You’re never a loser until you quit trying. Quiz 99

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You’re never a loser until you quit trying. Quiz 99

 You’re never a loser until you quit trying. Quiz 99

Here is another  Quiz to tingle your brain.

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1 Walter Wagers novel 58  minutes was the basis for which film?
2 In the Dr Dolittle stories what type of creature was Dab-Dab?
3 Italy where are Monterosa Ave Park of Victory Constantine Ave?
4 Double diamond, Croquet and Rover terms in which sport/game?
5 What was the recently closed Wembley Stadium called in 1923?
6 Name the lion in the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe?
7 Which countries translated name means Land of the Eagle?
8 Which classical composer wrote Hark the Herald Angels Sing?
9 Gentleman Verona, 12 th Night, Merchant Venice name links?
10 Which decorative art means in Arabic stripped cloth?
11 On what date Greek Russian orthodox churches celebrate Xmas?
12 In which sport is the Wingate trophy awarded?
13 what are Nissan, Av, Adar and Tishrei?
14 What was unique about Pope Adrian IV?
15 The Dogs of War took its title from which other work?
16 Norse God invulnerable to all else was killed by mistletoe?
17 Hyundai and which other car manufacturer are located in Korea?
18 In Star Trek Voyager what is the shuttlecrafts name?
19 Where is King Arthur supposed to be resting?
20 Who was THE woman to Sherlock Holmes?
21 David kills Goliath in which book of the Bible?
22 Which operas last lines are Mimi Mimi?
23 Which company operates the Central Selling Organisation?
24 Cognac must be at least 5  years old before it's labelled what?
25 Which religious festival begins with sighting of the new moon?
26 Scott Joplin's music used for the film The Sting name the tune?
27 Catholic calendar what is the 50  days following Easter called?
28 Who comes on stage before conductor and tunes orchestra?
29 Name the first war submarine invented by David Bushnell it sank?
30 The Newbery Medal is given annually for what?
31 Peter Parker is the alter ego of which superhero?
32 Who wrote the Science Fiction novel The Left Hand of Darkness?
33 Which company produces PageMaker, Photoshop and Acrobat?
34 Greek mythology which character was raised by centaur Chiron?
35 On which badge are Minerva, Clipper ship, Grizzly bear, Eureka?
36 Who was nicknamed The First Lady of Song?
37 In which game would you use the royal fork?
38 Which variety of cheese was invented by John Jossi?
39 In Hebrew what does Am rotze min mean (ah-knee ro-tsay)?
40 In formula one grand prix what does a black flag waving mean?
41 In 1987  U2?
42 Englishman John Woodhouse created which fortified Italian wine?
43 In which 1960 s kids show is The Hood the supervillian?
44 In which city was Galileo born?
45 Which toilet fittings name comes from baggage laden pony?
46 Patusnaya and mallasol types of what?
47 Who wrote the Royal Firework Music?
48 Where are the grapes for the wine Lacrima Christi grown?
49 In the Dr Dolittle stories what type of creature was Gub-Gub?
50 O'Henry created which western character in a short story?
51 Star Trek the Ferengi 10 th rule of Acquisition what is eternal?
52 Which dog is named for the German word for muzzle?
53 What is grandpa Simpsons first name?
54 Prosopography is the study of what?
55 N2 O is more commonly known as what?
56 Which area of water separates India from Sri Lanka?
57 Where did you find Shadow Speedy Bashful Pokey?
58 The star Castor is in which constellation?
59 Which musical instrument was originally called a busine?
60 Which organisation officially known as Holy Spirit Association?
61 Spanish restaurant if you ask for La Quenta what do you get?
62 Charles Portis wrote the novel of the film John Wayne's Oscar?
63 Memonites are what Christian sect founded 1525  Conrad Grebel?
64 Which UK artist painted The Rakes Progress in the 1700 s?
65 Which group had a hit with Mr Tambourine Man?
66 Which English brewery has the oldest patent on beer?
67 What is the second largest city in Ireland?
68 Hitchcock appears in a newspaper in Lifeboat who wrote book?
69 Which detective dies in The Final Problem?
70 In Greek mythology Penthesilea was the queen of which people?
71 Which UK city is the home of the Halle Orchestra?
72 Name the X man who shoots laser beams from his eyes?
73 Titanic music score sales are greatest which film did it beat?
74 In which novel did we meet Jack, Ralph and asthmatic Piggy?
75 What's in 5  groups Today Arts People Well being Outdoors?
76 In Star Trek Generation what does Captain Picard drink?
77 In Christianity which day is known as the festival of lights?
78 Vodka, Orange juice and Cranberry juice make which cocktail?
79 In Islam what is the fourth piller of wisdom?
80 Name UK TV show with Jim Hacker and Sir Humphry Appleby?
81 Which car company manufactured the leganza?
82 What name in Hebrew means to add?
83 Which search engine gets its name from Latin for wolf spider?
84 Pomona was the Roman Goddess of what?
85 Boaz appears in which book of the Bible?
86 The song There is nothing like a dame appears in which musical?
87 Queequeg, Daggoo, Tashteego had what job on the Peaquod?
88 Which composers third symphony is nicknamed the Polish?
89 Name the detective in My gun is Quick, Murder is my Business?
90 Which drug company manufacture Viagra?
91 Which food item gets its name from the French for melted?
92 Narita is the main airport of which city?
93 Which pop group were named after the inventor of the seed drill?
94 1980  Pac Man was released arcade version by which company?
95 Annika Hansen is which characters name in Star Trek Voyager?
96 Traditional Advent candles are two colours pink and what?
97 Daniel Keys wrote which 1959  Hugo award winning SF novel?
98 In the Dr Dolittle stories what type of creature was Too-Too?
99 Bondi Grape Blueberry Lime Tangerine Strawberry colours what?
100 The Character Mary Goodnight was the Bond girl in which film?

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