
57 Which Shakespeare play ends in marriage of Benedict Beatrice?
58 Lord Lovat was the last in England to do what?
59 Name the cowardly member of Dick Dastardly's squadron?
60 What is the correct topping for a pastitsio?
61 Mojo is a Filipino what?
62 In 1940 s California it was illegal to serve alcohol to who?
63 Name actor fired as no star quality because of big Adams apple?
64 What was Buddy Hollies current single when he died?
65 Who wrote April is the cruellest month in poem The Wasteland?
66 What is 40  in Roman numerals?
67 What is a shubunkin?
68 What was the first company formed to manufacture motor cars?
69 Which brother sister won Wimbledon mixed doubles in 1980?
70 Alicante, Money-maker and Ailsa Craig varieties of what?
71 Be prepared is the boy scout motto what's the girl guides motto?
72 Again in Ecuador if you were served cuy what have you eaten?
73 In military terms what is a SLR?
74 London and which UK city are joined by the Grand Union canal?
75 Who wrote the children's story The Old man of Lochnagar?
76 What are the devils bones?
77 Name Tina Turners solo comeback album of 1984?
78 What was the first nationally released film with a PG 13  rating?
79 On a poll 50 % men said sex in bed favourite 20 % females what female favourite?
80 What is the main ingredient of a booyah?
81 What does the VO on a bottle of Seagrams stand for?
82 What actor was once fruit picker iceman truck driver propman?
83 USA supreme court 1962  said who cant be imprisoned - illegal?
84 How did Scrooge McDuck earn his first dime?
85 What is the currency of Turkey?
86 The word planet comes from Greek what's it literally mean?
87 Sailors round the horn - off which country are they doing it?
88 American comes from USA what someone from Monaco called?
89 On an ordinance survey map what does a H in circle represent?
90 Which fashion designer said - A woman is as old as her knee?
91 A professional boxer is limited to 36  feet - feet of what?
92 On the Beaufort scale 8  represents what?
93 What is the capitol of Belarus?
94 Soyuz was a soviet spacecraft but what's it literally mean?
95 Which American author wrote The turn of the Screw?
96 Who sang about Angel in a Centrefold?
97 Who first starred in the film The Boy in the Plastic Bubble?
98 Surveyed 70 % of US females said they preferred this to sex what?
99 Which English speaking country consumes most table wine per?
100 What are garbanzo beans also known as?

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