Success doesn’t come to you. You go to it. Quiz 93

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Success doesn’t come to you. You go to it. Quiz 93

 Success doesn’t come to you. You go to it. Quiz 93

Here is another  Quiz to tingle your brain.

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1 In CHIPS what make of motorcycles did they ride?
2 Where is the busiest highway in the USA - It's a bridge?
3 Which screenwriter has received the most Oscar nominations?
4 What job would regularly use kerfs?
5 In the New Testament publicans had what job?
6 Which US city was once named Porkopolis?
7 A puggle is a baby what?
8 Men without chest hair are more likely to get what disease?
9 What common item were once called moth patches?
10 What is written at the bottom of a Oiuja board?
11 Tucson Arizona what's officially known as pavement deficiencies?
12 What would you find in a vivarium?
13 What does YoYo mean in English?
14 What word do Alaskan sled drivers shout to move their teams?
15 Cardinal, Barlinka and Napoleon are varieties of what?
16 Which word literally meaning sweet paste is a breakfast item?
17 What is the only edible orchid?
18 Average woman's 1 .5?
19 What plants name means wild growing by the Volga?
20 Writing with light is the literal meaning of what word from Greek?
21 1964  Iowa City had one Tokyo the other only ones in world what?
22 The British consume twice as much per capita as the US - what?
23 On Quaker Oats what word is written on the scroll on the box?
24 Anhedonia is the inability to feel what?
25 What is 42 % carbohydrates 5?
26 Literal translation what Persian word is leg garment?
27 What was originally called flowmatic?
28 Who was born in Wattenscheid Germany November 11 th 1920?
29 What was the first item made from aluminium?
30 In Happy Days name Fonzies dog?
31 In 1477  the first advert in English offered what for sale?
32 Only dead people can be on US postage stamps except who?
33 In 1778  name the first country to send an ambassador to US?
34 What did the ancient Romans throw at weddings?
35 Eisenhower trophy is given annually to what best amateur team?
36 Name the dogs in Magnum PI?
37 The name for which body organ translates as all flesh?
38 According to historians what is the oldest device still used?
39 Women do it weekly to sleep better men every two weeks what?
40 Who rejected the Olivia Newton John role in Grease?
41 80 % of restaurant diners don't do what?
42 Anthropologists say what is the worlds oldest profession?
43 The hop-low is the worlds smallest what?
44 At the borders of reality is French translation what TV show?
45 What does a hygrometer measure?
46 Cross garnet, Strap, Butt and Back flap types of what?
47 Archaeologists found 145  what in King Tuts tomb?
48 63 % of Americans spend five minutes a day looking for what?
49 Which vegetable is 91 % water?
50 A melcryptovestimentaphiliac compulsively steals what?
51 Name the 3  headed dog in Harry Potter and Philosophers stone?
52 What product ranks number one in consumer brand loyalty?
53 And which one comes second?
54 9 % of divorced people say they still do what?
55 Common, English, Flemish, Running and Stack types of what?
56 Which English word comes from the French for candle?
57 On Earth what would you find in an orbit?
58 Which European capitol city is a cannon fired at 1 .00?
59 A shroff is an expert in what?
60 Quiz bandlore coblentz disk all different names for what item?
61 Name first person to hit a golf ball over 400  yards with 6?
62 Which countries name translates as place with a great river?
63 Rose O'Neil created the Kewpie doll where is it signed?
64 Worldwide most capitol cities begin with which letter?
65 Who's first person to win Wimbledon singles on a tie breaker?
66 In 1789  Britain legally adopted what officially?
67 What Frenchman was the king of chefs and chef of Kings?
68 What has the chemical formula H2 O2?
69 Medieval wine measurement there are two buts to a what?
70 Which materials name comes from the French for rag?
71 What is the state fruit of Louisiana?
72 In Italy their I Puffi In Hungary Torpok Samafu in Japan - what?
73 What musical instrument has gourd, shoulder, nut and leaves?
74 Mountain ranges like Sierra Nevada what does Nevada mean?
75 How often does a quotidian thing occur?
76 1838  Los Angeles man needed a licence to do what to a woman?
77 In Burma illegal possession of what item can mean prison?
78 At a Quaker wedding it is forbidden to do what?
79 Which variety of apple is on the Beatles apple label?
80 Which Shakespeare play was originally entitled What You Will?
81 Name was the first city to mint its own gold coins in 1252?
82 In the US 20 ,000?
83 What was added to Band Aids in 1940?
84 Little Larry Puny Pete Small Sam considered names of who?
85 What did Barbie first get in 1962?
86 Which member of lily family is named from Greek for sprout?
87 Whose alphabet was called the Futhark?
88 Azote is the old name for what element?
89 British sailors got lime juice US cranberry what Danish get?
90 If you ain't done it by age 40  chances are you never will what?
91 During menstruation the sensitivity of woman's what is reduced?
92 What product was originally called drybak?
93 A pogonip is what type of weather condition?
94 Why is rice grown in flooded paddy's?
95 What is the most easy thing to recycle?
96 What is roasted in South Africa and eaten like popcorn?
97 Which cartoon character lives in Sweetwater?
98 The Ideal toy company was the first to mass produce what item?
99 Which European city spends the most on the arts each year?
100 If you had Tritonopia what would you not see?

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