The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. Quiz 95

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 The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. Quiz 95

Here is another  Quiz to tingle your brain.

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1 Strine is the vernacular language spoken in which country?
2 Cardinal and Ordinal are types of what?
3 What's the name of Disney's Little Mermaid?
4 Where does the abbreviation for pound lb come from?
5 What was Disney's Donald Duck originally called?
6 What was the longest running primetime TV drama 20  seasons?
7 What is generally thought to be the oldest breed of dog?
8 In which European city is Charles university?
9 Which girls name comes from German meaning battle?
10 1200  in Roman numerals gives what sporting body?
11 Red white blue yellow green which colours missing from Rubik's cube?
12 Where would you find a canton, halyard and field?
13 This sport is called camogie women play what's it when men do?
14 A Treskilling Yellow sold for over $2  million in 1996?
15 Name of which household object comes from Latin to wonder at?
16 Which vegetable is also a flower?
17 What does a necrographer do?
18 Name bald head character that peers over walls saying wot no?
19 Those born on April Fools day are what star sign?
20 In British army what ranks between Major General and Colonel?
21 In beer measurement 72  pints make a what?
22 In the Chinese horoscope what animal comes last alphabetically?
23 What is a leprechaun's usual job?
24 What did Robert Ballard discover in 1985?
25 If you are using Prime Tierce and Octave what are you doing?
26 What is measured in units called phon?
27 In June 1906  where was the worlds first grand prix held?
28 If silver's is stamped with a leopard in which city was it assayed?
29 1899  what first was installed Palace Royal hotel San Francisco?
30 In which city is the Kentucky Derby run?
31 What is the only silent film to win best picture Oscar?
32 In 1923  the BBC first broadcast what on the radio?
33 Which of Santa's reindeer comes first alphabetically?
34 November 28 th 1948?
35 Which dance means in Portuguese snapping of a whip?
36 In 1965  who became country music's first millionairess?
37 Which country began the tradition of exchanging Xmas gifts?
38 What is the English name for the constellation Mensa?
39 Who ordered the building of the Tower of London?
40 In the Simpsons name Ned Flanders wife?
41 What was the first food consumed on the moon in Apollo 11?
42 France and which country contested first ever world cup match?
43 In the song My Darling Clemantine how did Clemantine die?
44 Terrence Nezman became more famous as who?
45 What was introduced to the UK 1799  as a temporary measure?
46 What was the full name of Dr Henry Jekyll's alter ego?
47 In Curse of the Pink Panther who plays Clouseau after surgery?
48 In Wacky Races who drove the Turbo Terrific?
49 Beelzebub is Hebrew for which phrase - also a novels title?
50 Fado is a musical style popular in which country?
51 1961  who was first actress to win Oscar for a non English film?
52 Which European city's name means home of the monks?
53 Which pop group had the most US No 1  singles in the 70?
54 WG Grace captained England at cricket and what else?
55 How did Scotland's Robert the Bruce die?
56 Caneletto is famous for landscapes of Venice and where?
57 Name the first Bond film not based on an Ian Fleming book?
58 In which sport would you compete for the Nino Bibia cup?
59 What is the most common name for US cities 66  of them?
60 In what game would you use a baguette?
61 In astronomy what are Pallas Vesta and Davida?
62 In Friends where does Joey keep his favourite book?
63 One of the band steps is nicknamed H what's it stand for?
64 Which silent films stars contract forbade him smiling on screen?
65 Who drove a Rolls Royce with a number plate FAB 1?
66 Rapa Nui is better known as what?
67 An Antarctic island was named after which cartoon character?
68 Which western entertainments name literally means go round?
69 In which city is the worlds busiest MacDonald's?
70 Who was the first golfer to get hole in one on British TV?
71 Baron Silas Greenback was the enemy of which cartoon character?
72 Which Shakespeare character had a daughter called Jessica?
73 In which sport do you need to score five to win?
74 In the original Star Trek who has unrequited love for Mr Spock?
75 The pop group Satan's Jesters found fame under what name?
76 Scientists took the word quark from which authors work?
77 A female fox is a vixen what is the male fox called?
78 What is myrmecology the study of?
79 The chako war 1932  to 1935?
80 In the original Star Trek series name Spock's mother?
81 What is the English name for the constellation Hydra?
82 Brian Warner is better known as who?
83 In the Chinese horoscope what animal comes first alphabetically?
84 What are you doing if you use the egg position?
85 1579  the Netherlands achieved independence from what country?
86 Which TV detective kept his gun in a biscuit jar?
87 In Monty Pythons Flying Circus Dinsdale was a giant what?
88 In 1931  what was the first live televised sporting event in the UK?
89 In dry measure 16  pints make up a what?
90 In TV series The Prisoner what's the name of the giant balloon?
91 Mrs Hugh McCorquodale was famous as what literary figure?
92 In the Rocky films what was the name of Rocky's wife?
93 In which country is the worlds longest road tunnel?
94 Who was the first UK royal interviewed on television?
95 In Ren and Stimpy what sort of dog is Ren?
96 Thurle Sandstorm first world champion in 1923  at what sport?
97 What was the name of James Bonds housekeeper?
98 Released in 1908  what was the first ever horror film?
99 The word opera is a plural of opus meaning what?
100 Fatima is a Christian shrine pilgrimage place in which country?

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