Never give in. Never. Never. Never. Never. Quiz 86

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Never give in. Never. Never. Never. Never. Quiz 86

 Never give in. Never. Never. Never. Never. Quiz 86

Here is another  Quiz to tingle your brain.

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1 In which sport would you hear the term bedposts?
2 What, specifically, won't Meatloaf do for love?
3 In Australia what is the second Sunday in May?
4 What's the only crime that the church would not grant sanctuary?
5 Zero on a roulette wheel is what colour?
6 Name Homer Simpsons bowling team?
7 In Troy measurement a pennyweight contains 24  what?
8 Orthography is the study of what?
9 Pentlandite is the main ore providing which metal?
10 In the Hindu pantheon Hanuman is the King of which creatures?
11 Which gas discovered in 1898  has a name meaning new?
12 Name the national rugby team of Argentina?
13 How many equal angles has a scalene triangle?
14 Mandarin and Peter Pan are which parts of a garment?
15 Who is the Egyptian God of the dead?
16 Who played Domino in Never say Never Again?
17 The Adventure Gallery was whose ship?
18 Alls Well That Ends Well original title of which classic novel?
19 Amahl and the Night Visitors was first opera written for what?
20 In which sport would you hear the term cleek?
21 Frosties Tony the Tiger had a Son Tony Jr and a daughter name?
22 Who was the last amateur to win US tennis open 1968?
23 Name the first British show to air on US autumn prime time?
24 Who were the first pop stars to appear in Madam Tussaud's?
25 What gets its name from the Aztec meaning bitter water?
26 Which company launched the first clone of an IBM pc in 1982?
27 Which song won first Oscar when the category was intro 1934?
28 In MASH name Radars pet mouse?
29 Distinguished Information Cross is whose highest bravery award?
30 Wiley E Coyote chases roadrunner what does the E stand for?
31 Which religions name means The way of the Gods?
32 Where can Americans always see the time as 4 .10?
33 By Olympic rules what must have 14  feathers?
34 February 25 th 1990  what was banned in the US?
35 Johannes Ostermeir invented which photographic aid?
36 In the US what links Fort McHenry with the moon?
37 In Disney's 1973  animated Robin Hood what creature was Robin?
38 Saint Louis police department first used it in 1904  - what?
39 Who wrote the novel the Cyborg - Basis of the $6  million man?
40 In which sport would you hear the term shilling?
41 What does roulette literally mean?
42 Where did you play with Ben, Pauline and Michele?
43 Name the first baseball player to have his number (4 ) retired?
44 Gobo was the male cousin of which Disney character?
45 Ops was the wife of which Roman God?
46 The Beatles film Help was dedicated to the inventor of what?
47 Andrea Hollen was the first woman in US to do what?
48 What was Americas first organised sport?
49 What was John Fitzgerald Kennedy's campaign song in 1960?
50 Name Indian chief who rode in Roosevelt's inaugural procession?
51 Name (in the US) Denis the Menaces cat?
52 Where could you find a 1925  humpmobile car?
53 Which is the only middle eastern county without a desert?
54 Liquid Sunshine was the original slogan of which product?
55 Who nicknamed his gun Lucrettia Borgia cos it killed everything?
56 What was the first ABC TV series rated No 1  for full season?
57 Name the companion of the cartoon character Secret Squirrel?
58 Who was codenamed Napoleon by the secret service?
59 What is sometimes known as Goober Grease?
60 In which sport would they use the term straight handle?
61 What was the first creature put on the endangered species list?
62 In what TV series did we meet Perry Masonry?
63 Ellen Marrenner became more famous as who?
64 What was Hitchcock's first film in colour?
65 Whose favourite poodle was called Rufus?
66 What scene is included for good luck in most of Spielberg films?
67 Beatles were 1 st UK group on Ed Sullivan who was second?
68 Who were originally The Sons of Daniel Boone?
69 Name the first golfer to officially earn over $1  million a year?
70 Mary Surratt what the first woman to do what in US?
71 Whose normal heartbeat is 242  per minute?
72 In 1969  who formed tangerine records?
73 February 21 st 1878  the first what was published in New Haven?
74 Yoon-Mi Kim Olympic gold aged 13  years 83  days what sport?
75 The clusec is the unit measuring the power of what?
76 Three what appear on the Connecticut state flag?
77 What do the Germans now celebrate on October 3 rd?
78 When are you most likely to see a penumbra?
79 Storm Warning the only film in which this Actress killed who?
80 In which sport would they use the term crotch ball?
81 What was Disney's first non animated live action film?
82 Zaire diverted roads to avoid disturbing communities of what?
83 Who invented the word pandemonium?
84 Who is the Greek equivalent of the Roman Jupiter?
85 Who or what was introduced to the USA in 1964?
86 Augusto Pinochet was the ruler of which country?
87 Giovidi is what day in Italian?
88 Hank Ballard and the Midnights first released what in 1960?
89 In church terms what are saucers?
90 Where were Panama hats first made?
91 What does a kymograph measure?
92 Name the dark lord in Lord of the Rings?
93 What is the ninth letter of the Greek alphabet?
94 Schschpiel is what game in Germany?
95 The Greek Goddess Ephesus is the Goddess of what?
96 Theophilus Van Kannal invented what in 1888  in Philadelphia?
97 Which actor appeared in drag in two Marlene Dietrich films?
98 Who was the first rock band to perform at NY Opera house?
99 What was the name of the cab company in Taxi?
100 In which sport would you hear the term Intente?

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