Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can. Quiz 92

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Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can. Quiz 92

 Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can. Quiz 92

Here is another  Quiz to tingle your brain.

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1 Trismus is a muscular spasm where in the body?
2 In films who could win the Golden Boot award?
3 What do the initials IOU stand for on an IOU?
4 A fagotist is a person who does what?
5 What are popcorn, moss and seed?
6 Which food item contains the most residual pesticides?
7 In the US what job has an average IQ of 104?
8 Great Brother is the Chinese translation of which drug?
9 Which English name produces the most nicknames?
10 Which fruit is the symbol of hospitality?
11 Which city is built on 118  islands?
12 Before it meant tall building what did skyscraper mean?
13 Rudolf the red nosed reindeer had a girlfriend - name her?
14 Which author sold most books in the first half of 20 th century?
15 In which sport is the Lugano trophy awarded?
16 Which song is performed at start Indiana Jones Temple of Doom?
17 Amnesic, Diarrhetic and Paralytic main types of what poisoning?
18 Donald Baxter McMillan compiled the first what dictionary?
19 In 1950  what character was on first metal lunchbox in the US?
20 And in 1985  who was on the last one produced?
21 Which US state has the highest divorce rate?
22 What was the first publicly televised sporting event in Japan?
23 If you have a buccula what have you got?
24 Which insect is the symbol of female potency?
25 Optiphone, Lustreer and Mirascope early names for which item?
26 The name of which fabric comes from the Persian word for spun?
27 What job does an Oikologiost do?
28 In 1969  Sport was the first magazine to run an ad for what?
29 Purple green gold are the official colours which annual event?
30 What is Homer Simpsons greatest fear?
31 Cassius Marcellus Coolidge painted which famous paintings?
32 Why was McDonalds fillet of fish invented?
33 Lusophone describes countries whose main language is what?
34 Where would you see analog watches showing 10 .10?
35 In WW1  what warning device was on the top of Eiffel Tower?
36 According to doctors people with what pets fall asleep easiest?
37 What is sometimes referred to as Zulu time?
38 What was originally called olive oil water?
39 Average US male does it in 11 .4?
40 Nylon was invented in 1934  what product first used it?
41 Who was the original choice to play the terminator?
42 What rivers name translates as river of hate?
43 The average what is designed to last for 180  wearings?
44 What is the full name of Batman's butler?
45 On which annual day do most heart attacks occur?
46 What is the name for the number 1  followed by 100?
47 Who invented wax paper?
48 What is the name of Porky Pigs nephew?
49 Ancel Keys developed which US soldiers item?
50 If you suffered from acronyx what have you got?
51 What was the first TV theme song to hit number one US charts?
52 Brownie Wise first cover woman on Business week developed what?
53 What was the first food designed for the microwave?
54 In the US what was the first TV test symbol?
55 Which painters work is the most stolen?
56 Name award shaped like a teapot with a skull and crossbones?
57 What does Abraham Lincoln never do in any photographs?
58 Pif Paf Pof is the Dutch equivalent of which English phrase?
59 Before 1687  clocks never had what?
60 What is the most profitable section in supermarkets?
61 The average American eats 5666  what in their lifetime?
62 Who is the spouse of the Duke of Normandy?
63 Which old English time unit is 1 .5?
64 In Las Vegas which gambling thing generates the most profit?
65 What colour is Queen Elizabeth's blotting paper?
66 Where can you find Clippit?
67 In the 13 th century European children were baptised with what?
68 Which popular cartoon strip has never included an adult?
69 What is the most common street name in the USA?
70 According to one estimate Benjamin Franklin had 24  what?
71 Before tennis what drew spectators to Wimbledon?
72 Which famous ship and whiskeys name means short underskirt?
73 Beethoven gave up what while writing his ninth symphony?
74 In 1776  the first union went on strike in the US what job?
75 Name the first foreign company to open a factory in the USA?
76 Whose secretary was Loelia Ponsonby?
77 Who was Mussolini's favourite cartoon character?
78 According to truck drivers which US state has the worst drivers?
79 Name Frosty the Snowman's son?
80 What's most commonly used password on computer systems?
81 Who was the first trapeze artist to perform without a net?
82 If you suffer from protanopia you cannot see what?
83 What occurs in September and December more than any other month?
84 Alectryomanchy is another name for what banned UK 1849?
85 In Bewitched Aunt Clara had a collection of what?
86 For what was Joan of Arc made a Saint?
87 What was the most bombed place in WW2?
88 As a performer what one thing would Elvis never do?
89 The word Utopia from Greek means what?
90 Wife Beware in 1933  was the first film shown where?
91 What did Einstein call "the most difficult thing to understand"?
92 Firefly, Longhorn, Harlequin and Tortoise types of what?
93 El Dago was the name of whose first private plane?
94 Mentu Egyptian Tyr Norse Gods of what?
95 Disney's Pluto (nee Rover) was originally whose pet dog?
96 Who is only artist that toured with Elvis, Beatles and Eagles?
97 What is the most used expression in any language on earth?
98 In US what sporting good outsells Base Basket and Footballs?
99 On what common item would you find a worm?
100 What is the only creature born with horns?

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