You can do anything, but you can’t do everything. Quiz 98

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You can do anything, but you can’t do everything. Quiz 98

 You can do anything, but you can’t do everything. Quiz 98

Here is another  Quiz to tingle your brain.

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1 What drink began in Morison's drug store Waco Texas in 1885?
2 In you called Jl52020  or 555?
3 In Norse mythology women were made from a tree - which tree?
4 Which western writer created Hopalong Cassidy?
5 Which group were originally known as the Russellites?
6 What flavours cavatappi al nero pasta?
7 What does a thurifer do?
8 Operation Olympic was a WW2  invasion plan not used where?
9 Which dog breed gets its name from German meaning to splash?
10 William Perks became more famous as who?
11 In religious art, which Saint is associated with an ox?
12 Where would you find your natal cleft?
13 If you landed at MCO airfield where are you?
14 The Sicilian, French and Alekhines are all used in which game?
15 Which American Indians modern name in Spanish means village?
16 Kaleidoscope. Daddy, Palomino and Changes name the author?
17 Istanbul and Constantinople what else was it called?
18 Olof Sonderblom conceived and patented what technology?
19 American Literary Association gives Caldicott medal for what?
20 What is the name for the sacred circle in Tantric Buddhism?
21 Tefnut was the Egyptian goddess of what?
22 In a state of readiness is the literal meaning of which job title?
23 Name group originally called the golliwogs had hit Proud Mary?
24 Boxing, Wrestling and which Olympic event still exclude women?
25 Which Greek Philosopher taught at the lyceum?
26 In Sesame street name the detective who often said egad?
27 What is the more common name of Sildenafil Citrate?
28 Which poet wrote "Fools rush in where angels fear to tread"?
29 In the Bible where was Jesus when he ascended into heaven?
30 Aldeberan is the brightest star in which constellation?
31 Six copies of what are stored under bell jars in Serves France?
32 What was Bruce Lees first Hollywood produced film?
33 Who owned a sword called crocea mors or yellow death?
34 Common liquor in Alien Urine Sample, Napoleon, Blue Hawaiian?
35 All inhabitants of Pitcairn island belong to what US religion?
36 Dalmatian dogs originated in which country?
37 Nelis, Seckel, Forelle and Bosc all varieties of what?
38 Mao wrote the red book who published the green book on African unity?
39 Which countries name come from the wood its first major export?
40 Dionea Muscipula is the Latin name for which flesh eater?
41 Unimak is the largest island in which group?
42 Paronite and caronite are the ores what is extracted?
43 A web designer might use CGI scripts what does CGI stand for?
44 Which French General left Napoleon to become King of Sweden?
45 What is the worlds fifth largest religion?
46 Outside the work is the literal meaning of which snack food?
47 Who is the Greek Goddess of the moon?
48 Python film quote Your mother was a hamster father smelt of what?
49 Who wrote The Joy of Sex?
50 Which breed of dog gets its name from the French for earth?
51 In the book Little Women what is the sisters surname?
52 Which war was ended by The Congress of Westphalia?
53 In Greek mythology who invented the lyre?
54 The continental title baron is equal to which UK title?
55 Name the boat on which you can see Niagara Falls?
56 What creature called reem in Hebrew mentioned in Deuteronomy?
57 What sin have inhabitants of Dantes first circle of hell committed?
58 Kenneth Daigneau won $100  for naming which product?
59 The Romans called it Numidia what do we call it today?
60 Norse mythology Asgard was home of the Gods what's Midgard?
61 The Sound and the Fury took its title from what other work?
62 Krusty the Clown and Chandler in Friends have an extra what?
63 Heinrich Schliemann archaeologist famous for excavating where?
64 In the strip cartoon Dilbert name Dilbert's girlfriend?
65 In what sport would you find the terms hack, tee and hog line?
66 Name the British General in charge of the 1916  offensive WW1?
67 Which Saint is associated with an eagle in religious art?
68 Which girls name means farseeing?
69 The Greeks used hexagonal or triangular ones of burnt clay what?
70 Bean setting, Leap frog, Laudnum bunches types of what dance?
71 What plant is sometimes called the poor mans weatherglass?
72 Which mountain is called Goddess of the Harvest by the locals?
73 The French call it pomplamouse what do we call it?
74 The Sejm are the legislative body in which country?
75 Which theatre styles name translates as skills or talents?
76 Hathor Egyptian, Branwen Celtic, Frigga Norse Goddess of what?
77 What was the name of the changeling on Deep Space Nine?
78 In the Flintstones what order did Fred and Barney belong to?
79 Who was European correspondent New York Tribune 1851  till 1862?
80 The name of which language means off the coast in Arabic?
81 What was originally made of bamboo then a plastic called grex?
82 Name the son / daughter of Eliot / Ruth Handler?
83 Cancha, Cesta, Cinta terms in which sport?
84 Britain's live cable TV used to show what game topless?
85 In the original trivial pursuit brown was what category?
86 Hal Jordan was the original alter ego of which comic super hero?
87 Which company brewed harp lager?
88 Wired Digital Incorporated created which search engine?
89 What fictional planet orbited the red star Negus 12?
90 Who wrote the book The Puppet Masters later a film?
91 Xavier Roberts was the original creator of which toy?
92 In the Muppet band Zoot plays which instrument?
93 What was invented by Garnet Carter of Chattanooga in 1926?
94 What is classified on the Fujita scale?
95 Pope John Paul II played for Polish national team what sport?
96 In the Bible what in Hebrew means Place of a Skull?
97 What did Tantalus serve to the Gods that caused his punishment?
98 Wilma Rudolf first black US woman to win Olympic gold where?
99 In Sesame street name the two headed friendly monster?
100 French word meaning growth is applied to top quality wines?

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