Nothing happens until something moves. Quiz 89

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Nothing happens until something moves. Quiz 89

 Nothing happens until something moves. Quiz 89

Here is another  Quiz to tingle your brain.

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1 Colonel Meriweather Lewis Clark Jr developed rules for what in US?
2 What, according the Mark Twain, is a stomach Steinway?
3 The worlds first what opened in Brighton England in 1897?
4 Where was the canning process for fish first developed?
5 Where or what is a birds lore?
6 Which three word catchphrase is most universally recognised?
7 US civil war what disease incorrectly treated by ink injections?
8 Preparing to invade Japan in WW2  the US ordered 400000  what?
9 What are Blue Professor, Bottle Imp and Rat Faced McDougal?
10 Chrometrophobia is the fear of what?
11 Name Bilbo Baggins mother?
12 Rocky and Bullwinkle enemies are Boris Badenov and who?
13 In Baseball slang who would use The tools of Ignorance?
14 Which American poet was also a surgeon?
15 What do you do to see phosphenes?
16 In Equatorial Guinea its illegal to name your child what?
17 What in London are the Whitechaple, Courtald and Heywood?
18 Which word meaning crop growing comes from Latin to plough?
19 What is unusual about the crab eating seal?
20 Bascule cantilever suspension all types of what?
21 If a dish is served pomontier what does it contain?
22 Which seven letter word in English contains all five vowels?
23 Which country has the most daily newspapers?
24 What profession receives the Pritzker prize?
25 Saint Bibiana is the Patron Saint of what?
26 In the UK 60 % of pets have what?
27 How is the Olympic torch lit?
28 What shape is cansonsei pasta?
29 Dead mans hand was Aces and Eights plus which other card?
30 Charles Atlas promised to make you a new man - what system?
31 Name US mountain range comes from French At the Bows?
32 Red headed men are more likely than others to do what?
33 Which Sanskrit phrase means love story?
34 What is Pennsylvania's main agricultural export?
35 Persia became Iran in 1935  what was it before it was Persia?
36 Grand Turk is the name of the ship - where would you see it?
37 The French call it The Casserole what do we call it?
38 Where would you see CDEFLOPDZ?
39 Furritus Latin for little thieves the name for which creature?
40 Which film begins Friday December 11 th 2 .43?
41 What is the most common food allergen?
42 What's the biggest source of pollution in Lake Ontario?
43 What phrase did Quantum Leap's Sam Beckett use in every show?
44 Every year 30000  US people are seriously injured by what?
45 Who coined the term security blanket?
46 India has the largest Hindu population what country has second?
47 Where did we see a snorkasaurus?
48 Your suffering from circadian dysrhythmia what have you got?
49 Name most performed opera at London opera House since 1833?
50 Which garment gets it's name from the Latin to cover?
51 Which country has the highest % of women in their legislature?
52 The Pentagon accidentally ordered 82  year supply of which food?
53 What did Barbie do in 1977?
54 What first appeared at the 1928  Winter Olympics?
55 Laurence Tureaud became more famous as who?
56 What is the most chemically complex food - over 300  chemicals?
57 What's the word for the front of a dogs chest and joint of beef?
58 Which comic character is both a princess and a prince?
59 Which recreational activity causes the most bone fractures?
60 Which creature has a carapace and a plastron?
61 Unfortunate names - Pansy was a brand of what sold in China?
62 In the US what was the last brand of cigarettes to be advertised on TV?
63 Italy Schiaffetoni Rosetti and Crusetti Sicily what pasta type?
64 In a museum La Crosse Kansas is Crandals Champion what?
65 My Word were the final words of which famous TV character?
66 Name the pet peacock on The Walton's?
67 Which building material gets its name from Arabic for the brick?
68 In which city is the oldest Zoo in the world still in use?
69 Dinner Time by Paul Terry was which cartoon first?
70 Which country has the highest per capita divorce rate?
71 A sufferer from boanthropy believes he is what?
72 In 1939  in the US what was the first patented plant?
73 Collective nouns - a pace of what creatures?
74 Who was the first UK solo artist to have a US number 1  hit?
75 What shape is canestrelli pasta?
76 Yvon Petra 1946  was the last Wimbledon champion to do what?
77 A nervous kangaroo licks its where?
78 Jesus was born in Bethlehem what does Bethlehem mean?
79 In the Texas version 12  Days Xmas what is given on the 4 th day?
80 Borborygmus is the medical name for what?
81 When Dino was Fred's pet what was Barney's called?
82 What is the leading cause of death in Papua New Guinea?
83 In which country did a foot deodorant get elected into office?
84 Proportionately which creature has the largest brain?
85 Where is the worlds largest gay festival held annually?
86 Who was the first athlete to have an animated cartoon series?
87 Bob, Wally, Alice and Asok can be found in which strip cartoon?
88 Which group were derided as The poor mans Rolling Stones?
89 After the US civil war what was known as the soldiers disease?
90 Who was the first character to speak in Star Wars?
91 Elwood Edwards voice is heard by AOL users - where?
92 Link Apollo, Ghengis Khan and Abraham Lincoln on TV?
93 What do the 4  of top 10  children's authors have in common?
94 Palmolive promised to help women keep what?
95 Who was shown on the most popular US postal stamp of 1998?
96 Which kind of flower has the most species?
97 In the US what's the most common reason for a visit to ER?
98 Which country has the most cellular phones per capita?
99 On TV who worked at Otto's Auto Orphanage?
100 Their technical name are hydrometeors what's common name?

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