Success is 99% failure. Quiz 94

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 Success is 99% failure. Quiz 94

Here is another  Quiz to tingle your brain.

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1 Whose advert slogan was You press the button we do the rest?
2 Thunder music is the literal translation of which musical term?
3 US actor William Gillette invented which characters phrase?
4 What is the sacred animal of Thailand?
5 Collective nouns - a streak of which creatures?
6 In 1926  Japan deleted 800000?
7 What could Victorian advertisements not show?
8 Jumping Badger was the original name of which Indian leader?
9 1878  Wanamaker's of Philadelphia first US store to install what?
10 Mansard, Gambrel and Hip all types of what?
11 Utah the states name comes from Navaho meaning what?
12 What is the fastest racket sport - over 200  mph?
13 Which key word was removed from the Olympic charter in 1971?
14 What is taught at the Californian Academy of Tauromaquia?
15 In their lifetime the average human grows 8  feet of what?
16 What's unusual about phone directory in Iceland?
17 We know who Darth Vader is but what's Vader mean in Dutch?
18 A mouse's is bigger than an elephants - what?
19 40000  Americans are injured each year where?
20 Lahnaphophobia is the fear of what?
21 One third of Taiwanese funeral processions include what?
22 In Holland what would you do with bare buttocks in the grass?
23 What's name translates from Chinese as white vegetable?
24 In Korea which animal is the symbol of long life?
25 What on average is two inches wide but 2  miles long?
26 What do dieters say is the most difficult food to give up?
27 What was the punishment in Ancient Rome for water pollution?
28 In the US women own 35 % of what?
29 In the 1950 s which film star was paid $5000?
30 In 1996  what was the most common use for a computer 46?
31 What does the energiser bunny wear on his feet?
32 Epistemology is the study of what?
33 In 1999  20?
34 Which US TV show was the top rated in the 1988  89?
35 In Shakespeare what is Richard III title before he becomes king?
36 Hermes, Symphony and Anik are all what?
37 Wine brandy sherry almonds raisins orange make glogg in which country?
38 Red Connors played by Edgar Buchanan which cowboys partner?
39 Ignoring obvious what links Minotaur Harpy Centaur and Sphinx?
40 What comes in varieties freestone and clingstone?
41 What links Pythagoras, Hitler, GB Shaw and Henry Thoreau?
42 The Westminster is the oldest and biggest what in the USA?
43 Men play it at 40  feet women 30?
44 Which city has the most homeless cats per square mile?
45 Abbot - Costello routine who's on first name the pitcher?
46 What links Wade - Spode - Misen - Delft?
47 What creature is the symbol of medicine?
48 A male racehorse can do it in 14  seconds - what?
49 What body part gets bigger as the day progresses?
50 In 1995  the average US public school had 75?
51 60 % of women say they have eleven a day - 11?
52 Limnology is the study of what?
53 Illustrator Sydney Paget created the trademarks of who?
54 The dybbuk is a creature in which peoples mythology?
55 Wyatt Earp, Frank James, Abraham Lincoln what actor links?
56 Something that is fistular is what shape?
57 What brought Frosty the Snowman to life?
58 The most common hat in the world is made out of what?
59 In a church who would use the chancel?
60 Which male name means God will judge?
61 What is the oldest country in Europe?
62 Who would wear motley?
63 In the film industry what is a flipper (used by child actors)?
64 Common non domestic animal is not mentioned in the Bible?
65 Which countries name translates as land of the free?
66 The sliothar is a leather covered cork ball used in which sport?
67 If something is coked en brochette how is it done?
68 What physical feature gives the platypus it's name?
69 Who would use a plessor?
70 In Shakespeare who is Romeos love - before Juliet?
71 Which country did the French know as Terra Napoleon?
72 In Greek mythology what type of creature was Chiron?
73 In British nobility which title is the highest?
74 Waving a yellow flag is the international signal for what?
75 Who would wear a diadem?
76 In an orchestra which instrument has the greatest number?
77 Shoot the moon is a term used in which card game?
78 Zapateodo is a rhythmic device used in what music style?
79 What is always served early in a formal Japanese meal?
80 What is the correct name for a two handed timber saw?
81 Which animals make a sound called nuzzing?
82 What was the working title of the TV series Dallas?
83 In your body where is the macula?
84 With what would you rock the baby or walk the dog?
85 Who was known as The man in Black?
86 In Dick Dastardly's Vulture squadron name the mechanic?
87 In 1956  Irme Nagy lead a revolt in which country?
88 What river flows from Mount Hermon into the Dead Sea?
89 The liqueur crème de cassis is made from what?
90 What agency began as a group of mercenary guards?
91 In Bewitched name Samantha's identical cousin?
92 The Stasi were an intelligence organisation in what country?
93 Who got a gold single for the song Daniel in 1973?
94 The Flavian Amphitheatre is better known as what?
95 Miso a basic ingredient in Japanese cooking is made of what?
96 The musical word scherzo comes from Italian meaning what?
97 A villanelle is a type of what?
98 Which cities name comes from Algonquin meaning traders?
99 Five out of six of the Village people have got what?
100 What's the correct name for a young un-bred male fur seal?

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