No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. Quiz 87

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No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. Quiz 87

 No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. Quiz 87

Here is another  Quiz to tingle your brain.

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1 In which county would you find Fuqing?
2 Who wrote the three act opera The Rakes Progress?
3 In the Bible Jael murdered Sisera using what weapon?
4 Anna Maria Louisa Italiano became famous as who?
5 The Stanley cup was not awarded in 1919  what stopped it?
6 In the US 20 % of all lightning strike deaths occur where?
7 Who first appeared in the cartoon strip Thimble Theatre?
8 What was the most popular Xmas gift in 1913?
9 In Watership Down rabbit language what is a hrududu?
10 In which county would you find Ars?
11 What do Beavis and Butt-head have on their T shirts?
12 What is the most popular South American aphrodisiac?
13 In the Phantom of the Opera how does the Phantom sign notes?
14 What links Alex, Ben, Chrissie and Quint?
15 Whose biography is over 8 .5  million words long?
16 In Judaism there are 3  cardinal sins Idolatry Adultery and what?
17 Which singer was known as Little Miss Dynamite?
18 Henry Harley Arnold was the first US pilot to do what?
19 Name Jennifer Anniston's Godfather?
20 In which American state is Wankers Corner?
21 In the 1920 s what was a Chicago Overcoat?
22 English festival word from French literally Farewell to Flesh?
23 Where did you find cherry strawberry orange apple grape bird?
24 Which actor refused the leading role in Laurence of Arabia?
25 On Donavan's Mellow Yellow who did the whispering vocal?
26 John Chapman was the real name of someone famous in Ohio?
27 What star, most popular of 1925  was born in a trench in France?
28 Australians call someone from where a cockroach?
29 What did Peter Sellers use as an ink blotter in Pink Panther?
30 What country would you go to find Pervy Shag?
31 What is or who carries a flabellum?
32 Pentagon doublespeak what is combat emplacement evacuator?
33 Who was a knight of the order of the inverted dragon in Hungary?
34 In which city is the worlds longest skating rink - rideau canal?
35 The black and white episode of Chicago Hope is a tribute to who?
36 In legend what did Cleopatra have her mattress stuffed with?
37 Name first female top US single / album charts simultaneously?
38 Actor Howard Hughs called pay toilet didn't give shit nothing?
39 What bird uses its tongue to spear food?
40 Coq Bang can be found in which country?
41 In the Snoopy cartoons what does Lucy offer in her booth?
42 And what does she charge?
43 Who are the largest candy consumers per capita?
44 In the Vietnam war Comic Books was US military slang for what?
45 Which tennis winner also won a Winter Olympics silver medal?
46 Name the hummingbird in Disney's Pocahontas?
47 1996  3  highest earning sportsman Michael Jordan, Tyson and who?
48 What type of shoes does the Pope usually wear?
49 What was the theme song of the film The Grapes of Wrath?
50 Where in the world would you find Cumbum?
51 In which Australian state is Tittybong?
52 What books original title 4 .5  years struggle against lies stupidity & co?
53 Name Chewbacca's son - seen Star wars holiday special 1978?
54 Nipper is the RCA dog in the US what's he known as in the UK?
55 What is the most populous domesticated creature in the US?
56 Hares, cats, toads, newts, owls, ferrets all accused of what?
57 1970  who announced he was entering a clinic for a sex change?
58 Which US president twice served as an executioner?
59 Muckle John was the last official royal one in England - what?
60 Shagaganda sounds like molesting a goose - but where is it?
61 Portland Rosebuds were the first US team to do what?
62 Klaus Voormann designed the cover for which Beatles album?
63 According to Earth Medicine what's the birth totem for march?
64 Which country has no national monetary unit of it's own?
65 Name the first storm 19  June 1978  called after a man?
66 How did Miss Piggy tell the difference between love and lust?
67 Christopher Proudfoot owns worlds largest collection of what?
68 If you shout Tsuki what sport are you practicing?
69 In the film Bambi what is Bambi's first word?
70 Two possible answers - in which country would you find Shit?
71 Australians call someone from where a croweater?
72 Old Lyme Connecticut has a museum dedicated to what?
73 Which artist is supposed to have used 1000  greens in painting?
74 In the USA domestic violence peaks on what day of the year?
75 In song who is the man who made Eastwood such a star?
76 What first happened on January 4 th 1885  Davenport Iowa?
77 Pooh loves honey but which creature loves watercress?
78 Who has a tattoo saying Starland Vocal Band?
79 The African Queen Bogart Hepburn but who should it have been?
80 Rim Butte sounds like something sexual - in which US state?
81 December 73  Switzerland has 6 .6?
82 In the US its 911  in the UK 999  what in Australia?
83 In the 1920 s cars built in Bennington had what safety device?
84 Life Love Cows French translation of which film?
85 Which language never have spelling contests - spell as sounded?
86 Which 80 s song is still the most requested at US weddings?
87 1978  a 100  yard long queue outside Peeking bookstore selling what?
88 In heraldry a lybbard is a lion panther cross symbolising what?
89 What did Teddy Roosevelt ban from the White House?
90 Naturally we got to find a place called Fuka - Where?
91 Which author whose name means flowering tree got OBE?
92 Name actor called The voice of Canada - had 1964  hit Ringo?
93 Only Hawaii, Utah and Tennessee dont have some form of what?
94 Until 1965  what was illegal for Connecticut married couples?
95 A can of orange crush appears on every episode what TV series?
96 What town has the highest post office in the US?
97 What is the most varied species on the planet?
98 Police Academy got its theme song from which other film?
99 Which US states constitution was the first to prohibit slavery?
100 Finally a good old body sound where is Farta?

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