Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me. Quiz 90

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Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me. Quiz 90

 Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me. Quiz 90

Here is another  Quiz to tingle your brain.

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1 In the Jewish religion where are shellfish and pork kosher?
2 What is the most popular last name in France?
3 What was the first shoe brand name to go into Oxford dictionary?
4 Fred Waller patented what sporting equipment?
5 Who began his career as The Worlds Worst Juggler?
6 Which cities name means End of the elephants trunk?
7 Who was the first woman to win an acting Emmy in a sf series?
8 What is the most assigned book / play  in English classes?
9 Name the Shakespeare play with a city in Greece in name?
10 In the Bible Cain built a city named after his son what?
11 Amor Vincit Omnia a Latin phrase meaning what?
12 Theatre at the stairway is the translation of which place?
13 Where is Bonnie Prince Charlie buried?
14 Where are you if you land at Norman Manley airport?
15 In the human body what is produced by the parotid glands?
16 What was the first magazine to publish a hologram on it's cover?
17 What is Britain's most commonly planted tree?
18 Who was nicknamed The Admiral of the Mosquitoes?
19 33 % of worlds population can't do what apparently simple thing?
20 What type of large vehicle is named after a Hindu God?
21 Who spoke for the first time in a Bugs Bunny cartoon in 1951?
22 Lord Harry, Old Billy, Queed, Skipper, Toast nicknames for who?
23 The Chinese scattered firecrackers around the house - why?
24 Who was shot and killed in saloon number ten?
25 What is the most popular jukebox song of all time?
26 Which spies name translates as Eye of the Dawn?
27 What would a rhinotillexomaniac be doing?
28 Cornbread, Turkey and Sweet potatoes made up the first what?
29 Which Clint Eastwood film has the most killings (65 )?
30 Russia has one but the US has at least six - what?
31 ACII, Stockless, Mushroom and Plough types of what?
32 February 1999  what was the fastest growing religion in the US?
33 In Pac Man eating what was worth 5000  points?
34 What common item has a coil, point, sheath and two shafts?
35 In which country are the most flowers bought per capita?
36 What is the moons astronomical name?
37 Ignoring cats what large animals purr when they are happy?
38 Carnegie Melon University only one offers a degree in what?
39 Where in the US by law do you not have to pay taxes?
40 Where are Gene Roddenberrys ashes?
41 Advertising slogan - No one ever got fired for buying what?
42 Where is the original Spa?
43 What 3  inventions do Americans say they cant live without?
44 Where in the world can you find Friday before Thursday?
45 Where would you find a breast, fore, spring and after spring?
46 What sport originally meant in French, look here?
47 In Dukes of Hazard boys drove General Lee name Daisies jeep?
48 Evidence of the first recorded brothel was found in which city?
49 Which two letter word is the most sacred in Hinduism?
50 What is the most chosen name for US schools sports teams?
51 Who was the first choice to play Beverley Hills Cop?
52 What occupation had the most fatal work injuries in US in 1994?
53 What did sailors often have tattooed on backs to stop flogging?
54 Where would you find lagan?
55 How did King Arthur acquire the round table?
56 What is the only Bible book referred to in a Shakespeare play?
57 Harry Rosoll created which famous bear?
58 What did J Edgar Hoover bar people from walking on?
59 Car racing and what sport were banned in the USA during WW2?
60 Al Alcorn wrote which famous computer program / game?
61 In what country is Peter II of Yugoslavia buried?
62 Asian moon rat is the only animal smells like a veg which one?
63 In Winnie the Pooh what's the name over the door Pooh's house?
64 Which old time TV cop had a middle name of Aloysius?
65 In the comic Fantastic Four what was Things character name?
66 Which countries name comes from the Arawak word for central?
67 Norman Bean became famous as which author?
68 Francis Galton first classified what?
69 Brent blend is a widely traded commodity - what is it?
70 At Roman feasts which birds tongues were delicacies?
71 Tessenjutsu is a martial art based on the use of what item?
72 Which common item  was banned by law in Bermuda until 1948?
73 Who sells more cars than Ford Chrysler Chevrolet and Buick?
74 We know what a moussaka is but what does it literally mean?
75 French in tennis love means 0  but what did it originally mean?
76 Name was Richard Kimble's favourite alias in the TV series?
77 In Alabama its illegal to have more than 3  what in your house?
78 Twos company threes a crowd what do four and five make?
79 On a carving in Coventry Cathedral what did Lady Godiva ride?
80 Bengal Dimension 6  Falcon 3  possible names what was chosen?
81 Which US states name means meadowland?
82 What creature is nicknamed the old man of the sea?
83 What did the word hussy originally mean?
84 The Alley Cats was the working title of which TV show?
85 Which city had the world first public bus service?
86 In UK 9  out of 10  people live within walking distance of what?
87 75 % industrial accidents happen to people who ain't done what?
88 Swine is a Chinese brand name of which food?
89 What keeps growing until you are 35  then starts to shrink?
90 Which is the only bird that drops it's upper eyelid to blink?
91 What company created the gif image file format?
92 What was Vincent Price's first horror film?
93 Which skill uses things called chain singles and doubles?
94 Name the profession most often late for doctors appointments?
95 The average American consumes 9 lbs of what every year?
96 Which cartoon company is based in Walla Walla Washington?
97 In Korea what is ssirum?
98 In the human body what is replaced every three months?
99 What is the top holiday in the US for candy / sweet sales?
100 Which US state flag is triangular in shape?

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